Chapter 3.57

Last time, Phoebe and Rowan woohooed in the dwelling, Lori and Rowan got electrocuted, Rowan broke into the Resistance base and the First Order base, Vlad ID’ed several citizens and Amora and Nemmie got neglected.

Amora: Nemmie, sit.

Nemmie: Huh?

Amora: I said ‘sit’.

Nemmie: Don’t want sit.

Amora: I’ll give you a sweetie.

Nemmie: Sweetie and no sit!

What are you doing?

Amora: Well I don’t have a dog to train so I thought that a toddler might do just as well.

Rowan: I managed to break into the Resistance’s base and the First Order’s base last chapter.

Vlad: What was that about the First Order base?

Rowan: Nothing Grandad, I just said I think you’re doing a great job with your security!

Phoebe: This whole smuggler bad boy thing you’ve got going on is really hot.

Rowan: You think so?

Phoebe: Definitely.

Nemmie: Can I be a storm trooper too?

Storm Trooper: You’re a little short for a storm trooper, kid.

I know I used that line before but I couldn’t help it.

Amora: So, has Great Grandad figured out that you’re working against him, yet?

Lori: Not yet. And don’t tell him. He’ll flip.

Phoebe: There you are, Nemmie. I thought I’d lost you again.

You need to keep a closer eye on your child! She keeps wandering off on her own.

Rowan’s playing sabaac with Hondo and Lori. He had to cheat and win at sabaac at some point, perhaps this was that point?

Hondo: Come on Rowan, I’ve already beaten you a hundred times. What makes you think you can win this time?

Rowan: Aha. Well this time I have learned some new strategies.

Lori: What strategies?

Rowan: It’s called chea- I mean, wouldn’t you like to know?

Nemmie: Wait for me, Great Grandad.

Vlad: Sorry, Nemmie. I have to run, I’m on my way to do some evil deeds.

Nemmie: But Nemmie wanna do evil deeds too!

Vlad: Maybe when you’ve got longer legs.

You’re going to leave your toddler outside all alone at night on an alien planet? Yep, that sounds like a wonderful idea.

Lori delivers food to the Resistance again for a mission.

Vi: Is the meat medium rare?

Lori: Sure.

And Rowan is back using the Resistance’s holotable again. Once more, I haven’t the foggiest idea why he needed to use it. He’s caught again, but again manages to overpower the Resistance member.

Rowan: Hopefully he stays unconscious until I’m out of here.

Again, Rowan primes someone with drink to persuade her to tell him something. And just as before, I do not recall what he needed to know.

Rowan: Give me the information.

Lady: What information?

Rowan: You know, the information.

Lady: You’re going to need to be more specific.

Rowan: Hang on, it’ll come back to me. Old age you know, my memory’s like a sieve.

Lori is also talking to a contact for a mission.

Lori: Hey, I think you have some intel for me.

Contact: That depends on whether you know the passphrase.

Lori: Sure I do. It’s um… Passphrase?

Contact: No.

Lori: 1234?

Contact: No.

Lori: Oh come on. Pleeeeeeaaaase.

Contact: Fine. The First Order have developed a new kind of blaster. They’re storing a box of prototypes in a supply crate just inside their base.

Vlad had to identify and arrest a criminal in the Cantina for a mission. He managed to find the criminal and gets into a fight with him…

… But *shock horror* he is defeated.

Vlad: No, no this can’t be happening. I never lose! Ah I don’t feel so good…

And he’s down.

Amora: Great grandad? Are you alright?

Vlad: Do I look alright?

Rowan’s doing something with a control panel in the First Order district. I have a suspicion that he may have been trying to get into some locked area to collect a package for Hondo. I know that that was a mission that he did at some point.

As you may be able to see to the right there, Lori is in the First Order’s base and I have Vlad distracting Lieutenant Agnon.

Vlad: *Muttering to himself* What on earth is Lori doing in there? Is she working for the Resistance? I should stop her… But I can’t let her get arrested, she’s my flesh and plasma.

Lieutenant Agnon: Did you say something?

Vlad: Nothing, nothing. Just thinking about what other measures we might take to stamp out the Resistance.

Lieutenant Agnon: Right. Well, I need to go and get something from the supply crate.

Vlad: No!

Lieutenant Agnon: What’s wrong?

Vlad: I mean, let me get it for you.

Lieutenant Agnon: It’s fine, I need to patrol the base anyway.

Inside, Lori is just finishing up breaking into the supply crate and stealing something – I believe it was the prototype blaster.

Vlad: *Blocking the Lieutenant’s view of the supply crate* Lieutenant Agnon!

Lieutenant Agnon: What?

