Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 10

Welcome to day 10! Last time, we whittled down the girls to 4 which, sadly, meant that Britta had to leave us 😦 there was a group date to a karaoke bar in San Myshuno which Clemmie crashed and solo conversations for all. Oh, and Rowan fell in love. With a dog. This time, there will be another challenge and of course a rose ceremony.

It’s morning and Rowan is making pancakes for the girls.

Are you sure one pancake is enough to split between everyone?

Rowan: Don’t worry, it’ll magically transform into 8 portions of pancakes when I serve it which is more than enough for the five of us.

Sims logic.

Rowan flips the pancake into the air.

Rowan: All the girls are so wonderful aren’t they?

Keep your mind on the pancake, keep your mind on the pancake!

Rowan: Oops. I guess I didn’t keep my mind on the pancake.

Oops indeed. Now you’ll need to begin again from scratch.

Rowan: Five second rule!

Oh no don’t you even think about it.

Back away from the pan with that floorcake.

But he puts it straight back in. Ew.

Rowan: Enjoying your pancakes?

Emmy: I think I found a toenail in mine.

Rowan: What was a toenail doing on the kitchen floor?

Emmy: What? Why is the kitchen floor relevant?

Valda makes a face at Melissa.

Valda: You’re going dowwwn in the challenge today.

Melissa: You don’t even know what it is yet.

Valda: I don’t have to. Whatever it is, you’re going down.

We’re on Mount Komorebi from which you can probably guess what the challenge is. I’m stealing this one from pammiechick and Queenarella. Each of the girls has one attempt at snowboarding down the mountain on the easy slope at high intensity. If she makes it to the bottom without falling over, she gets a solo conversation.

Melissa goes first. I started this pretty early in the morning, hence why it’s still kinda dark.

Melissa: Ok I can do this. I’m an alien, we have superhuman abilities, right?

Uh I mean besides the whole mind reading thing… I don’t think so.

Melissa: Hey this isn’t so bad, I think I’m gonna make it.

Famous last words? Or an accurate prediction? Only time will tell.

And she speeds down the rest of the mountain.

Melissa: Wahooooo!!!

Melissa: Ooofff!

Well I guess Valda was right about you going down in the challenge after all. But who else will go down and who will land on their feet?

Phoebe goes next.

Phoebe: Well at least I know how to set a bone if I manage to break my leg in this challenge.

That’s the kind of positive thinking that I like to hear.

Phoebe: Wow that jump was higher than I thought it was going to be. Not sure I like this.

You’re a spellcaster, spellcasters literally fly on brooms. You should not get scared of heights.

Phoebe: It’s more the falling that I’m afraid of.

Phoebe looks like a pro, but will she manage to screw it up at the last moment?

Yes. Yes she will.

Phoebe: Argh my back, I think it’s broken!

But at least your legs are ok though, right?

Then it’s Valda’s turn.

Valda: I believe I can fly!

Let’s just hope that you can also land.

Can you see where you’re going alright in those sunglasses?

Valda: Actually they stop me from getting blinded by the bright sun reflecting off the snow.

Now the sunglasses in her winterwear make sense! She must’ve known this challenge was coming.

One final jump. Will Valda be victorious, or is this the beginning of the end?

Valda: Valda will be victorious, surely. That alliteration is too good to be a mere coincidence.

Phoebe: Do you think Valda will make it down without falling?

Melissa: Shhh! I’m listening.

Phoebe: For what?

Melissa: For a thump… And possibly the sound of breaking bones.

Valda: Hey guys, I didn’t fall! I get a solo conversation! Guys?

Phoebe: Ugh what a show off. Let’s just ignore her.

Finally it’s Emmy’s turn. Will there be a second solo conversation, or will Valda be the only winner this time?

Emmy: I’m good at everything, my solo conversation is guaranteed.

Emmy: Plus my butt looks great in these skinny jeans.

You’re not wrong but that won’t stop you from falling on that pretty butt.

I love this screenshot with the sun in the background.

