Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 9

First up, let’s return to the evening of day 8 where we left Britta and Phoebe both in the final 2 for the rose ceremony.

Rowan: Sharing this journey with each of you has been amazing, but I only have one more rose left.

Rowan: And I would like to offer that rose to…

Rowan: … Phoebe – at least, if my sister didn’t manage to steal you away already. You’re beautiful and smart and I’m looking forward to seeing where we could go.

Phoebe: Hehe she gave it a good try, but I would love this rose, Rowan.

Rowan: Britta, I’m sorry, but I don’t see a future for us together – at least not romantically. There’s just something missing, you know?

Look at that face! Look how stunning she is! Wtf Rowan, what could be missing? She’s perfect.

Britta: Maybe Clemmie was right about you, you weren’t worth my time after all! What sort of guy flirts with a girl and then dumps her 5 minutes later?!

Rowan: Well actually I think it was you who flirted with me before the ceremony…

Know when to keep your mouth shut, dude.

I’m sorry that Britta had to go, pammiechick. She is such a gorgeous sim and it’s been a pleasure to play her – I will miss looking at her beautiful face 😥

Moving on to day 9 now.

The day started with breakfast courtesy of Rowan.

Rowan: Everyone enjoying the French toast?

Melissa: What makes it French?

Rowan: I dunno, I think it’s a recipe from a place called France.

Emmy: There’s no such place.

Rowan: There’s not?

Phoebe: She’s right, there is no France themed world for the Sims 4 yet.

Valda: Well, while this French toast is lovely, I’m just wondering when we’re going to progress to French kissing.

Rowan: So am I.


For the date today, I decided on karaoke. So, I sent them to Planet Honeypop in San Myshuno. First though, there was a group conversation over some drinks.

Rowan: Maybe we should warm up our voices. La la la, la la laaaaaaaa! How do I sound?

Phoebe: *grimacing* aren’t mermaids meant to be good singers?

Emmy throws confetti in the air.

Valda: What are you doing?

Emmy: Celebrating! Four bitches down, only three more to go!

Melissa: That’s right, hope you enjoy your final days here…

Emmy: Before I leave with my husband? Yes, I plan to, thanks.

(It was rebate day, hence the autonomous singing and confetti throwing).

Rowan, the girls are jibing at each other. What you gonna do about it?

Rowan: Wow, this drink tastes great.

Have you even been listening?

Rowan: So, is everyone excited to embarrass themselves in front of a room full of people – I mean, is everyone excited for karaoke?

Valda: I’m excited for anything with you, gorgeous.

Phoebe: Alcohol is the best preventative cure for embarrassment, so it’s a good thing we’re drinking first.

Melissa: Pfft that’s not even scientific! But I’m good at everything, so I won’t have a thing to be embarrassed about anyway.

Melissa: Well I think it sounds like a good time, embarrassment or no embarrassment.

Random townie: Mind if I join you? I don’t have anyone to duet with.

Rowan: Beat it, baldie. These are my girlfriends.

I have a mod which stops townies from talking to my sims but it doesn’t stop them from sitting nearby and ruining my screenshots.

Rowan sang a karaoke duet with each of the girls (I believe it was a country song each time). I can’t be bothered to come up with an inventive caption for each one, so just have these pictures.

Emmy went first:

Next up was Valda:

Then Phoebe:

And finally Melissa:

Then, each girl got a solo conversation with Rowan. This was 1 hour for each girl and I directed Rowan to do two flirts and one compliment appearance for each girl but otherwise left it to progress autonomously.

Rowan: This might seem like an intrusive question, but have you ever cheated on a partner?

Valda: No, I’d never cheat! Why do you ask?

Rowan: That’s good to hear. It’s a fear of mine that my future wife will cheat on me. I don’t know why, I guess I’m just a little insecure.

Valda: When I was a child, my mother cheated on my father and was also, ironically, very jealous and would accuse my father of doing the same thing. It tore apart my family when I finally told everyone that I’d seen Mum woohooing with the mailman. So, I know how harmful unfaithfulness can be. But I also think that trust is very important because jealousy can be destructive too.

