Chapter 3.55

Previously, Vlad graduated, joined the botanist career and completed the academic aspiration. Lori became a young adult and I took everyone to Batuu where Rowan took on the galactic privateer aspiration and Vlad, Lori and Phoebe started the hope vs order aspirations (Vlad will later go on to enforcer of order and Lori will proceed to paragon of hope).

Amora: Whatcha doing?

Lori: Just a mission for the Resistance.

Amora: Anything I can do to help?

Lori: Sorry but it’s all very top secret.

Amora: I get it. I suppose I’ll just stand around and do nothing for the rest of this vacation while the creator ignores me. Fun times.

I believe that Vlad is spreading First Order propaganda here.

Vlad: The First Order is amazing, isn’t it? It does so much to keep our galaxy safe and prosperous.

Pink alien: Actually, I think it’s –

Vlad: If you don’t agree with me, I will arrest you on the spot.

Pink alien: You’re totally right, the First Order is the best!

Lori breaks into a First Order supply crate. You can just see Vlad in the background there spreading more propaganda. Let’s just hope he doesn’t notice her.

Lori: It’s fine, Great Grandad would never arrest me… Right?

Rowan’s also breaking into a supply crate, so Vlad will have his pick of family members to arrest if he feels so inclined.

Phoebe: That’s my daughter over there. Isn’t she adorable? Nemesis, come over and say hello to the nice man.

Nemmie: NO!

Phoebe: She’s just shy.

Alien: You called your daughter Nemesis?

Apparently even on Batuu, Nemesis is a weird name.

Lori had to talk to a storm trooper for her aspiration.

Lori: Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?

Storm Trooper: No.

Lori: I know, but I’ve just always wanted to say that.

Lori’s done with the hope vs order aspiration, which means that she can move on to the paragon of hope aspiration.

Vlad spreads more first order propaganda.

Vlad: The First Order is doing so much important work keeping the peace here on Batuu. Without us, the Resistance would have this place in complete ruins.

Blue alien: The First Order took my children away from me.

Vlad: You see? Such good work!

Vlad: They just ate up that propaganda like cotton candy, the ignorant fools!

Lieutenant Agnon: You mean the Batuu people are coming to see the virtues of obedience to the First Order.

Vlad: Exactly.

And Vlad is also done with hope vs order. Next I gave him the enforcer of order aspiration.

Vlad breaks open a supply crate in Black Spire Outpost for his aspiration.

Vlad: As I suspected, smuggled goods. The First Order is going to have to take those scoundrels down.

Rowan is playing Sabaac with Hondo, possibly for a mission I think.

Hondo: Ready to lose more money to me?

Rowan: No chance, I’m feeling lucky today.

Amora: I’m still here too.

And I still have nothing for you to do.

Nemesis is at level 3 of all toddler skills except for imagination, so I have Vlad read her a story.

Vlad: Then, the heroic Darth Vader shot down Luke’s X-wing, which exploded in a cloud of flames – BOOM! And so, the Death Star was saved and went on to destroy many many planets, the Galactic Empire prevailed and nobody lived happily ever after.

Nemmie: Boom? Dead?

Vlad: Very very dead.

Now Nemmie has level 3 in all toddler skills. I don’t have time to keep having her work on her skills until she’s at level 5, so she won’t get the top notch toddler trait like Lori and Amora did, but she will get the happy toddler reward trait. So, I can now ignore her until she’s a child.

Rowan: Oops look at that, I just wet myself. Excuse me for one moment while I go clean myself up.

Hondo: You’re not trying to get out of paying me back the money you owe me, are you?


Lori had to explore the caves in the Resistance encampment for her aspiration.

Lori: I got this covered. I already know all about cave exploration from my beach life aspiration.

She also introduces herself to some Resistance members.

Lori: Hi, I’m Lori. I’m so excited to be part of the Resistance!

Blue alien: Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

Lori: I am?

Bith alien: Most new recruits don’t last three days.

Lori: Because they quit?

Blue alien: Because the First Order get’s them.

Lori: Oh…

Phoebe’s doing a mission for the hope vs order aspiration. As part of that, she had to open a First Order supply crate.

And then I sent her to analyse the Tie Echelon.

Phoebe: What am I meant to do? I know nothing about spaceships!

Just stand there and look pensive.

Finally, she has to speak with a Storm Trooper while Vlad checks the ID of a citizen, either for a mission or for his aspiration I don’t remember.

Phoebe: That’s a… Big gun you’ve got there. I’m totally on your side. Yep, long live the First Order!

And Phoebe completes the hope vs order aspiration. I won’t have her do the paragon of hope aspiration now. I just made her do the hope vs order one so that she could get enough satisfaction points in order to get the professional slacker reward trait.

I think that Lori might be disrupting first order transmissions for a mission here.

Lori: What if someone catches me?

Probably best not to find out.

Apparently Vlad is also famous on Batuu because an alien and a storm trooper are cheering him.

Alien and stormtrooper: WE LOVE YOU!!!

Lieutenant Agnon: You hear that, Vladislaus? The people are expressing their loyalty to the First Order.

Vlad: Yes, something like that.

Amora hangs out with Nemmie.

Amora: We might not be allowed to do any of the cool stuff like flying spaceships but we can still have fun together right, little sis?

Hondo: Getting low on credits, huh?

Rowan: Not at all! But uh on a completely unrelated note, do you know how one might make some money around here?

Hondo: Well, I might have a few business opportunities for you..

Phoebe: Since you’ve got nothing more for me to do now, I may as well clean up the Cantina. My neat trait can’t handle all this dirt.

Vlad had to recruit several sims to the First Order for his aspiration.

Vlad: Ever considered joining the First Order?

Random lady: Not really. What can they offer me?

Vlad: Good wages, power, a great pension… If you survive long enough to take it.

Random lady: Ok, sign me up.

Rowan splices a control panel for some mission or other. Don’t really remember or care what it was.

Rowan: Hey! I’m sure it was very important.

And probably boring and repetitive. All the JTB missions are.

Vlad: Hey, want to join the First Order?

Random Man: Um…

Vlad: Any rejections will be taken as signs of disloyalty and punished accordingly.

Random man: Then yes, yes I’d like to join!

Vlad: So, you’re just an innocent, law abiding citizen are you?

Green lady: Exactly.

Vlad: I call bullshit! This ID’s a fake, you’re under arrest, on suspicion of being a member of the Resistance!

I swear he checked this person’s ID earlier this chapter and it was fine but whatever.

And a fight ensues.

Lori, you’re not going to step in and help a fellow Resistance member?

Lori: Are you kidding? I’m not getting involved in a fight against Great Grandad. I might be brave, but I’m not suicidal.

And Vlad marches his prisoner to the Tie Echelon which will transport her to a prison ship later. He also arrested quite a few other people but I thought screenshots of one arrest was probably more than enough. Like I’ve said, these missions get very repetitive.

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