Chapter 2.6: A Very Grim Date

Akira came back as a ghost! I love that when Ramona kissed him, you could actually see her nose inside his head. Because Akira had died, Ramona had to ask him to be her boyfriend again. Fortunately, he said yes. Mayor Whiskers was happy to have Ramona back in the family. Juliet decided that her … Continue reading Chapter 2.6: A Very Grim Date

Chapter 2.5: Toilet Talk

Yeah I know it's a shitty title (pun intended), but I couldn't come up with anything else. I took Juliet to the park so that she could play on the jungle gym for her aspiration, but she pretty much just ended up chatting to the other kids there. I've forgotten all their names and I'm … Continue reading Chapter 2.5: Toilet Talk