Emmy: Forget the sun, look at me! Bet none of the other girls made snowboarding look this good.

Phoebe: Please tell me that Emmy’s lying on her backside in the snow behind us.

Melissa: Oh she is. I heard a thump this time.

Valda: I hope she didn’t hurt herself badly enough to have to leave the competition… That would be unfortunate hehe.

Emmy: I’ve been robbed, sabotaged! One of them put ice on the finish line, I just know it.

Ok Rowan, time for you to see if you can make it down the slope in one piece.

Rowan: What do I get if I don’t fall over?

Your dignity?

And he’s off.

Rowan: I wish you’d made me do the extreme sports aspiration rather than Clemmie. Knowing how to snowboard would’ve been pretty helpful round about now.

Eh Clemmie actually learnt how to ski and rock climb rather than snowboard so she’d have been no better off.

Rowan flies through the air. The view is so pretty.

Rowan: You mean terrifying. I’m getting vertigo up here.

He looks a little unsteady.

Rowan: I think I’m going to fall.

By the way, all of the girls are at the bottom of the mountain and they’re probably watching this so if you make an idiot of yourself, they’ll see it.

Rowan: Now you tell me?

Including this screenshot just because I like how Rowan looks in it.

What do you know? Rowan didn’t fall over! This was genuinely a surprise to me.

Rowan: Did you girls all see my epic finish? Girls?

But none of them were watching. Lol.

Since Valda was the only one to get down the slope without falling, she’s the only one to get a solo conversation. As usual for the challenge wins it’s 1 hour long unless they end it early autonomously and I instigate 1 ask about day and 1 flirt but otherwise leave it to progress autonomously.

Rowan: I thought you looked very sexy going down that mountain.

Valda: But you only got to watch from behind.

Rowan: Let’s just say I enjoyed the view.

Rowan: So, where’d you learn to snowboard like that? Or, are you just a natural?

Valda: A little bit of both. I’d say I’m naturally talented, but I also grew up in Mount Komorebi and snowboarding’s been one of my hobbies since I was a kid.

Rowan: That’s so cool! This would be an awesome place to live, if only the legacy rules allowed us to move.

Valda: Legacy rules?

Rowan: Oh, you’ll learn about them if you join the family. I’m afraid if you married me you’d be living in boring old Willow Creek.

Valda: Don’t worry, I can make anywhere interesting.

Rowan: I have no doubt of that…

(To be clear, Valda had no snowboarding skill, the same as the other girls, but it was part of her entry form that she is from Mount Komorebi and one of her hobbies is snowboarding).

After that, I decided to have everyone make snowpals because you can’t go somewhere with snow without making a snowman snowpal.

Emmy: I hope he’s looking at my butt.

But Rowan’s back is unfortunately turned.

Valda: Great job Melissa, that’s the ugliest snowpal I’ve ever seen.

Melissa: Then it’s perfect. Guess who it’s meant to be?


Melissa: Hint: they’re wearing the same red sunglasses.

Here’s another of the snowpals. I think it’s Rowan’s. Is that meant to be your future wife? I’m having a hard time trying to work out which of the girls it most resembles. It kind of has red hair like Melissa maybe? And Valda’s red gloves are close to pink?

Not sure who made this one. Maybe Emmy?

Pretty sure Phoebe made this one.

We should have had 5 snowpals but only ended up with 4. I think that’s because Valda either gave up on hers halfway through or helped Melissa build hers.

Emmy: I really think we should have a rematch for the snowboarding. I’m almost positive that one of the others sabotaged me.

Valda: You still going on about that? Such a sore loser.

Emmy: I’m only sore because I fell on my back! Rowan, tell her I’m not a bad loser.

Valda: Tell her that she lost fair and square!

Rowan: You know what, I’m getting pretty cold. Maybe it’s time we all went back to the mansion.

Way to weasel out of it.

Back at the mansion, I put out love lamps and locked them all downstairs without any distractions (even the TV this time).

Almost immediately, Phoebe kisses Rowan on the cheek.

Phoebe: Come here.

