Chapter 3.59

Previously, Vlad delivered a traitor to Kylo Ren, Lori broke into the First Order’s base and was caught after using their holotable, Rowan passed out and peed himself, Vlad broke into the Resistance’s base and sabotaged their holotable, Amora became a YA and Nemmie became a child. 

Nemmie: How’s your evil plan to take over the galaxy going, Great Grandad?

Vlad: Exceedingly well. Soon, I will overthrow Kylo Ren and take Batuuu. Then, I will gain Palpatine’s trust and replace Snoke as his right hand man. Finally, a little accident will befall Palpatine and I, Vladilaus Straud IV, will become Supreme Leader of the First Order and Galactic Emperor and establish my own dictatorship.

Nemmie: Cool! Can I help you with your Galactic Dictatorship? I can blast rebellious planets with a Death Star.

Vlad: I like how your mind works, child. I see myself in you. You shall be my second in command.

Nemmie: Yessss!

Nemmie: When Great Grandad is Galactic Emperor, I’m going to be his second in command and he’s gonna let me blast planets with a Death Star!

Phoebe: Oh dear. Wouldn’t you rather help your sister and the Resistance?

Nemmie: No way. The Resistance are goody goodies.

Lori had to get a First Order uniform from this First Order officer.

Lori: Hey, can I have your uniform?

Officer: I’m kind of wearing it right now.

Lori: If you don’t give it to me, I’ll tell my Great Grandad that you were making fun of his nose.

Officer: Okay okay.

Rowan: So, how would you like to join me on a little business trip? You’ll get to travel in the Millennium Falcon and we’re sure to encounter all sorts of fun life or death situations.

Blue alien: No thanks, I get space sick. Also, I don’t want to die.

Rowan had to persuade a number of sims (3 I think?) to come with him on a mission in the Millennium Falcon. They kept saying no but eventually he managed to find enough sims who were dumb enough to agree to join him.

Rowan: So, what’s new with you?

Lori: Well, for my current mission I have to break into the First Order base and use their holotable which I’m a bit nervous about. Last time I did that, I was lucky to escape with my life.

Rowan: No way, I need to use their holotable too! We should go together. I’ll have your back.

Lori tries to break into the room where the First Order keep their holotable and keeps getting electrocuted. Stupid me forgot that she didn’t actually have to slice the control panel in order to get through the door this time because as part of this mission she’d acquired a First Order ID card.

Also, it was only once she got inside the room that I remembered she had a First Order Officer uniform and had her put it on.

Lori: Now to access the First Order’s secret plans… Why didn’t I do this last time I was here?

The option wasn’t there because the game is dumb and makes no sense.

Rowan got caught trying to slice open the First Order’s door and this officer checked his ID.

Lori: It’s ok, you can let him go. I know this man, he’s come to do some maintenance work on the door.

Officer: Hmmm if you say so. Hey, aren’t you Vlad’s great granddaughter?

Lori: Um yes he made me an officer.

Officer: Bloody nepotism. It took me years of hard work to be promoted to where I am now, but some people get to walk straight in to an officer role just because of who they know. It makes me sick.

Rowan eventually manages to get into the First Order’s holotable room. This officer saw him but didn’t do a thing to stop him.

Officer: Hey, are you supposed to be here?

Rowan: Officer Lori wanted me to update the holotable’s software while I’m here. Apparently it’s been having some issues with freezing.

Officer: Oh yeah that thing is so slow. We can afford to splash millions of credits on a new Upsilon-class command shuttle for Kylo Ren, but we can’t spare a few credits to upgrade the holotable? Ridiculous.

Phoebe’s still trying to clean the Cantina up.

Phoebe: It’s strange. No matter how much I scrub or how much soap I use, this dirt never seems to go away. It’s almost as though the dirt is part of the counter itself.

For Rowan’s next mission, he had to take part in a Scoundrel party at the Cantina. Here’s Amora, Vlad, Nemmie and Lori all dancing.

Whilst at the party, Rowan had to share stories of his smuggling adventures (I forget the exact term that was used).

Rowan: One time, I smuggled half a tonne of Kessel’s spice back to Batuu right under the nose of the First Order. When they wanted to check my cargo hold, I told them I had five hungry Nexu in there… That put them off wanting to inside!

Phoebe: All your smuggling stories sound very fraught with danger. I hope you were exaggerating.

Rowan: Well, maybe a little.

Phoebe: I’d never forgive you if you went and got yourself killed.

Rowan: I’ll always come back to you.

Amora: Are you almost done taking over the galaxy yet, Great Grandad? I want to go home. There’s no dogs or farm animals here and loving those is kind of my whole personality.

Vlad: Why would you want to go back to Willow Creek? When I’m Galactic Emperor, we’ll live on a huge spaceship with everything you could want and travel throughout the entire galaxy.

