Chapter 3.60

Last time, Nemmie and Vlad planned evil plans, Lori completed the hope vs order aspiration, Rowan completed the Galactic Privateer aspiration, and Vlad completed the Enforcer of Order aspiration. This means that we are finally finally FINALLY done with the JTB aspirations.

Now that we’re back home from Batuu, I made Lori and Amora get jobs for which they both had to work on their logic skill.

Amora: She put me in the astronaut career. Don’t you think you’d have been better suited to that? You’re the one with all the spaceship flying experience.

Lori: True but my time doing missions for the Resistance was also good preparation for the career she chose for me.

Amora: Which is what?

Lori: That’s classified.

Phoebe: You’re a secret agent, aren’t you?

Lori: Shhhhh, Muuuuuum!

Those career choices were determined solely by what would be easiest for me to do right now based on the skills that need to be maxed for them.

At this point when I was playing, the Spa Day Refresh had recently come out, saddling me with three new aspirations to complete… Oh joy.

Rowan got the Zen Guru aspiration, which required him to ‘comfort others’ 20 times. As it turns out, wellness socials count for this aspiration so I had him spam those with Phoebe.

Rowan: Do you want to hear a detox secret?

Phoebe: I already maxed the wellness skill, I know all this stuff already.

Rowan: Just pretend this is new information, ok?

Meanwhile, I gave Lori the inner peace aspiration for which she has to ‘practice mindfulness’ for 6 hours – I completed this milestone by making her do yoga for 6 hours. Also she had to ‘find peaceful surroundings’ 40 times and having New Age music on in the background constantly made the counter gradually tick upwards for that, hence the speakers there.

Amora is working on her fitness here for her career.

Just realised I have all three sisters here in one picture which is cute.

Nemmie has the rambunctious scamp aspiration, so she will be playing on the jungle gym a lot going forward.

Nemmie: Peaceable fishing boat up ahead. Prepare the cannons, I want it blasted into smithereens!

Vlad has the self-care specialist aspiration. For the ‘hustle’ task on this aspiration, he has to earn 5,000 simoleons from paid wellness services so I had him get started on that by giving public yoga classes in the garden.

Vlad: I can’t believe you made me abandon my plans for Galactic domination for this.

Rowan also does some wellness socials with Amora.

Rowan: Do you want some tips on mental relaxation?

Amora: Is one of them to spend time with animals? Because animals always help me feel relaxed. Can we get a dog, Dad? Or a cow?

Rowan: A cow? But you’re lactose intolerant.

Amora: Yes but I would just pet and hug her, not steal her milk. We could also get a llama or a chicken – oh, or some teenie fluffy little chicks!

Rowan: I don’t know about the farm animals, but as you know if it were up to me we’d have a pack of dogs. Any animal related requests have to go through the creator, though.

And I shall deny them (for now) 😛

If Amora wins the heir poll, I might get her a llama or something. And maybe she can eventually have a dog too. But right now I can’t be bothered with any animals.

For the ‘seek relaxation’ task of her aspiration, Lori had to spend 6 hours in a sauna or having massages, so I plunked a sauna down in the house. And of course there’s a stereo playing New Age music by her.

Lori: Ah this is the life. I love this aspiration…

Don’t get used to it.

For the ‘become a spa regular’ task of his aspiration, Vlad had to give 20 wellness services in a spa. So, I decided to take the entire family to a spa until he had completed that part of the aspiration.

I downloaded this spa from the gallery. It’s called ‘Contour Spa & Gym’ and is by schnuck01.

Vlad serves his first spa customer. He’s either giving her a manicure or a hand massage but I’m not sure how he can do either from so far away.

Vlad: You don’t expect me to actually touch the peasants, do you?

Well yeah that’s kind of how this works.

Rowan had to ‘guide others’ six times, which meant teaching yoga classes or giving massages. So, here he is teaching a yoga class. Another goal was to ‘become a master wellness teacher’ for which he had to lead a mediation or yoga class with a participant who had level 10 wellness skill. Since Phoebe has maxed the wellness skill, I had her join one of Rowan’s yoga classes in order to tick off that task.

Rowan: Now for this next pose, stand up perfectly straight, raise your hands above your head and…

Paparazzi: Over here, Phoebe!

Phoebe: Sorry darling, someone must have tipped off the paparazzi that I’m here. I’m terribly famous now.

Lori continues to ‘seek relaxation’ for her aspiration by getting a massage. I swear this aspiration is just pampering yourself.

Lori: Well, I deserve it after all my work for the Resistance.

Who you then abandoned 😉

I’m pretty sure that the blond dude that Vlad is teaching yoga to here is the paparazzi who he turned into a vampire as part of his vampire family aspiration.

Amora is playing chess to build her logic skill for work when Vlad joins her.

Amora: what’s wrong with your face? It’s all white – I mean, whiter than usual. I didn’t know that was possible.

Vlad: Someone offered me a face mask. Turns out they didn’t mean a mask made out of a dead sim’s face.

Amora: That’s where your mind went first?

Phoebe has also found a face mask. And it looks like she is doing some kind of brand endorsement for this paparazzi.

