Chapter 2.22

Welcome back! Last time, Acacia became a YA and went into the entertainment career, Galatea got to the top of the author career, Caly completed her successful lineage aspiration, and Clemmie failed at skiing. Vlad: dun dun dun dunnnnn... Rowan: Oh oh can you play the 'Clifford The Big Red Dog' theme song? Vlad: … Continue reading Chapter 2.22

Chapter 2.21

Quick recap: Last time, Oly 'messed around' in a shower and completed his aspiration, Clemmie and Caly got naked at various points, Rowan completed his childhood aspiration, and Vlad finished making all of the hydroponic planters. I put a rock climbing wall in the greenhouse for Clemmie. It's out of the rain so it … Continue reading Chapter 2.21

Chapter 2.20

Last chapter, Clemmie finally finished her party animal aspiration despite almost burning herself, Caly and one guest to a crisp in the process (never again, I repeat: never again!), Vlad reached the top of his career, Clemmie became a YA, and Adonis completed his super parent aspiration. Caly: Didn't you grow up pretty? I … Continue reading Chapter 2.20

Chapter 2.14

Last time, Clemmie threw a lot of parties - expect more of that this chapter! Adonis read a bedtime story to Rowan (because he loves him and definitely not only because I needed him to raise his parenting skill). Adonis: And then the dolphin went *squeak squeak squeak* Rowan: Squeak? I finally got … Continue reading Chapter 2.14

Chapter 2.13

Welcome back! Last chapter, Clemmie became a teen, Rowan became a toddler, and Galatea and Adonis both became adults. And that's about all the important stuff, so let's get into this chapter. Acacia managed to complete her childhood aspiration, which meant that I could now ignore her for the rest of her childhood (sorry … Continue reading Chapter 2.13