Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 11

Okeydokey last time we ended on a cliff-hanger at the end of day 10.  

The 2 girls left without a rose are Melissa and Emmy.

Rowan: As I was saying, the girl I want to give the last rose to is…

Rowan: … is…

Ok enough already with the suspense, just spit it out!

Rowan: Melissa. The more I get to know you, the more drawn to you I am. And you still owe me that kiss.

Rowan: Emmy, I’m sorry. You’re brilliant in so many ways, but I just don’t think you’re the one for me.

Emmy: It’s true, I probably am too brilliant for you. You need someone more on your level.


I’m sorry that Emmy got eliminated Queenarella. I’ve loved playing with her and she did quite well in winning two of the challenges but Rowan didn’t get along with her as well as with the other girls in the end.


Phoebe: Ooooh pretty lights!

What?! Oh no. Get back in the house, get back in the…

Too late.

Melissa: I said I’d get rid of her.

You did this? How?

Melissa: I know the right people.

Ok let’s get into day 11 now.

Rowan: It’s on fire!

Then why are you smiling???

Rowan: I don’t know!

Rowan: Hey, are you ok? You look kind of shaken up.

Phoebe: Bad night. I think I need a hug.

Melissa: Er what is she doing back here? I thought I got rid of her.

Rowan: So, is everyone ready for our group date today? I hear it’s going to be a fun one.

Melissa: You look kind of tired Phoebe, maybe you should stay home.

Phoebe: Oh you would know all about that, wouldn’t you?

Valda: Am I missing something?

The date for today takes place at ‘Epic Bowling Alley’ by jessiejessan.

Of course, it’s a bowling date.

This game went on for ages so I’ll only use a fraction of the screenshots that I have for it.

Rowan: Alright, bowling! Anyone know how to play this game?

Melissa: You don’t know?

Rowan: I’ve never really been allowed out to do fun stuff. We had a bowling alley in the garden at home for a bit so that grandad could max the bowling skill but I was never permitted to use it.

Melissa: That’s so sad. Well, all you have to do is knock down the pins with the ball.

Valda: I’ll probably win, since I’m very good at handling balls.

Looking at these screenshots, I’ve just realised that Rowan didn’t change into bowling shoes. Weird.

Phoebe: I’ve never been bowling before either – I’m more into chess myself. But, how hard can it be?

Rowan: Very hard.

She was talking about the bowling.

Rowan: Oh uh I mean no I don’t think it’ll be difficult at all.

Rowan: Come on Rowan, show them what you’re made of – show them you’re an alpha.

Yeah… No.

Melissa: Wow, that was great!

Rowan: Oh, it was nothing.

Phoebe: Look at her, touching his arm.

Valda: She’s being so obvious. He must see through it.

Phoebe: Argh!! Damnit, my back only just recovered from the snowboarding.

Melissa: You’re meant to knock over the pins, not yourself.

Rowan: Wow, she looks good.

Are you looking at her ass?

Rowan: No…

Melissa: I will use my alien telekinesis to guide the ball directly into the middle of the pins, ensuring a strike.

Phoebe: If I focus my will I can use magic to put that ball straight into the gutter.

It’s a battle between alien vs spellcaster powers – which will win out?

Melissa: Curses! What went wrong?

Phoebe: Hehe, success!

There’s a bar area inside this bowling alley and look who I found there?

Clemmie: I know, you’re excited to see me again, aren’t you?

No, no not you. It’s Caly!!! This is the first time I’ve seen her as a ghost in the game and it made me so happy.

Caly: Well now that I’m dead I have a lot of time for haunting.

You mean stalking?

Rowan: This bowling thing’s pretty fun. It’s a shame I’ll probably never be allowed to do it again.

Phoebe: I think the word you’re looking for is painful.

Melissa: And rage-inducing.

Valda: Well I like it. But then I’m clearly more talented than these two.

Melissa: You what??

Phoebe stares daggers at Valda.

Rowan: Er I think I’ll go take my turn now.

Rowan tries to bowl from underneath his leg which is an… Interesting tactic.

Phoebe manages not to fall over this time.

And here we have Valda who looks as if she might be just about to fall over…

… And Melissa employing the same move.

Valda was the winner!

Rowan: Congrats, Valda! Great game everyone.

Valda: I said I was good at handling balls, didn’t I?

Melissa: *Swear words*

Phoebe, why’re you looking so happy?

Phoebe: I just enjoy seeing Melissa get so mad.

Caly: I can barely see what’s going on from here, I can’t believe you forgot to bring the binoculars.

Clemmie: It’s ok grandma, I think I heard Rowan say he’s bringing one of the girls up here to chat. So, we should get a closer look soon.

With the bowling match finally over (it went on for such a long time), we’re onto the solo conversations now. Rowan, listen to me carefully. There’s something I need you to do.

Rowan: What?

You’re going to have your first kiss with each of the girls.

Rowan: But I’ve already kissed two of them.

Yeah but the game didn’t register those as proper first kisses.

Each solo conversation is 1 hour long and I made Rowan do 1 flirt, 1 compliment appearance and a first kiss, then left the conversations to run autonomously.

Melissa: I still can’t believe I lost! And Valda gloating over it just makes me want to punch her right in her smug face…

Melissa: I’m sorry, sometimes I just get so mad.

Rowan: Don’t apologise, you’re cute when you’re angry.

Melissa: Really?

Rowan: Yeah, it shows that you have a lot of passion. I like that.

Of course Caly is watching.

Caly: That’s right Rowan, you woo her with your nymph charm.

