Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 8

Last time, Rhianna left us and there was a group date to the Bluffs – which Rowan took full advantage of by persuading all of the girls to go skinny dipping. Today it’s time for another challenge and another rose ceremony.

Rowan: I wonder if Valda will join me in the shower again…

Dream on, honey. That is a glitch which will not happen again.

Rowan: At least I have my memories.


As usual, Rowan makes breakfast for everyone.

Rowan: Behold!

Please don’t burn the house down, please don’t burn the house down.

Another breakfast where everyone actually sits around the table. Melissa looks a bit angry, though.

Melissa: Why does this taste like ash?

Rowan: Um… Because it’s smoky bacon?

Or maybe it’s because you set breakfast on fire.

Rowan: Clemmie! I wasn’t expecting to see you here. How are you?

Clemmie: Well, it’s been weird at home without you or grandma around. I never thought I would say this, but I miss you.

Rowan: I’ve missed you too. Bet you haven’t missed the evil voice though, huh?

Clemmie: Oh god no.

Thank you very much for that.

Rowan: So, you must be here to help me pick out my future wife.

Clemmie: Haha no of course not! I’m here to choose my future wife.

Rowan: You’re what now?

Clemmie: Yeah, I need to go on a gold standard date and throw a gold medal wedding, in order for the creator to get a point for having a single sim get a gold medal in all parties and a date. So, she wants me to get married. And since I’m into girls, she said I could have one of yours. That’s why I’m here to interview them. Dad said they all looked super cute when he peeked in through the window.

Rowan smiles through gritted teeth.

Rowan: But Clemmie, these are my girls. Hang on, Dad did what?

Clemmie: Don’t be greedy, you can’t have all of them. And besides, out of the two of us I am objectively the better catch, so it would be unfair not to offer them me as an option.

Rowan: Fine, you can speak to them. But at least try to figure out which you think would suit me best, ok?

Clemmie: Ok ok, I’ll give it some thought.

For the solo conversations with Clemmie, I put Clemmie upstairs and locked Rowan and the rest of the girls downstairs to encourage them to chat but I mostly ignored them so don’t have many screenshots of that. Anyway, each girl got 30mins with Clemmie and I started the conversation with a ‘get to know’ then let the conversation progress autonomously. I did add Clemmie to the house for this, but I deleted her relationships with each of the girls before starting (as I did with Rowan and the girls at the start) so that they all began at zero. The two girls with the highest relationship score with Clemmie get a solo conversation with Rowan.

Melissa: First off, I just want to say that your brother is a really lovely guy and I think I’m falling for –

Clemmie: I’m going to stop you right there. Forget about Rowan. He’s my brother and I love him, but he’s an idiot and you can do better.

Melissa: I… Can?

Clemmie: Of course! A cute alien girl like you, you shouldn’t have to settle for a dog-obsessed geek. And did you know that he has the jealous trait?

Melissa: Um no I didn’t.

(Technically I believe she did since the girls know all of Rowan’s traits by now I think).

Clemmie: Well let me warn you: he seems sweet now, but once you’re married to him, he’ll turn into a stalkery control freak. It’ll be all “don’t talk to anyone else except me” and “where were you when you left the house for two seconds without me?”

Melissa: Oh, goodness! Well, at least I suppose that would show that he loved me.

Clemmie: I hear that your family is very into winter sports. Your mother teaches rock climbing, doesn’t she? As it happens, I’m a bit of a rock climbing expert, so we have something in common.

Britta: That’s right. Did Rowan tell you?

Clemmie: Er yes, that was it. Rowan told me. Definitely did not stalk you on simstagram or simbook.

Britta: Maybe we could climb Mount Komorebi together some time. With Rowan, of course.

Clemmie: Or, y’know, without him.

Clemmie: Hey, do you want to hear a story about Rowan?

Britta: Sure!

Clemmie: Once, when he was a toddler, he managed to get his diaper off and smeared his own poop all over the walls.

Britta: Oh ugh that is so disgusting.

Clemmie: Hehe that should put her off.

Rowan: So, how did it go with Clemmie?

Melissa: Well, she talked about you a bit.

Rowan: All good things, I hope?

Melissa: Um… Yeah?

Phoebe: I’m so nervous. What if she doesn’t like me?

Valda: Oh I hope she hates you. Just kidding…

Meanwhile Britta goes off to find a strong drink after her conversation.

Clemmie: So, you’re an aspiring doctor, right? That must mean you’re pretty clever.

Emmy: Well, I don’t want to sound full of myself, but I do have the genius trait and so does Rowan, which I think makes us a good match.

Clemmie: Oh he likes going about telling people he’s a genius, doesn’t he? But, he’s not all that clever really. I mean, he was outsmarted by a plant once when he was a teenager – a plant. You know about biology, plants don’t even have brains! But that didn’t stop it from managing to almost eat him for crying out loud.

Emmy: Actually, I think Rowan mentioned that incident before. It does sound a bit careless but I’m sure there’s an explanation.

Clemmie: Sure there is: stupidity. You need someone more on your wavelength.

Emmy: Like who?

Clemmie: Well, just as an example, like myself.

Clemmie: So, you’re a spellcaster?

Phoebe: Yes, I am!

Clemmie: Interesting. I’d like to have spellcaster children.

Phoebe: Well, if Rowan and I were married our children would be your nephews or neices.

Clemmie: Yes. If you were with Rowan

Phoebe: Are you saying you don’t think it’ll work out between Rowan and I?

Clemmie: Not exactly but if it doesn’t, there are other mermaids in the sea… Some of them not so far away, if you catch my drift.

