Chapter 1.16

In the previous blog post, Caly completed the world famous celebrity aspiration and began the master actress one, Vlad got a whim to woohoo in a bush with Caly (and I made it happen), Circe started the 'I'm a bear' phase, Scylla became a teen and Epimetheus and Atlas worked away at their respective aspirations. … Continue reading Chapter 1.16

Chapter 1.15

Last time, Vlad maxed the photography skill, Atlas and Epimetheus worked on their aspirations while Scylla  and Circe were largely left to their own devices, Caly went around in public begging people to cheer her and Vlad hit himself in the face. Vlad: I've really got the hang of this electronic painting generator thingy. Let's … Continue reading Chapter 1.15

Chapter 1.14

Last chapter, Caly donated her childrens' belongings to her fans, Galatea became friends with Candy and Turner and completed her aspiration, Atlas and Epimetheus became children and Mayor Whiskers' kittenhood came to an end. Vlad destroyed the dollhouse. Again. Vlad: I'm pretending it's this hovel you call a house. Oh Straud Mansion how I miss … Continue reading Chapter 1.14

Chapter 1.13

Recap time! In the previous chapter, I accidentally turned Mayor Whiskers into a kitten, the family got some new neighbours, Circe completed her aspiration and Galatea talked to strangers. Galatea had to make friends with 2 adults for her aspiration. Weirdly, her highest relationship with an adult (besides her parents who she is already friends … Continue reading Chapter 1.13

Chapter 1.11

Last time, Caly had a gig advertising Voidcritter cards, Vlad and Caly painted pictures of one another and took a photo together, we grew and planted another dragon fruit, and Vlad terrified Galatea with a gruesome bedtime story. Scylla maxed the creativity skill, thereby completing her childhood aspiration (artistic prodigy). She isn't even halfway through … Continue reading Chapter 1.11