Rowan: Oh, what was that for?

Phoebe: I couldn’t resist. You just looked too cute.

Melissa: I’m going to get rid of her.

Valda: Not if I get her first.

Emmy: I happen to think it’s just needy when a girl throws herself at a man.

Melissa: Preach.

Phoebe: If you have something to say to me, just say it.

Rowan: Well I don’t know, I like a woman who can show her emotions, but of course independence is also an attractive quality to have…

You’re tying yourself in knots trying to please everyone, Rowan.

Rowan: I don’t like to boast, but my run down the slope was pretty impressive, wasn’t it? And, believe it or not, I’ve never been snowboarding before in my life.

Emmy: Yeah we totally all saw it. Our backs were definitely not turned the entire time.

Phoebe: It was very impressive.

Rowan: You really think so? I wouldn’t have made it down if it weren’t for the thought of you girls at the bottom.

Valda: Is he touching her boobs?

Rowan: Uh sorry my hand slipped.

Phoebe: It’s ok, I’m not complaining. You can touch these ‘girls’ all you like, babe.

Lol at Melissa just playing on her phone in the background.

Valda: You definitely have the makings of a great snowboarder. Maybe I could give you lessons some time… Private lessons.

Rowan: That sounds fun.

Phoebe: I can’t believe she’s putting her arm around him! Could she be any less tactful?

Emmy: I mean, she could’ve kissed him on the cheek.

Melissa is so done with this shit, look at her just wandering off into the distance.

Having left them to chat autonomously for a bit, I decided to do flirty solo conversations. Each girl got a 1 hour chat. I instigated 2 flirts and 1 compliment appearance then left the rest of the conversation to progress autonomously.

Valda: Well hello cutiepie.

Rowan: Oh Valda, you’re so gorgeous. I wish that I could just come over there and kiss you.

Valda: Why don’t you?

Rowan: Well, you know, the other girls are here and…

Valda: Guess I’ll have to do it myself, then.

Yes, Valda autonomously kissed Rowan despite the fact that they haven’t had an official first kiss. Not sure how this is possible but there you go.

Emmy: Oh my gosh she went in for the kiss. Can you believe her? The audacity of it!

Phoebe: Absolutely no respect.

Melissa: She’s such a – (you can imagine what word Melissa might have used here).

Rowan: I enjoyed that kiss on the cheek that you gave me earlier. What do I have to do to get another one?

Phoebe: Yeah you enjoyed it so much that you let Valda stick her tongue down your throat just now.

Rowan: Is that jealousy I hear? Are you saying you want to stick your tongue down my throat too? Because I’m not opposed…

Phoebe: Rowan, you’re a very hot guy and you make a tempting offer…

Rowan: And you’re a very beautiful woman. Now let’s make out!

Phoebe: … But I’m not going to just give you that kiss. I’m going to make you really want it first.

Rowan: Damnit.

Rowan: You looked great on the slopes today.

Emmy: I fell on my butt.

Rowan: Yeah but it was a very cute butt. Looked awesome in those jeans.

Emmy: You noticed! I wore them just for you – I mean, because I’m a strong woman and I like to look good for my own sake.

Of course he noticed, he thinks with his – well, not with his brain.

Rowan: So, do I get a kiss from you too?

Emmy: Hmmm I would love to, but you’ve probably still got that goth girl’s saliva in your mouth and I’d like to avoid ingesting it.

Rowan: How’s my beautiful alien girl? You’re still out of this world, you know.

Melissa: And I still think that’s an awful pickup line.

Rowan: But you’re charmed by it anyway. Admit it.

Emmy: What I wouldn’t give to go over there and wipe the smug expression off her face…

Rowan: How about this: there are no words to describe how beautiful you are. That’s why I have to resort to cheesy clichΓ©s.

Melissa: Awww that’s cute. I could almost fall for it.

Meanwhile Emmy is still staring daggers at them.

Melissa: You want to kiss these lovely alien lips?

Rowan: Of course I do.