Rowan: Yikes, that sounds like a traumatic thing to see as a kid. I once saw my grandparents woohooing when I was a toddler but uh… Not the same thing. You’re probably right about jealousy being unhealthy, but when you care about someone it can be hard not to worry about them finding someone else and leaving you. I suppose I need to work on that.

Valda: If you’re willing to acknowledge your trust issues and work on them with your future partner, I think that’s wonderful.

Rowan: And there’s always the retraiting potion if it becomes too problematic…

Yeah, like I’m going to waste thousands of satisfaction points on that.

Rowan: Although you do look very stylish in those sunglasses, I miss looking into your beautiful purple eyes.

Valda: You know because of the way the game works, I can’t take these sunglasses off without removing my whole outfit. All. My. Clothes.

Okaaaay no public nudity today, please!

Rowan: So, you said you were adopted before. Did you ever find that difficult to deal with?

Phoebe: Oh yeah, growing up not knowing who your biological parents are is hard. You know there are two people out there who you are related to in the closest way – who half of you comes from – but you know almost nothing about them. It’s like they’re ghosts, like they don’t exist. It felt as if my own identity was incomplete, I didn’t properly know who I was. I used to look in the mirror when I was a kid and try to work out what my birth parents looked like. Maybe that’s where my interest in genetics and biology came from.

Rowan: That’s like a lot to cope with, especially as a child. I’m so sorry that you had to feel that way. I grew up with my siblings, parents and grandparents all under one roof and I can’t imagine not knowing where I come from.

Phoebe: It was a lot. But you know what, my adoptive dads are great and I’m so glad that I got to be raised by them. It’s not just genes which make a family – it’s love too.

Rowan: Love is so important. I’ve seen how much my grandparents loved each other, and my parents too. I want to experience that kind of love for the person I start a family with.

Phoebe: I feel the same way – my adoptive fathers have such a strong relationship and I’ve always dreamed of finding my soulmate like they have.

Phoebe: Rowan, I hope I’m not overstepping the mark but I just wanted to let you know in case it’s not clear that, well, I’m very attracted to you.

(Phoebe autonomously confessed her attraction to Rowan which was sweet).

Rowan: You are?

Phoebe: Of course. You’re a very good looking guy. It’s difficult not to think about certain things when I’m with you.

Rowan: Like what?

Phoebe: Well…

Moments later…

Phoebe: Rowan?

I think little Rowan got excited lol.

Rowan: So uh I forgot to ask: do you have a traumatic backstory too?

Emmy: That depends. Do we get bonus points for traumatic backstories? Are you giving out sympathy roses?

Rowan: No, no sympathy roses or bonus points. But I’d love to know more about your past.

Emmy: Well in that case, I had a pretty great childhood, actually. I was an only child and my parents made sure I got everything I needed, including the very best education.

Rowan: You didn’t get lonely as an only child? I have three siblings and I feel like having no brothers or sisters at all would have been pretty isolating.

Emmy: Oh no, but then I never really got on with the other kids my age since I was much smarter than them. I preferred reading up about science and experimenting on my children’s science laboratory thingy. I would like more than one kid myself though – maybe two – in case the first one turns out to be a disappointment.

Rowan: That’s good news, because I’d like two kids too. I know four was a lot for my parents to handle, and as the youngest I tended to get neglected a bit.

Try a lot lol. Sorry Rowan…

Rowan: Anyway, you’re gorgeous so I’m sure we’d make some beautiful children together.

Emmy: And they’d be smart too, since we’re both geniuses.

Rowan: Oh my goodness! A dog, it’s a dog!!!

Melissa: Yeah great, a dog. Can I have my solo conversation, now?

Rowan: You are so cute!

Melissa: Thank you.

Rowan: The cutest dog I’ve ever seen! [try only dog you’ve ever seen].


Melissa gives up and goes to sit down alone. Rowan, you idiot!

Rowan: Creator, I want this dog.

I checked in manage households and that dog literally has an owner.

