Chapter 3.54

In the last chapter, Nemmie became a toddler and worked on her toddler skills, Vlad finished up with uni, Amora learned more magic from the sages, and Phoebe became an elder.

Vlad went to his graduation.

Vlad: Why am I throwing a weird flat hat into the air?

Tradition. Now that I think about it, a kind of weird tradition.

Now, time to get a job with that degree.

Vlad: Can’t I have a delayed gap year?

Absolutely not.

He joins the botanist career at level 8 due to having a distinguished biology degree with honours. And having got a job with his degree, he has now completed the academic aspiration which is very good news because I was starting to get so bored of this aspiration.

Nemmie: Play with me, Gweat Gwandad.

Vlad: Tornado alert!

Look at that sad little face.

Vlad: Why’re you looking at me like that? What did I do wrong?

Nemmie: All broken!

Vlad: Well that’s what tornados do, they destroy houses.

Nemmie: Dolls?

Vlad: Anyone who was inside the house at the time will have died a horrible death.


Lori: Hey Mum did you change your hair?

Phoebe: No.

Amora: It looks different somehow.

Phoebe: I got old, ok? It went grey!

Lori: Ohhhh.

Also, it was Winterfest.

Vlad: And so we meet again…

Clement: You know, this is my least favourite house to visit.

I’m not surprised to be honest.

Vlad gets his Winterfest dinner, but because I’m lazy and don’t make any effort with the holidays anymore, no one else does.

Lori’s YA birthday arrived! But apparently Rowan was too busy talking to Galatea to notice. And Amora was already eating cake from the last birthday in the house.

Lori got the ‘proper’ trait from SE. I haven’t played with this trait before so I’m not really sure what affect it has on sims but it’s interesting to have a different one.

Anyway, here’s some CAS pictures of her:

Not much different from her teen self. Still pretty!

And this is her mer form:

Again, the same as when she was a teen.

Lori: Nemmie’s a toddler, I’m a YA and Great Grandad’s graduated from uni. You know what this means? Batuu here we come!

Amora: I get to skip school? Awesome!

Here we are in Batuu. I gave everyone Batuu-style makeovers, including Nemmie who still has her ordinary hair style in this picture but I switched it to the toddler version of the Rey hair.

By the way, I am going to cut out quite a lot of the screenshots that I have from Batuu in order to minimise the number of ‘Batuu chapters’.

I have given Rowan the ‘galactic privateer’ aspiration and Lori and Vlad the ‘hope vs order aspirations’. Once they are done with hope vs order, Lori will do the paragon of hope aspiration and Vlad will do enforcer of order. I’ve also given Phoebe the hope vs order aspiration because she needs to get enough satisfaction points to purchase the professional slacker reward trait (to stop her work performance dropping which on vacation – I already gave Vlad and Rowan this reward trait).

Why is Amora holding her nose?

Because this happened a few seconds previously.

Apparently she was dumb enough to consume lactose again. A few screenshots ago she was eating a slice of cake. Maybe that was the culprit?

Lori: I don’t believe it, a real live Abedno – this is so cool! I feel like I’m in a Star Wars film!

Abedno alien: And you’re a real live human.

Lori: Mermaid actually. But anyway, can you tell me anything about the resistance?

Nemmie: *Bursts into tears* Want attention!

Amora: Let me guess, I’m going to be stuck dealing with that while Lori gets to go off on cool missions for the resistance?


Phoebe: Where would one look if they were hoping to find the resistance encampment?

Green alien lady: You’re resistance supporters?

Vlad: Not really. I prefer the sound of the First Order. I admire their lack of moral values.

Green alien lady: Uh huh. Well in that case I know nothing.

Rowan plays Sabaac with Hondo for his aspiration.

Rowan: I have no idea how to play this game. Am I winning?

Hondo: You’re losing hopelessly. I hope you have the credits to pay me back.

Rowan: Crap. Well, at least we’re rich, right Grandad?

Vlad: Not here we’re not. The game didn’t let us take any of our household funds with us.

Vlad: Hey you, pink lady with the horns!

Pink lady: Actually my name is –

Vlad: Never mind about that. I have a problem: my vampire powers are malfunctioning on this planet – by which I mean that I can’t use them at all. What the hell is going on?

Pink lady: Must have something to do with the atmosphere on Batuu. We get a lot of people claiming that they have special powers which don’t work here.

Vlad: But – but – how am I meant to survive as an evil grandmaster vampire if I’m not able to do evil grandmaster vampire stuff?

Pink lady: Don’t ask me, I just serve the drinks here.

Vlad: I may not be able to use my supernatural powers on this lousy planet, but I hear that the First Order could offer me a different kind of power. How do I go about signing up with them?

Pink lady: Like I said sir, I just serve drinks.

[On Batuu, no occults can use any of their powers. That means no spells for Phoebe or Amora and no vampire abilities for Vlad – he can’t even drink from sims here. And since you can’t take anything from home with you to Batuu, they don’t have access to any potions that Phoebe and Amora made and Vlad wasn’t able to take any plasma packs with him. I was a little worried at first about how Vlad was going to be able to deal with his thirst need but I found out that if he ‘freshens up’ at the dwelling refills the thirst bar].

Rowan gets a drink from Olga’s Cantina for his aspiration. Don’t know why he’s looking so upset.

Rowan: You made me stop playing Sabaac.

Because you kept losing us money.

Rowan: Yes but my luck was about to turn, I could feel it. You can’t keep on losing if you play for long enough.

Please don’t tell me you now have a gambling problem.

Lori: Oh my gosh, Vi Moradi – it’s really you! I’m such a huge fan!

Vi: A fan?

Lori: Sorry sorry, I just love Star Wars so much. I’m a bit of a geek.

Vi: What’s Star Wars?

Lori: Never mind. Anyway, can I please please please join the Resistance?

Vi: Sure, but you’ll have to do a mission to prove your loyalty first.

Phoebe also introduces herself to Vi.

Phoebe: Sorry about my daughter, she gets a bit overexcited about all this sci fi stuff. I’m here to do a mission for the Resistance too.

Vi: Sure, if you’re so keen to put your life on the line for the Resistance, who am I to stop you?

Phoebe: My what now?

Don’t worry, the game literally will not let you die on any of these missions – unless from old age 😉

Vlad: I hear that the First Order is a terrible, cruel, evil regime… So, I’m here to join you.

Lieutenant Agnon: Great. We’re always in need of new recruits to help us crush that resistance scum.

Meanwhile, one particular resistance scum is analysing the First Order’s Tie Echelon. This was for a Resistance mission.

Lori: Hmm now how could we sabotage this?

Rowan: How are you liking Batuu, Nemmie? Pretty cool, huh?

Nemmie: No toys, no dollhouse, no bed. Want home!

Phoebe: Aww you’ll get used to it here sweetie.

Rowan: By the way, you look beautiful in that Batuu outfit.

Phoebe: You don’t look so bad yourself. You’re giving me Han Solo vibes in those clothes.

Rowan: Han Solo? Who’s he?

Phoebe: Don’t be jealous, he’s just a Star Wars character. And you’re way cuter.

Nemmie looks on in disgust.

Sorry Nemmie, you’re going to have to deal with being ignored an awful lot in the upcoming chapters. Your fault for being born. I already had this Batuu trip planned since before you were conceived and I wasn’t about to put it off on your account.

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