But then out of nowhere Phoebe swoops in (actually Melissa’s hour with Rowan was up at this point but let’s just pretend that she interrupted – in reality, I switched autonomy off during the solo conversations so that no interruptions or could occur; this happened when I switched autonomy back on).

Phoebe: Ok I’m done trying to play hard to get, I can’t stay away for you any longer! And I won’t let Valda have all the fun.

And Phoebe kisses Rowan. As with Valda, Phoebe and Rowan have never had an official first kiss and again this was completely autonomous

Melissa: I can’t believe you just cock blocked me. You’re going to live to regret this, you conniving, interfering, little snake!

Or should this be pussy blocked? Idk what the female equivalent of this term is.

Rowan: Wow, that was amazing!

Phoebe: It really was.

Melissa: Amazing, yes. Amazingly ill timed.

And later on guess what I find? Yes, Rowan and Phoebe autonomously kissing again! Pretty sure Phoebe was the one to start it on this occasion too.

Rowan: What happened to making me really want it first?

Phoebe: Oh shut up. It’s not like you didn’t really want it anyway.

Rowan: True.

Phoebe: Ah my stomach.

Rowan: You feel the butterflies too?

Phoebe: Actually, I think those are hunger pangs. I’m starving, when do we get to eat around here?

Not until after the rose ceremony ’cause I’m mean.

Valda: Ew I’m covered in red spots.

Emmy: Maybe you’re breaking out from being a greedy back stabbing bitch. What were you thinking, kissing him in front of all of us? I wouldn’t have expected that insensitivity even from you!

Melissa: Oh dear perhaps Rowan won’t find you attractive anymore. I hope nobody put permanent red dye in your shower gel.

Rowan takes some time to come to a decision in the bath tub before the rose ceremony.

Rowan: I was meant to be making my decision?

Well what were you doing?

Rowan: Erm… something else. But I was thinking about the girls!

Oh ew ok do not need to know.

Rose ceremony time. After this ceremony, four will become three. I can’t believe we’re so far through the challenge already.

I put them in their party outfits rather than their formalwear this time.

Rowan: Phoebe, my first rose is for you. I enjoyed both of our kisses today and I am very much looking forward to more.

Phoebe: As am I.

Melissa: *Silent seething*

Rowan: And Valda, my second rose is for you. You were my first kiss ever, and it was a great first kiss too.

Valda: Oh there’s many more where that came from.

Which means we’re left with Melissa and Emmy.

Rowan: I only have a rose for one of you. This has been a really hard decision to make, but the girl I want to give that last rose to is…

As always, find out next time πŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 10

  1. Interesting with all the autonomous kissing. I never had that but a lot of autonomous flirting. You have all those red lamps around so that might have something to do with it. Do you have jealousy turned off? They were all smiling while their bf was kissing other girls. Lmao!

    My favs are Phoebe and Melissa. Phoebe because she’s the daughter of Keira from Zolnax’s bachelor season and Melissa because I think it’d be funny to see Rowan preggers. πŸ˜‰

    But eek! Melissa is on the chopping block here! Ah well…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never had autonomous kissing before first kisses either. Could be a glitch? Or maybe an MCCC thing since that’s my only mod? I do have jealousy off otherwise they’d have been really really angry haha.

      Oh yeah Phoebe is Keira’s daughter! Small world in the sims. I would love to see a pregnant Rowan too πŸ˜› but Emmy’s also a great sim! Find out next time though πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. And once again, to no-one’s surprise at all, Phoebe fails to win another challenge. Well done.

    I am shook that she just went and kissed him on the cheek!
    HAHA him touching her boobs XD

    And then she kissed him on the lips twice… Phoebe are you horny or something lol

    Wow I was not expecting her to end up as part of the final 3 but I guess she had to be if she was just kissing him left and right haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep poor Phoebe managed to lose the challenge again lol but like you said she made it to the final 3 anyway πŸ™‚

      They were all flirty because of the love lamps but Phoebe definitely made some moves! All the autonomous kissing did make this quite an entertaining day to play.

      Liked by 1 person

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