Rowan: There was something we didn’t get to do yesterday, wasn’t there?

Melissa: What was that?

Rowan: Let me show you. We’ll have to stand up first though.

Melissa: Why?

Rowan: Because the game’s stupid like that.

And Rowan goes in for the first kiss.

Caly: That’s right, my grandson over there just scored!

Clemmie bursts into applause.

Clemmie: Well done baby bro! Way to go!

Weren’t you trying to steal one of Rowan’s girlfriends from him just the other day?

Clemmie: I’ll steal one in good time. He can have his turn first.

You are so weird.

Rowan: So, now that we’ve kissed, how many children do you want?

Melissa: Wow that was kind of sudden. Well, not that many, I still want to be able to go out with friends and stuff you know?

Rowan: We’re on the same page, then. I only want two. But if you marry me you can say goodbye to any thoughts of going out with friends. The evil voice’ll have you working on aspirations and skills 24/7 for the rest of your life.

Melissa: Oh. But at least we’d have each other. I can understand why you’d only want two kids though, I hear child birth is pretty painful.

Rowan: Yes but why would that be relevant to me?

*I wish I knew how to insert an evil face emoji here*

Caly: What’s this I’m hearing? Only two??? I had five children and Galatea had four. I knew this family would go downhill without me here to guide it.

You mean without you to bully future heirs into having more children than they want…

Melissa: Why’s everyone taking pictures of that ghost over there?

Rowan: Oh, that’s my grandma. She was a world famous actress while she was alive and I guess she’s still a five star celebrity even though she’s dead now. She and my sister have been spying on us this whole time.

Clemmie: He noticed?! I thought we were being discrete.

You’ve been standing in full view creeping on them. I wouldn’t call that discrete.

Phoebe’s turn now.

Rowan: I can’t keep my mind off those kisses with you.

Phoebe: You keep thinking about them too?

Rowan: Of course I do – they were incredible! And you don’t make it easy for me to forget, looking like that.

Phoebe: Want to do it again?

Rowan: What do you think?

Rowan and Phoebe have their official first kiss, even though this is actually their third kiss in the game.

Phoebe: I don’t want to let you go.

Rowan: Then don’t.

And Phoebe pulls Rowan in for another kiss.

Is this dialogue too cheesy? Probably, but it’s all I could think of to write lol.

The lighting is different in this screenshot because the lights seemed to either go off entirely or get really dim when 7pm hit.

Rowan: Wow, I think I need to sit down after that.

Phoebe: Me too.

Rowan: Apparently I’m also meant to make some non-flirty conversation with you too for the creator to write about. So, I’m going to ask you a very serious question.

Phoebe: Go ahead then.

Rowan: Do you like dogs?

Phoebe: I love dogs! We used to have a family dog, a husky named Nova. I have many fond memories of taking her to the dog park in Brindleton Bay. It would be great to have a dog again.

Rowan: I’m relieved to hear you say that, because having a pet dog is non negotiable for me. The creator’s promised me that I can have this dog I met the other day at the karaoke bar in San Myshuno. She’s called Fetia and she’s adorable – you should have seen her little dinosaur outfit!

Yes this is exactly what a girl wants to hear on a date: the guy she’s with obsessing over a dog.

Rowan: So, should we pick up where we left off yesterday?

Valda: I don’t know what you’re suggesting, Mr Straud.

Rowan: You don’t?

Valda: No. I think I need you to tell me a bit more about how beautiful I am. Then maybe I’ll understand you better.

Rowan: Oh I see…

Rowan: Well Valda, you’re stunning. I love your amethyst eyes, your raven black hair, I love your sexy smile and, most especially, I love how you look in your lingerie in the morning.

Valda: That’s better.

Is it? I dunno I think the lingerie comment’s a bit pervy to be honest.

And Rowan and Valda get their official first kiss (though it’s actually their second).

Rowan: So uh you remember how we had that conversation about my grandad not being a sweet old man back on our first date?

Valda: Yes, you said we’d talk more about it later.

Rowan: So, here’s the thing: he’s a vampire. And obviously, I’m a merman. Does that weird you out? If you married me, you’d be living in a house full of occults.

Valda: You don’t need to worry about that, I think all occults are awesome and I’m more than capable of handling myself around a vampire. I’ve always wanted to see one of those inverted mer-people though.

Rowan: Inverted mer-people?

Valda: You know, the ones with the top part of a fish and the bottom part of a human.

Rowan: Ah. Well I’m afraid we don’t have any of those in my family.

Valda: That’s ok, you regular mer-people are pretty cool too.

And that’s it for this chapter. The bowling went on for a long time and then we had to have the solo conversations so they pretty much just went home and to bed after this.

2 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 11

  1. Omg poor Phoebe, getting abducted… Melissa you little bitch lol
    Rowan giving Phoebe a hug is actually rather sweet ❤

    Love the team of Caly and Clemmie spying on Rowan and his girls now haha

    And Phoebe kisses Rowan autonomously again… She's bringing my hopes up for her win way too high now! Take him and never let him go, Phoebe!

    BUT… Rowan and Valda's conversation about everything he loves about her makes it seem like the odds are fully in Valda's favour now. Crap!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Phoebe getting abducted would actually have been Melissa’s fault indirectly because alien abductions are more likely if sims are living on a lot with an alien haha. Luckily for Phoebe, female sims can’t get pregnant from alien abductions.

      I thought it was funny that Caly and Clemmie BOTH showed up at once!

      Phoebe’s really been doing her best lol.

      Yes Rowan and Valda had a cute conversation too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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