Chapter 3.61

Quick recap: The family are back from Batuu now and I got started on the Spa Day aspirations right away. Lori got the inner peace aspiration, Rowan the Zen Guru aspiration (which he has already completed) and Vlad the self care specialist aspiration. In other news, Lori is now a secret agent and Amora is an astronaut. Meanwhile, Phoebe is still doing her best to reach the top of the social media career before she dies. Hmmm and I feel like I’m forgetting about someone… Oh yeah, Nemmie still exists. And she has been working on the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

As you can tell by the moon, it was night time but that didn’t stop me from making Vlad continue to hold yoga class after yoga class throughout the night.

Lori plays chess to raise her logic skill while a speaker blares New Age music next to her.

Lori: I don’t want to complain, but I’ve been listening to the same songs on repeat for hours now and it’s getting a bit boring.

I wouldn’t know, I play the game on silent.

I could see with MCCC that Phoebe was on her last day of life. Since I messed up and had pregnancy aging on throughout her pregnancies with Lori and Amora she should have had 6 more days left, so I gave her a potion of youth. The Legacy rules say that each sim can have one potion of youth in their lifetime anyway.

One of Phoebe’s work tasks was to record a rant at the computer while angry, so I made Vlad use his vampire powers to cause a ‘burst of anger’.

Phoebe: I’ve heard that sims can die from anger. This is safe, right? I’ve just managed to escape dying of old age today, it would be such a waste to drop down from cardiac arrest anyway.

Vlad: Don’t worry, they seem to have patched out deaths from emotions brought on by vampire powers. I wasn’t able to kill that townie for Adonis’ grilled cheese aspiration through being enraged or mortified.

Phoebe: And another thing: life is too short. What’s all that about? It’s like: put aging on long already why don’t you, huh, creator?

(The bed behind Phoebe is for Nemmie who, as a child, is too young to take potions of plentiful needs. I ended up moving it inside though because the music from the speakers by Lori kept waking her up).

Nail tech: GAAAAAH!!!

Red t-shirt dude: You ok?

Nail tech: I’m just. So. Angry!

Looks like she caught up in Vlad’s ‘burst of anger’.

Whooops. I guess I was wrong in thinking that sims who become enraged (or morified, hysterical etc) as a result of a vampire using the influence emotion power would no longer die from the corresponding emotional death. I’m going to need to be careful with this power from now on. I’m so glad it didn’t kill Phoebe – I did have Vlad dispel the emotional influence on her as soon as she no longer needed to be angry, though.

Also: I think that guy on the right with the grey hair and his face in his hands might be Epimetheus.

Rowan: She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping.

And at literally no other time ever.

Both Rowan and Epi joined Vlad’s yoga class.

Vlad: Now put your hands up. Higher! Come on, you can go higher than that – just imagine that’s someone’s pointing a pistol at your face.

Rowan: Please, don’t shoot!

Vlad: Just like that, good job Rowan. Hey, you at the back with the beard, put your hands up.

Bearded guy: But my pit stains…

Amora continues to work on her fitness skill…

Then, I make Amora and Lori play chess together since they both need to work on their logic skill for work. Ok they might not need their logic skill to be any higher right now, but I like to get skills raised in advance. And yeah that is New Age music playing in the background for Lori’s aspiration.

Amora: Look at us, playing chess. People must think we’re so smart and intellectual.

Lori: Yeah. But it’d be more impressive if we were playing tri-dimensional chess.

Amora: What now?

Lori: You know, like in Star Trek.

Amora: I don’t know, nor do I want to know.

Anyway, Lori finally managed to reach 40/40 on the ‘find peaceful surroundings’ task, thanks to having New Age music constantly on in the background. Now she just needs to ‘maintain harmony’ which basically means keeping her happy and not uncomfortable, embarrassed etc for 48 hours. This will not be easy for me, since I am used to frequently letting my sims’ needs drop into the red.

Nemmie had to make it across the monkey bars 3 times for her aspiration. In the course of attempting this, she manages to fall down on her butt.

Nemmie: You’re not gonna show that in the chapter, right? Right? It wouldn’t do my image as a budding evil genius any good at all.

Sure I won’t 😛

After that, she manages to complete the aspiration goal without further incident. Pity.

Nemmie: Mwahahahaha!

Uh why the evil laughter?

Nemmie: Wouldn’t you like to know…

Phoebe: Nemesis Straud, are you hacking into The Plumbob?

Nemmie: So what if I am?

Phoebe: Hacking into the National Department of Defence is a very serious crime.

Nemmie: But I was only going to set off a few nuclear missiles.

Phoebe: If even one nuclear missile gets fired you’re going to be grounded until young adulthood.

Nemmie: You’re so boring! Why can’t you be fun like Great Grandad?

Anyway, Nemmie managed to max her motor skill and therefore complete her childhood aspiration… Which means that I am now free to ignore her until she becomes a teen. Let’s hope she doesn’t set too many things on fire when left to her own devices.

Lori’s working on her charisma because she will need level 8 charisma skill for the branch of the secret agent career that I want her to go into. Also, if she maxes her charisma, she can start negotiating bonuses and that’ll help her get promoted quicker.

And as you can see, Amora continues to work on her fitness back there.

Oh great looks like Amora managed to get a face mask before I noticed in time to cancel the action. For some reason my sims kept autonomously putting on face masks and it was driving me up the wall so I had to remove the spa day fridges from the lot.

Another yoga class for Vlad. He did so freaking many of these but I cut a lot of screenshots out so that it didn’t get too boring.

Vlad: You failed. This yoga stuff is very boring.

Nemmie: Guess what? I’m done with my childhood aspiration.

Amora: That’s great. Now you can spend the rest of your childhood chilling out and playing with your toys.

Nemmie: Toys are for babies! I’m going to go and boobytrap the spa’s hot tub.

Amora: Boobytrap? How?

Nemmie: Gonna pour acid in it.

Amora: She’s joking, right?

Let me put it this way: I wouldn’t use that hot tub if I were you.

Phoebe’s live streaming herself whilst doing social media stuff on a portable laptop that I had her bring to the spa. The majority of her time is spent on social media now as she tries to get the 25 million followers that she will eventually need in order to reach level 10 of the social media career.

Phoebe: I almost died earlier.

Lori: What? How? Of what?

Phoebe: Old age. But the creator let me take a potion of youth which gave me an extra 11 days.

Lori: Only 11 days? But Mum, I don’t want to lose you that soon.

Phoebe: It’s ok, dear. I’ll always be with you.

Lori: In my heart?

Phoebe: No, as a ghost.

Rowan: We’re in the sauna and we’re all alone. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Phoebe: You bet.

Poor Lori is playing chess just outside the sauna where her parents are woohooing.

Lori: *Sticks a chess piece in her ear* I’m not hearing this, I’m not hearing this.

Lori: Um you might not want to go in there.

Townie: Huh. I paid for a day at this spa and if I want to the use the sauna then I’ll –

Townie: *Gasp of horror*

Let’s not forget about Vlad, who continues to lead yoga classes.

Vlad: Galactic Emperor, I was meant to be Galactic Emperor…

And now you’re a yoga instructor. Think of it as just another career change.

Phoebe’s a four star celebrity now!

Phoebe: Apparently someone sold a story to the tabloids about me woohooing in a sauna and now everyone knows who I am. All completely made up of course…. *Muttering* I bet it was that nosy townie who walked in on us.

Nemmie: What’s woohooing?

Phoebe: Never you mind!

Also, Phoebe maxed the video gaming skill, which I wasn’t even trying to have her do.

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