Phoebe: I always start the day with a fresh face mask from SIMply Natural Cosmetics. Their unique formula reinvigorates my skin and makes me feel twenty years younger. As you can see, it even gets rid of grey hair!

Nemmie: But I don’t wanna play on the pirate ship. I was just about to lock an unsuspecting townie in the sauna and watch them boil alive. That’s so much more fun.

I make Vlad give this guy a manicure.

Vlad: Last chapter, I was on the verge of becoming Emperor of a Galaxy far far away… And now I’m here, being forced to file your unworthy nails.

Customer: Cool story, bro.

Customer: I’d also like a pedicure, please.

Vlad: Fine. But you’ll have to keep your shoes on. I’m not touching those disgusting feet.

Customer: Won’t that defeat the purpose of –

Vlad: *Glares* Would you prefer a treatment of blood letting?

Customer: Never mind.

Now that she’s back from Batuu, Phoebe is able to continue working on the social media career. As usual, I have her work from home 99% of the time as that seems to lead to faster career progression. One of her work tasks was to perform mischief interactions so she scared this hapless townie.

Phoebe: Waaaaa!

Townie: Eeek!

Phoebe: Sorry, you know how it is. We social media stars have to cater to our fans and the fans just love pranks and hijinks. There are cameras there, there and there.

Townie: Riiiight…. Aren’t you a little old to be a social media star?

Rowan gives massages as part of the ‘guide others’ task on his aspiration.

Rowan: I’m the one whose back is wracked with old age. I should be the one receiving a massage.

Nemmie: Hey you, stop ignoring me!

Fine, have this screenshot.

I literally only have 4 screenshots of Nemmie this chapter and in 3 of the four she is standing in the exact same place at the top of a pirate jungle gym lol.

Amora works out to raise that fitness skill. And there’s Phoebe transportalating back there.

How does your hair stay so perfect while you’re working out?

Amora: Well, I am magic.

Lori’s relaxing in the sauna for the ‘seek relaxation’ part of her aspiration and Phoebe joins her.

Phoebe: It’s so hot in here. Someone should turn the air con on.

Lori: That’s the whole point of a sauna, Mum.

For the last task on his aspiration, Rowan has to ‘share detox tea’ ten times. To do this, I just had him make detox tea after detox tea after detox tea.

Rowan: What a truly thrilling aspiration.

I know, right? Super super fun and exciting.

Nail tech: So, how have you been?

Lori: Pretty busy: up until recently I was working for the Resistance on Batuu and since coming home I’ve become a secret agent back here too – oops, I wasn’t meant to tell anyone that.

Nail tech: Uh huh, sure you are, sweetie.

Phoebe puts on another face mask – a green one this time. Really? Another face mask already?

Phoebe: These masks are amazing, they make my hair black again!

Hair dye will also do that you know, and without your having to have a green face.

But seriously, while wearing this mask Phoebe does look as though she could be an adult again since you can’t see her wrinkles and her hair isn’t grey.

I discovered that the ‘become a spa regular’ task for Vlad’s aspiration doesn’t count treatments given on the massage chairs for some reason. The first few times Vlad taught yoga classes, these also failed but eventually his classes started being counted. So, he basically had to teach 20 yoga classes at the spa for this aspiration milestone.

Looks like Caleb decided to join Vlad’s yoga class which I find hilarious.

Vlad: I can’t believe I’m that dweeb’s yoga instructor. See what you’ve reduced me to!

Lori’s manicure is done.

Lori: Ohhhh look – now my nails match my eyes!

Because matching your nail polish to your eye colour is such a normal priority to have.

For the ‘gain self-care notoriety’ task of his aspiration, Vlad has to promote his wellness services a given number of times – I think it was ten times?

Vlad: So, if you’re watching this video, come to one of my yoga classes. Or don’t. In fact, I’d much rather you didn’t.

Radom dude: Whooooo I’m in Vladislaus Straud’s Simstagram story!

Vlad: Scram, you idiotic buffoon.

Let’s return to Rowan now who’s been making detox teas repeatedly.

Rowan: I don’t think I can drink much more of this stuff. I’m beginning to suspect that it has a laxative effect.

Ewww tmi.

And he is done with his aspiration. One spa day aspiration down, two more to go…

4 thoughts on “Chapter 3.60

  1. Ahh Amora if I ever play you in my game I will give you all the farm animals and dogs you want… (yes I did say the same thing about dogs to Rowan when he was a kid and I made good on that promise 😉 )
    I foresee a lovely farm in HoB, a handsome husband created by yours truly…

    Okay damn Phoebe looks really good in the green face mask, the only thing giving away her age is the fact that her abs are no longer very defined lol (even then, she still has them! And she’s an elder!)
    That said, it’s annoying that an elder’s hair will change colour when they do certain things

    Lol sorry for all the recent comments, I keep seeing things I want to comment on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww she’ll be much happier in your game then haha. Maybe after I move her out I’ll add a dog to her household 🙂

      The face mask must have magical anti aging properties! But yeah I agree about the elder hair colour bug, it’s so annoying and has been around for ages, probably another bug that’ll never be fixed.

      Don’t apologise, I love comments!

      Liked by 1 person

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