Chapter 3.58

In the last chapter, Amora and Nemmie were bored, Rowan infiltrated the Resistance base again, Vlad failed to arrest a criminal and Kylo was not pleased with him, and Lori managed to steal something from a First Order supply crate while Vlad distracted Lieutenant Agnon. 

Rowan is still looking for Dok Ondar’s missing goods here I believe. One of the places that he was told to look was inside supply crates. Lieutenant Agnon look suspicious but doesn’t approach.

Rowan: Don’t mind me. I’m just a loyal First Order lackey checking that your supply crates are secure and taking an inventory of their contents.

Vlad returns from a flight in the Tie Echelon. Probably it was for a mission.

Kylo: Your report?

Vlad: All rebels have been terminally dealt with *under his breath* as you will be one day.

Kylo: Very good. You might not be so incompetent after all.

Lori is using the holotable in the Resistance camp to locate a First Order defector.

Lori: This person could have crucial information that we need to take down the First Order.

Or you could just ask Vlad?

Vlad: This child smells disgusting. Hasn’t anyone been taking care of her?

Nemmie: Nemmie all alone!

Well, she’s still alive isn’t she?

Lori finds and speaks to the First Order defector in the Cantina. Honestly, I don’t know why she needed the holotable in order to find her. Whenever you have to speak to someone for a mission, they are always in the Cantina. She should’ve worked that out by now.

Defector: …. Also, the First Order have someone called Vladislaus Straud working for them who’s been particularly ruthless. I would suggest that you make taking him down a priority.

Lori: *Gasp* Um yes well… I will definitely make sure to pass that on.

Vlad has to find a disloyal First Order officer for a mission.

Vlad: Aha! It’s you, you’re the traitor!

Officer: But you said you hated Kylo Ren too.

Vlad: Obviously I was just lying in order to extract a confession from you. I definitely don’t have a detailed plan for how I’m going to destroy Kylo once I reach the top.

Rowan’s mucking around with a control panel. Is it part of a mission? Is he skimming credits for his aspiration? Does anybody really care?

Vlad: Here’s the mole, Mister Ren, Sir.

Kylo: Thank you, Vladislaus. Leave it to me to deal with him.

Vlad: It feels so good not to be the one getting force-choked.

Meanwhile, Lori has broken into the First Order base and is doing something to their holotable. I think she just had to perform any slicing action.

Unfortunately, she is caught. But fortunately, she isn’t caught until after she’s done with the table.

First Order Officier: *Checking Lori’s ID* You don’t have clearance to be here.

Lori: Uh… I must’ve got lost looking for the bathroom.

First Order Officer: How did you get through the locked door?

Lori: I fell onto the control panel whilst holding a data spike?

First Order Officer: Hmmmm. I’ll let you go this time but only because you’re Vlad’s relative. If I see you here again, I’ll have you arrested. Capiche?

Lori: Yes Ma’am.

And she runs away with a terrified look on her face.

Lori: I’ve seen what they do to rebels in the movies. Of course I’m terrified!

Lori: You’ll never guess what happened. I was caught in the First Order’s base meddling with their holo table and almost got arrested.

Amora: I guess that’s why you forgot my birthday, huh?

Lori: It’s your birthday? But you didn’t age up did you?

Amora: Actually, it’s been my birthday for a while. Nemmie’s too. But everyone’s forgotten, apparently including the game because we haven’t aged up.

It was Amora and Nemmie’s birthdays for like 2 days but they didn’t age up so I think it must not be possible to age up in Batuu which is really super annoying.

Rowan gets back from a flight in the Millennium Falcon and instantly passes out…

… Then wakes up only so that he can wet himself.

Rowan: Why? Why are you putting me through this?

Bet you miss the potions of plentiful needs now, huh? I certainly do.

Vlad breaks into the Resistance’s base and is confronted by this green alien dude, who he manages to knock out.

Vlad: Night night.

Vlad: Mwahahaha after I sabotage this holotable, I will truly gain Kylo’s trust and then I will begin my ascent to power. First Batuu, then the entire galaxy!

Mr Burns vibes anyone?

Vlad: Hehehe. Emperor Vlad, I like the sound of that.

Vlad does manage to successfully sabotage the holotable but before he gets a chance to leave, Rey finds him. I think she did a Jedi mind trick on him or something?

Since Amora and Nemmie were not aging up automatically on Batuu, I had to take the family home. Amora aged up straight away so I didn’t get a chance to have her blow out the candles on a cake. She will sulk abou that but oh well.

She got animal enthusiast for her third trait. Maybe I will get her a llama or something if she wins the heiress poll.

Here’s some CAS shots of her:

As you can see, her ears still look rounded in CAS. But, they are pointy in live mode still.

I did get time to have Nemmie blow out the candles on a cake.

Her child trait is evil which I love! Vlad’s evilness has skipped three generations clearly. And for her aspiration she got the rambunctious scamp one.

Here’s some CAS pics of her:

She even looks evil with that brow curve!

After the birthdays, it was straight back to Batuu. Don’t mind Rowan’s outfit, I changed it back to what it was previously after this screenshot. I also changed Nemmie’s outfit to one that I preferred.

Phoebe: I wish you two didn’t have to go off on more missions. I miss you, and I worry about you getting hurt.

Lori: Don’t worry about me, Mum. I know what I’m doing.

Rowan: I hate being apart from you too, but this aspiration will be over soon, I promise.

Yeah yeah ok come on now Rowan. You’ve got things to do and places to be.

Rowan had to use this control panel for something and as per usual I forget what. Possibly he was stealing – I mean skimming – credits?

Vlad heads off somewhere in the tie echelon. This might have been for a mission or just for his aspiration, because he did have to explore in the tie echelon 5 times for his aspiration.

And for his aspiration, Rowan had to explore five times in the Millennium Falcon. I think I picked a lot of missions involving the Millennium Falcon in order to kill two birds with one stone.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3.58

    1. It was annoying that they couldn’t age up on Batuu, not sure what that’s all about. I agree, Nemmie’s a cute kid! I know poor Amora, ignored for ages in Batuu and then she doesn’t even get a birthday cake đŸ˜‚

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