Vlad: Apparently Rey was sighted near the Cantina. You should get there right away, you might catch her.

Lieutenant Agnon: I will go immediately. Arrest any suspicious persons on sight.

Vlad: You can count on me.

Kylo was not happy when Vlad reported his failure to arrest the criminal at the Cantina to him.

Kylo: You had one job, Vladislaus, one simple job. And you let him knock you out? I thought you were meant to be competent.

Vlad: You don’t understand, I don’t have my vampire powers here. If I had them, I’d have ended his miserable little existence on the spot.

Kylo: Silence. I will expect better next time *begins to choke Vlad with the force* understand?

Vlad: *Choking noises* Yes sir.

Usually, the bills are about 108,000 simoleons. But, while the family were in Batuu they got this bill for 1,650,568 simoleons and I almost had a heart attack! I have heard before that there is a bug where your bills skyrocket if you are not at home when they arrive, so I guess that’s the issue.

Since Vlad makes about 499,000 simoleons a week in investments (due to having completed the fabulously wealthy aspiration) and with the dragon fruit plants, we will manage to make the money back but it still sucks.

Vlad slices into a control panel. We’ll never know why now since I didn’t keep notes.

Vlad: You’re the worse.

Thank you.

Vlad: So hehe that little misunderstanding between us earlier has blown over hasn’t it? We can laugh about it now, can’t we?

Kylo: There’s a Resistance scientist who I want to recruit to our cause. Convince him to join the First Order and all will be forgiven.

Vlad: And if I fail?

Kylo: Do not fail.

Rowan heads off on another Millennium Falcon based mission.

Rowan: This mission was full of dangerous and exhilarating exploits. Aren’t you going to elaborate further?

To be honest Rowan, I never read the ‘story’ cards and I just chose options at random when I had to decide what to make you do.

Rowan: You chose at random? You could’ve got me killed!

But I didn’t.

Have this screenshot of Vlad dancing with Hondo in the Cantina. He thinks he’s some hot shit.

(He’s wrong).

Rowan: Here, take this bribe – I mean token of my appreciation.

Storm Trooper: Thank you. What’re you bribing me for?

Rowan: I don’t know, the aspiration goal just said ‘bribe a storm trooper’.

Meanwhile Lori’s doing something with a control panel in the background there. Probably mission related.

I actually think I know what Rowan’s doing here – kind of at least. He had to find Dok Ondar’s missing goods. Not sure whether it was specified what those goods were or not.

Rowan: How’d you think they came to be scattered all over Batuu?

I dunno, it’s almost as if someone placed them there just for your mission, isn’t it?

Vlad uses the holotable to locate the Resistance scientist wanted by Kylo Ren.

Vlad: Ok Vlad, when you’re Galactic Emperor you’ll pay Kylo back for humiliating you. But in order to survive long enough to do that, you need to placate him for now. So, let’s find this Resistance scientist…

Phoebe: You look unhappy, Amora. What’s wrong? You didn’t eat some lactose, did you?

Amora: No, I’m just bored. We’ve been stuck in this cantina for days. And I can’t even use a potion of plentiful needs to refill my fun need.

Nemmie: Nemmie bored too.

Phoebe: What about some Mother-daughter bonding time?

Amora: Ugh kill me now!

Vlad locates the Resistance scientist and offers her a sizable bribe.

Vlad: This is only a taste of what could be yours if you abandon the Resistance and join the First Order.

Resistance Scientist: I don’t know. Credits are great and everything but I have a moral compass and the First Order is evil.

Vlad: Also, if you don’t come with me I will have you executed.

Resistance Scientist: Sir, I would be delighted to be a part of your wonderful organisation.

Vlad: I thought so.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.57

    1. It was super annoying. The bills went back to normal once they got home though and they made all the money back through selling dragon fruit and Vlad’s ‘investments’ (from having completed the fabulously wealthy aspiration)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Come on Phoebe, losing Nemmie again? For a family-oriented sim, you sure don’t really look after your family… Then again Phoebe is old and Nemmie was an accident so it’s understandable hahaha

    I love that picture of Vlad and Nemmie running along together lol

    Holy crap those bills are massive! How long has that bug been a thing????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nemmie spent an awful lot of time just wandering around outside in Batuu completely alone… I guess Batuu doesn’t have a CPS?

      I think that’s been a bug for years now (the higher bills when you’re not at home thing). My bills are usually pretty high anyway so they ended up mega high when the fam went to Batuu. Thankfully they only had one set of Bills whilst on Batuu and they made all the money back from dragon fruit and Vlad’s investments after coming home.

      Liked by 1 person

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