Chapter 3.56

Last chapter, Lori, Vlad and Phoebe all completed the hope vs order aspiration. Vlad went on to start the enforcer of order aspiration and Lori began the paragon of hope aspiration. Meanwhile, Rowan carried on with the galactic privateer aspiration and played a lot of Sabaac against Hondo.

I believe that Lori is trying to scramble the First Order’s tracking system. I say trying because, well, she’s evidently not succeeding here.

Lori: Aarrrrggghh! I thought you said that if I maxed the programming skill I’d be able to splice the control panels easily?

Well that’s what all the online guides said. But even with level 10 programming skill, the failure rate for slicing control panels still seems to be insanely high.

I had to get Vlad a droid for his aspiration. I don’t know where he went though because after a little while he just disappeared. Maybe he got sent to Vlad’s inventory? Or maybe Vlad killed him? That’s probably more likely.

Phoebe is still cleaning the Cantina.

Phoebe: Can you blame me? Look at the filth on this bar! And on those seats! It’s not hygienic.

She is kind of right.

Phoebe: I’ve decided to establish myself as the Cantina’s new cleaning lady.

Did you ask anyone about that?

Phoebe: Nope.

Phoebe: I need a few more satisfaction points so that I can buy the professional slacker reward trait and I have a whim to woohoo with you…

Rowan: Say no more.

So romantic.

I make them woohoo in the dwelling, which turns out to be The Most Boring Woohoo Spot in the entire game. Nothing happens. No fireworks, no hearts, and probably no music either but I had my sound off so I can’t say for sure. So disappointing. But at least Phoebe was able to get enough satisfaction points for the professional slacker reward trait and we don’t have to worry about any more oops babies because she’s an elder.

Lori: Hey, apparently you can fix me up with a dataspike.

Contact: Sure, what do you need it for?

Lori: It’s to scramble the First Order’s tracking systems, but I got confused and did that part of the mission first.

Contact: Then why do you still need a data spike from me?

Lori: Because otherwise the mission won’t register as complete.

Rowan’s talking to a Scoundrel contact but I don’t remember why. It was for a mission.

Rowan: Hey, I like your gun.

Contact: It’s a blaster.

Rowan: Cool, can I have it?

Contact: No.

Rowan: Worth a try.

Contact: But I can help you with your mission…

Amora: Hey, are there any dogs around here?

Alien: Dogs? I hope not!

Amora: Why? Dogs are adorable!

Alien: I don’t know what dogs are like where you’re from, but ‘adorable’ is not a word I’d use to describe the ones that we have in this galaxy: ‘big teeth’, ‘vicious’ and ‘dangerous’ yes, but ‘adorable’ no. A Corellian Hound almost took my arm off once.

Amora: Well, this is a great vacation. There’s no dogs and my family have left me all alone.

Alien: Don’t you have a little sister? She can’t be old enough to go off by herself.

Amora: Oh crap, I’ve lost Nemmie…

Rowan retrieves something from a supply crate.

Rowan: Who just leaves valuable supplies lying around in the street like this with little to no security systems in place?

It’s dumb and makes no sense.

Phoebe: I just found Nemmie wandering about the streets by herself. Really, anything could’ve happened to her.

Nemmie: Want join First Order with great grandad!

Vlad: You’re a bit young for that but you can help me by keeping an eye out for resistance members.

Nemmie: Like Lori?

Vlad: What about Lori?

Phoebe: She’s just babbling. Come on Nemmie, let Great Grandad get on with his work now.

Rowan has a mission which requires flying the Millennium Falcon.

Rowan: Question.


Rowan: What if I crash it?

Then you will be very very dead.

This screenshot is so pretty, love the scenery.

Rowan: Hey Grandad, how’re you doing? Hondo and I were just discussing…

Hondo: We were just discussing our completely legitimate business activities.

Vlad: Well, I don’t think it’ll be long before I have climbed the ranks of the First Order and become Galactic Emperor.

Rowan: And then you’ll rule the galaxy with justice and compassion?

Vlad: Don’t be ridiculous! I’m going to establish my own galactic dictatorship.