Rowan: Why do I feel like the creator isn’t going to allow that?

Phoebe: Because she absolutely won’t.

Lori: Hi Vi, Rey. Oh man I will never get over how cool it is to actually speak to you in person.

Vi: I have no idea what you mean by that but thank you, Lori.

Lori: Anyway, I was wondering if you could teach me how to use the force, Rey. I’ve always wanted to be a Jedi.

Rey: I’m afraid the Force can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t.

Lori: Well that blows. I guess I’ll just have to be content with flying the X-wing, then.

Lori has to fly the X-wing 5 times for her aspiration. She also has to get to level 5 in Resistance reputation. So, I have her just do X-wing mission after X-wing mission. These missions are the easiest to do so even after she’d ticked off the ‘explore 5 times in the X wing’ task I had her keep doing the X-wing missions in order to get to rank 5.

Here’s a shot of the X-wing actually in flight.

Rowan had to explore in the Millennium Falcon 5 times and get to level 5 Scoundrel reputation, so I had him do several Millennium Falcon missions. Also, as with the X-wing missions, the Millennium Falcon missions are the easiest Scoundrel missions to complete.

A shot of Rey practicing her lightsabre skills because it’s pretty awesome.

Spamming X-wing missions paid off as Lori got to rank 5 in the Resistance reputation and was thereby able to complete the hope vs order aspiration.

Lori: Thank you so much for making me a Sergeant, Vi.

Vi: Well, Rey and I both think that you have real potential to do a lot of great work for the Resistance.

Lori: About that: since I’ve completed my aspiration, I’ll be going home soon.

Vi: You’re abandoning us to the mercies of the First Order?

Lori: Pretty much. Will you sign my Star Wars poster before I go?

Vlad has already reached level 5 in First Order reputation, but still has to explore a few more times in the tie echelon in order to complete his aspiration.

Love this screenshot!

I also have some nice shots of Rowan flying the Millennium Falcon, including this one…

… And this one.

Vlad: I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally left those rebel scum, Lori. Now you can join Nemmie and I on our Galactic conquest.

Lori: But I wanted to be a good guy.

Vlad: Nonsense, there’s no such thing as good and bad: only power and weakness.

Lori: You can’t even drink from sims here, Great Grandad. Surely you don’t like that.

Vlad: When I’m in charge, things are going to change around here. The people of Batuu will be expected to offer up daily sacrifices for me to drain. I can’t wait to taste alien plasma…

Alien: *Recoils in horror*

Amora: So, what’s it like to be a bartender?

Bartender: *Shrugs* It’s a job.

Amora: Need any extra help around here? I have literally nothing to do.

Bartender: No offense, but this establishment doesn’t particularly want to employ the Great Granddaughter of a high ranking First Order member who is plotting to become the next Galactic Emperor.

Amora: Fair enough.

Rowan returns from yet another Millennium Falcon mission…

… And at long last he’s completed the Galactic Privateer aspiration. We only have to finish off Vlad’s now and then no more Batuu!

Alien: Are you lost, little girl? Where are your parents?

Nemmie: Lost? I’m not lost. My Great Grandad as good as owns this planet. I can go wherever I want.

Nemmie: And then Great Grandad and I are going to enslave all of the people of Batuu. It will be glorious.

Amora: Somehow I think that growing up in Star Wars land hasn’t been the best thing for you, Nemmie.

Here’s one final screenshot of Vlad flying the TIE echelon.

And it’s done! You don’t know how relieved I am to have finally finished all of the Star Wars aspirations. I am definitely not attempting them again in this legacy. If a future heir rolls one, they will just have to deal with never completing any aspirations because there is no way I’m going back to Batuu again.

Vlad: And so my rise to power begins. The next step? Overthrowing Kylo Ren.

I’m afraid you’re going to have to hit pause on your plot for Galactic domination because we’re going home now.

Vlad: What? But I’m so close! You can’t ruin this for me, I won’t let you!

*Spoiler alert*: I did.

Thank you for putting up with all the Batuu chapters! I know that they haven’t been exactly interesting as the JTB aspirations and missions are pretty dull and take a long time to slog through. But it’s over now, next time we’ll be back in Willow Creek πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.59

    1. I’m so glad to finally have completed all of the JTB aspirations! It was a grind πŸ˜‚ I agree, Nemmie takes after Vlad… And the neglect that she’s experienced as a toddler probably didn’t help her development either lol

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  1. I think you have a lot of really amazing screenshots 😍
    Maybe the tasks are boring (I have never solved them myself) but the environment and the colors are magnificent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I find the JTB missions quite repetitive and dull unfortunately 😦 but you’re right, the world is very pretty and does make for some nice screenshots, especially of the spaceships flying off.


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