Chapter 3.53

Last time, Vlad, Rowan and Lori maxed the wellness skill, and Amora went to the magical realm and learned various spells and potions.

Here’s Amora experimenting at the cauldron. I just thought this screenshot looked pretty neat with the blue light coming from her wand.

Phoebe: I can’t help but feel like we’re forgetting something. Is today a special day?

Rowan: I don’t think so…

In fact, it was Nemmie’s birthday. And I forgot so she aged up on her own.

Lori: So, is her consciousness in the baby body or in the toddler body? Or both? Or neither?

Stop asking difficult questions!

Anyway, Nemmie got the angelic trait. Maybe I misjudged her.

Immediately after aging, up, Nemmie realises that the dollhouse is destroyed and bursts into tears.

Question: How does she know it’s broken if she’s never seen one in an intact state?

Nope, I do not feel bad for her. Ok maybe a tiny little bit.

Here’s some CAS shots of her post makeover:

I liked this hair on her so I kept it but I gave her this purple dress to match her eyes which – yes – are purple! I love the purple eyes so this makes me happy. Also, she has brown hair (which neither Phoebe nor Rowan has) because the game tried and failed to give her grey hair. So, she’ll get grey hair when she’s a teen which I’m happy about too.

Nemmie: Dance?

Amora: Aren’t you meant to be locked up in the toddler room?

She absolutely is but I forgot to lock the door and she escaped. I’ve discovered that if you don’t keep toddlers locked in one room they will come close to starving themselves wandering about the house trying to find the ‘perfect’ place to sit in order to eat their meal. It annoys the crap out of me.

Nemmie isn’t going to manage to get to level 5 in all toddler skills like Lori and Amora did since we will be going to Batuu soon, but I still want her to get to level 3 in all skills. I have Vlad start off with some intensive potty training.

Vlad: Aaaand pee.

Nemmie: Don’t need pee.

Vlad: Doesn’t matter. You’re going to pee over and over again until you’ve maxed this skill.

Adonis and Caly’s ghosts are haunting the house tonight. Don’t know why Adonis is angry.

Vlad finds Caly. No more explanation needed.

Phoebe: Hey, could you two make out somewhere else? I’m trying to livestream here and you’re stealing my thunder.

Phoebe: Hello? Guys?

I don’t think they’re listening.

Phoebe: Don’t you think it’s sad that your Grandad has to live without the love of life for eternity?

Rowan: Unlive and love of his unlife. But yes, it is kind of sad. They seem to make it work, though.

Phoebe: That’ll be us in the future. As a mermaid you’re going to live a lot longer than me.

Rowan: You’ll come back to me as a ghost?

Phoebe: Of course. Not even death could keep me away from you.

Phoebe plays with Nemesis – gotta get that movement skill up. I never get over how parents literally shake their kid up and down in this interaction.

Phoebe: Kids love it!

Yeah that must be why Nemesis looks like she’s about to puke.

Rowan: Well done, you did such a great job on your homework! You’re so responsible!

Amora: Daaaad that may work for training dogs, but when you clap at me like that it’s just patronising. And speaking of dogs…

Rowan: I’d love to get a dog too, Amora, but the evil voice says it’s not going to happen. I’m sorry.

Vlad is done with uni – yay!

Vlad: Finally!

He got an A plus in everything, so he’s going to be graduating with a distinguished degree with honours.

Nemmie playing with her blocks because she’s adorable.

Nemmie: Cwab!


Nemmie: *Waving block* Cwab, cwab, cwab!

Oh you mean crab.

Lori: Whatcha making?

Amora: No idea. I’m just throwing random ingredients into the cauldron and hoping I discover the recipe for something interesting.

Lori: That sounds kind of risky…

Amora: Oh it’s fine. I’ve only scorched my eyebrows off once so far.

Rowan helps Nemmie to learn shapes with the blocks to improve her thinking skill.

Rowan: Now put the brick you’re holding on that one there… There’s a good girl! Would you like a treat?

She’s a toddler, not a dog.

Rowan: They’re much the same.

Erm not really.

Amora: Behold, I am levitating this cauldron with nothing but my force of will!

Hang on, I didn’t know there was a levitating spell in this game.

Aha it was Nugget possessing the cauldron all along.

Amora: Darn it Nugget, you were meant to stay in the cauldron. We almost had her fooled!

Amora takes a trip to the magical realm again to learn more potions and spells from the sages, including their ‘ultimate’ spells.

Untamed sage: This spell will allow you to clone yourself.

Amora: Coool! I can make my clone go to school for me – or maybe I could switch places with her and run away – no more evil voice, no skilling, just freedom.

Yeah no I’m not gonna let that happen.

Phoebe knows duplicato but I’ve actually never had her use it. I should try it out with Amora some time if I remember.

Mischief sage: So you just point your wand at the target’s face and say ‘Strangeify!’

Amora: And that does what?

Mischief sage: It turns them bright green and puts some boils on their face.

Amora: I can’t wait to try this out on my Great Grandad! On second thoughts… Maybe not. He might just kill me.

Lori: Check this out.

Amora: What is it?

Lori: Mum’s video of her jump scaring Great Grandad has gone viral.

Amora: *Snigger* look at the expression on his face! It’s a good thing he still hasn’t worked out how to use social media properly.

Vlad: You just leap into the air, stretch out your wings and catch the breeze under them. Then, flap as hard as you can. And that’s how you will fly in your vampire bat form.

Nemmie: Flap! Flap!

That child is not and never will be a vampire.

Phoebe’s elder birthday arrived and I actually managed to get her a cake!

Since I accidentally had pregnancy aging on when she was pregnant with Lori and Amora, she’s actually becoming an elder 6 days earlier than she should have done. I’ll probably give her a potion of youth when she’s nearing the end of elderhood to make up for her lost time.

She walked all the way outside in order to age up because apparently there wasn’t enough room inside or something.

Phoebe: Ouch, my back! All that falling on it in my youth is coming back to haunt me now.

Vlad: So, I’m graduating tomorrow.

Rowan: That’s great! Why don’t you look more happy?

Vlad: Do you know what they’re giving me after all these years of study – all the lectures, the essays, the exams, all that money thrown into the university coffers?

Rowan: What?

Vlad: A piece of paper. That’s it. A piece of paper. I didn’t have to go through all that to get one of those.

Rowan: I think it’s called a diploma, Grandad.

Vlad: Who cares what it’s called. The whole thing is a massive scam!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 3.53

    1. Yeah she became an elder so soon after having Nemmie! And Rowan was an elder before Nemmie was even born.

      I thought that cauldron screenshot was so cool, it really does look like Amora is making it levitate.

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