Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Cute father-baby bonding moment after they got home from the hospital. Please grow up to be like your Dad, Katherine. Alina landed a part in some day time TV show. You know, the set actually comes up better in pictures than normal houses do in the sims. It must be the good lighting. And they … Continue reading Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Lots of birthdays this chapter! First up Carla, Annabeth's secondborn, became a teen: Really, I think all the ugly in her is almost gone. She is quite attractive except for the underbite. Just Juliet playing in a muddy puddle. Aren't you meant to be a grown woman, Juliet? I've no idea when Melanie's work outfit … Continue reading Chapter 3.5: Birthday Belles

Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Juliet does make a pretty gosh darn adorable toddler. I love this picture of her playing with Donald. Not too smart though. Instead of oh I don't know... playing with the lovely new dollhouse I bought for her she decided to eat one of the dolls instead. At least Mayor Whiskers played with the dollhouse nicely! Playing … Continue reading Chapter 2.4: Coolest Tot in Town

Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Just a very quick update this time because Juliet aged up. Ok, I've found something more scary looking than Donald. Donald and Shanice mashup. It didn't help that Donald had that illness that gives them tiger stripes. Let's hope this isn't a foreshadowing of how their genes will combine in Juliet. Looks like Donald has … Continue reading Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Chapter 1.7: A Death in the Family

Shanice invited Donald round to her house, so I had him flirt with her a bit. He looks ridiculous, but apparently Shanice didn't notice. Love really is blind, I suppose. Then, they had their first kiss. Ah the return of the skull-piercing nose. Donald asked Shanice to be his girlfriend, and she said yes. Yay! And then… … Continue reading Chapter 1.7: A Death in the Family

Chapter 1.6: MC Donald had a club

While scouring the worlds for teens eligible to be Donald's partner, I happened upon Shanice Goth. I have MCCC, so the premades and townies autonomously have children. Shanice is the daughter of Bella and Mortimer, and she is stunning - she will definitely be Donald's future wife. Also, if Donald marries Shanice he can live in … Continue reading Chapter 1.6: MC Donald had a club