Clemmie: I love your dress! I have it too, but in black. Maybe it’s a sign.

Valda: A sign that Rowan and I are meant to be?

Clemmie: Or maybe that you and I are destined to be…

Valda: Sisters in law? Best friends?

Clemmie: Listen, you’re a stunning woman, what do you see in my idiot brother? He doesn’t deserve you!

Valda: Well, he’s witty, caring, super hot…

Clemmie: I’m sorry, are we talking about the same person?

Melissa: You’re pacing Rowan, what’s wrong?

Rowan: I’m worried about what my sister’s been saying. I’m pretty sure she came here to poach you girls off me.

Phoebe: Oh that would explain a lot.

Britta: It would indeed.

Rowan: Well, what did you think?

Clemmie: They’re all lovely and I’d be delighted to marry any of them although I do have my favourites.

Rowan: I meant, which of the girls do you think would suit me best – you know, as my partner?

Clemmie: Oh yeah, forgot about that for a minute. Alright, you can have first pick.

Rowan: Generous of you, considering this is my bachelor challenge.

Clemmie: Should have been my bachelorette.

Rowan: Clemmie!

Clemmie: Fine fine. The two I’d recommend are…

Rowan: So, do I want to know what my sister said about me?

Emmy: Absolutely not.

Rowan: Well, I hope she didn’t manage to put you off me.

Emmy: Not at all! Although she did bring up the fact that you were once eaten by a plant. You never did explain how in the world that came about.

Rowan: Don’t judge me, it was a very fierce plant.

Rowan: And next time I decide to go fighting a giant evil alien plant, I’ll be sure to take a beautiful brainy doctor with me.

Emmy: Happy to help any time. But only because you’re cute.

Rowan: I hope your chat with Clemmie went ok. She can be a bit… Odd sometimes.

Melissa: It was great, but I do have a question.

Rowan: Go ahead.

Melissa: Are you the jealous type? Clemmie suggested you might be.

Rowan: No, of course not! It’s just that the thought of my partner speaking to other people fills me with an intense burning rage.

Melissa: Well, I can kind of understand that. You’re a handsome guy, so of course the other girls are going to flock to you. But, I have to admit that sometimes it makes me feel pretty angry.

Rowan: Creator, she’s saying she get jealous over me! Me!

That’s not something to feel happy about, Rowan!

(If I recall correctly, Melissa was confessing her attraction to Rowan here).

I had Rowan order pizza and the delivery woman’s makeup was… Interesting.

Jackie never gives up, does she?

Rowan: I have once again prepared you all a delicious dinner.

If by ‘prepared’ you mean opening the box, then sure.

Phoebe: So, your sister didn’t like me then?

Rowan: No no, I’m sure she did!

Melissa: It’s just that you weren’t one of her favourites. Unlike me.

Emmy: And me.

Everyone sat at the table for a chat. Yes the emotional aura for that love lamp was enabled so everyone was in a flirty mood.

Britta makes a kissy face at Rowan.

Britta: You’re looking handsome this evening, Rowan. You know, I think I get can past the fact that you painted the walls with your own shit as a toddler.

Rowan: Thank you.. Wait, what has Clemmie been telling you?

Only five girls left now, but sadly another one has to leave us.

Rowan: Are you sure? I really think five wives would be manageable.

Ok fine, marry them all.

Rowan: Really?

No, of course not!

Rowan: My first rose is for you, Melissa. My sister may be be mistaken about a lot of things, but she wasn’t wrong in seeing that you’re something special.

Rowan: And I’d like you to have this rose, Emmy, as proof that I am capable of getting the better of a plant – or a rose bush, anyway.

You bought those roses off the computer!

Rowan: There’s no one else quite like you, Valda, and I mean that in a good way. Would you like this rose?

Valda: Yes – as surely as my dress is red.

Which, if you can do maths, means that there are only two girls left.

Rowan: Time for another cliff hanger?

You’ve got the hang of this! Find out who goes home next time.

In case anyone is interested, these are the girls’ relationship scores with Clemmie:

Emmy: 14

Melissa: 14

Phoebe: 13

Britta: 10

Valda: 8

6 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 8

  1. Do I need to write that I love Clemmie? πŸ€”
    Of course, it’s your way of describing her that gives her character ❀

    Jackie’s message made me burst out laughing 🀣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Clemmie so much too, it was really fun to be able to involve her! Aww thank you ❀ had to include that text from Jackie! Her second attempt to make it back into the competition πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That Jackie! I bet she’ll try to steal Rowan at the wedding. πŸ˜‰

    And I predict Melissa’s win because…aliens. Get ready for blue babies! πŸ˜› That’d be cute if they were mermaids too! And I’d love to see Rowan carry the babes. It would make him live longer as well!

    If Britta gets the boot, I’d love it if she married Clemmie. They look cute together! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t put it past her lol.

      Actually, Melissa doesn’t have an alien skin tone so no blue babies either way! She isn’t wearing a disguise in the chapters, that’s her alien form. Pregnant Rowan would be fun although since he’s a merman he is going to go on and on and on anyway, they live such a long time!

      I agree that Britta and Clemmie are cute together – they match quite well with the blue (or in Clemmie’s case blueish) hair). afai1261 already asked if Phoebe can marry Clemmie if she doesn’t win so it seems there is a queue for Clemmie’s affections too! If Phoebe and Britta both don’t win, then Phoebe can marry Clemmie since afai asked first and if Phoebe wins and Britta doesn’t, Britta can marry Clemmie πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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