Lori fixes up the X-Wing.

Lori: You know what this means? I’m going to get to fly this thing soon – I don’t think my little geeky heart can take it!

We have lift off!

And there’s Rey on the ground practicing her lightsabre skills.

While Lori flies off on her mission for the resistance, Rowan is trying to break into the Resistance’s bunker in order to use their holotable – I think to locate a package for Hondo or something?

Rowan: Ahhh! I see bright white light, I think I’m dying.

No you are just mildly electrocuted. Like I said, level 10 programming didn’t seem to help much as we still got so many failures and electrocutions.

Lori: I’m back!

Vi: Wow, that’s a surprise. We all thought you’d crash that thing within two minutes. Do you have any flying training?

Lori: Technically no… But I’ve played a lot of Star Wars flight simulators.

Rowan has managed to break into the Resistance’s bunker but he’s been spotted and a scuffle ensues.

Somewhat surprisingly, Rowan wins the fight.

Blue alien: Beaten by an old man…

Rowan: Hey! Do you want me to hit you again?

So, he’s able to use the Resistance’s holotable for whatever it was that he needed it for.

For some reason, I seem to have made Vlad come to the Resistance’s encampment too and he’s beating up on this pink alien. Even Rey doesn’t seem to want to step in.

Vlad: I will be ruler of the galaxy and there’s nothing you resistance scum can do to stop me! Oh if only I had my vampires powers I’d take you all down right now.

Rowan needs to get something from this lady for a mission. Information? Some instrument? No clue. But anyway, he’s given her a drink to encourage her to talk.

Rowan: I hear you have something I need.

Lady: Well normally I’m not one to spill, but since you gave me my favourite drink…

Vlad’s checking the ID of a citizen in the Cantina.

Citizen: Please, I just came here for a drink. I don’t want any trouble.

Vlad: A likely story.

Citizen: But it’s true!

Vlad: That’s what I said. We’re in a bar, so it’s a likely story. Move along.

Lori had to deliver food to the Resistance for a mission.

Lori: I hope you like it.

Random lady: Does it contain gluten?

Lori: Um possibly?

Random: Well, I’m gluten intolerant. So, can you get me something else? Also, it has to be vegan. And no carbs, lactose, or fruit and veg.


Lori has to get people to join the Resistance for her aspiration.

Lori: Does conducting dangerous missions, being in constant fear of your life, and being forced into permanent hiding with few supplies or amenities sound fun to you?

Random lady: Not really.

Lori: You were meant to say yes.

Random lady: Ok, yes then.

Lori: Then, you’ll love the Resistance! Want to join up?

Random lady: I want to say no but the game is making me say yes.

Lori had to get a droid for her aspiration.

Lori: My own droid! This is awesome, he’s like a red version of R2D2!

Well don’t get too excited because, as with Vlad’s droid, he mysteriously disappeared pretty quickly. Let’s hope he got put in Lori’s inventory.

Lori: Hey, wanna join the Resistance?

Alien: Keep your voice down, the First Order base is right over there.

Lori: If you want me to stop talking, you’re gonna have to say yes.

Alien: Fine, then yes.

Vlad IDs another citizen.

Vlad: Darn it, he’s clean. I don’t get to arrest him…

Citizen: Phew.

Vlad: … This time.

Lori manages to open a supply crate in the First Order district but wets herself in the process.

Lori: Oh no, I’ve left evidence behind. What if they DNA test my pee?

At the same time, Rowan’s been trying to get into the First Order’s base to use their holotable. I think he was meant to be using their holotable to locate a scientist, don’t ask me what for.

After being electrocuted and ID’ed by First Order officers multiple times, Rowan finally makes it in and uses the holotable… Where he comes face to face with this First Order officer.

Rowan: Don’t mind me, just another First Order officer doing First Order stuff. Hey, didn’t they tell you it was dress casual day today?

First Order Officer: It is? Huh, nobody told me. That was crappy of Lieutenant Agnon.

Weirdly, she didn’t ID him or get him to leave even though she was staring straight at him.

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