Rowan: I don’t care, I’m stealing her.

Fine. When you’re married and when we have enough household slots. Now go apologise to Melissa.

The dog is called Fetia by the way.

If I recall correctly, that’s Fetia’s owner in the purple jacket.

Fetia’s owner: Isn’t she a lovely dog? I live all alone and she’s the only thing that brings me joy.

I’m so sorry in advance for your loss.

I also noticed that Clemmie had tried to insert herself into the date and Phoebe was talking to her which is weird because I have a mod which is meant to stop unplayed sims from coming and talking to played sims. But maybe Clemmie counts as a played sim because her household is marked as played despite being inactive? Or maybe Phoebe decided to talk to Clemmie?

Phoebe: Clemmie? What’re you doing here?

Clemmie: Oh y’know, just stalking you and the other girls. Decided to dump Rowan yet?

Phoebe: Um…

Clemmie: Kidding, kidding. Total coincidence. I just love karaoke.

You’ve never done karaoke before, you liar.

Rowan stares into space with a smile on his face.

Melissa: You’re thinking about that dog, aren’t you?

Rowan: What? No, no – I was thinking about… Ok, I was thinking about that dog. Wasn’t she amazing?

Uh Rowan that is not what the girl you are on a date with wants to hear right now!

Rowan: Sorry, sorry. Anyway, let’s move on. So you were born as a result of an alien abduction. Has that been challenging for you?

Looks like Rowan is doing his best to be a therapist for the girls this chapter.

Melissa: Yes, it has been. Obviously, I don’t know who one of my parents is and for all I know I might have hundreds of siblings out there from the same pollinator who I will never get the chance to meet. I get angry about it sometimes, it seems so unfair.

Rowan: It is unfair. I suppose the alien pollinators don’t really think about the feelings of the children they’re creating.

Melissa: Exactly. I was just an experiment and knowing that hurts. And to make matters worse, I’m completely ignorant about my own culture, my own world. All I know about Sixam is what I’ve read in books and that’s precious little.

Rowan: I wonder if I could work out a way for you to visit Sixam. My grandad’s pretty good with his rocket science skill – maybe he could help.

Melissa: You’d do that for me?

Rowan: Sure I would! I’m always happy to help the people I care about.

Melissa: It’s so rare to find a guy with a kind heart. That makes me so much more attracted to you.

In case it wasn’t obvious, Melissa autonomously confessed her attraction to Rowan. I think this screenshot was the moment it happened.

And finally have a screenshot of them all eating dinner that evening.

Rowan: Why do we all have to eat leftovers? I thought we were meant to be living in luxury.

Because you take such a long time to cook!

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 9

  1. Okay wow I was definitely not expecting Phoebe to stay in the competition!

    Her little speech about being adopted… It is a bit tragic now that I think about it!

    Yay she confessed her attraction!

    Rowan the dog thief lol
    I love that Melissa thought he was calling her cute when he meant the dog XD
    Her poor owner!

    Hi Clemmie haha. I see the usual parental stalking has been transferred to sisterly stalking 😉
    Apart from Adonis looking in the window that one time
    Come on Phoebe, you’re here for Rowan, not her!

    But why does Phoebe look so sad in the last picture?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I guess for Phoebe’s speech I wrote about how I feel, not knowing who my genetic mother is. It got kinda deep lol.

      Maybe I should give Fetia’s owner a replacement dog to make up for it… But I’m lazy.

      Couldn’t believe it when I saw Clemmie there but I shouldn’t have been surprised. She was very determined to steal one of Rowan’s girlfriends (not that any of them are official girlfriends).

      You mean the picture of them all eating at the table? Phoebe was sick. She was covered in little red spirals but you can’t see it from that far away.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww…I had a feeling it was Britta’s time to go! Hey, at least she stayed as long as she did. And now…I have a few favorites to cheer for… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was definitely a shame to see Britta go 😦 Thank you again for letting me play with her! I wonder who your favourites are… I’ve actually already played to the end lol but I’m not giving anything away 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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