Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Cute father-baby bonding moment after they got home from the hospital. Please grow up to be like your Dad, Katherine. Alina landed a part in some day time TV show. You know, the set actually comes up better in pictures than normal houses do in the sims. It must be the good lighting. And they … Continue reading Chapter 4.2: 15 minutes of fame

Chapter 4.1: A Star is Born… And a Baby

As the title suggests... I GOT GET FAMOUS!!! I played it for 2 hours last night and so far I love it. The first thing I did was move Alina, Dexter and Mayor Whiskers into the cheapest house in Del Sol Valley. I have to admit I was a bit bummed by the small world … Continue reading Chapter 4.1: A Star is Born… And a Baby

Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World

I moved the newlyweds into the tiny house in Forgotten Hollow (with Mayor Whiskers, of course), as I was having trouble finding them a place which was both within budget and unoccupied. Still, they will probably move out just as soon as I can locate a suitable house on the gallery for them. There's barely … Continue reading Chapter 3.2: Welcome to the World

Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Just a very quick update this time because Juliet aged up. Ok, I've found something more scary looking than Donald. Donald and Shanice mashup. It didn't help that Donald had that illness that gives them tiger stripes. Let's hope this isn't a foreshadowing of how their genes will combine in Juliet. Looks like Donald has … Continue reading Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Chapter 1.1: A Baby Belle!

Earlier we met my lovely founder, Ramona Belle. Ramona is family oriented, creative and a perfectionist. She’s an aspiring artist so joined the painting career. Ramona started off living in an empty lot in Windenburg, but wasn’t there for long so I don’t have any screenshots of her first residence. Since the aim of this … Continue reading Chapter 1.1: A Baby Belle!