Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 7

To start off, we need to go back to the evening of day 6 where I left you on a cliff hanger. 

Emmy and Rhianna are the two girls left without a rose and only one can stay. Who will it be?

Rowan: I would like to give this last rose to…

Rowan: … Emmy. I’ve enjoyed my time with you, and I want to continue exploring our relationship. Do you accept this rose?

Emmy: Yes, of course!

Rowan: I really like you, Rhianna, but I think it’s more as a friend. I hope you understand.

Rhianna: That’s ok, I get it. I can’t see us working out romantically either.

I’m sorry that Rhianna had to go, RL. She’s a great sim and did get on well with Rowan, but after her disastrous time at the flirty party where she rejected all his attempts at flirting with her, she was at a disadvantage. Rhianna was actually tied for overall points with one of the other girls (not saying who), but the other girl had significantly more romance points so I decided that it was fairest if Rhianna was the one to leave.

Day 7 now!

Look! They’re all sitting at the dinner table to eat breakfast! I am so proud.

The group date today took place at the Bluffs.

Emmy: Is this water sanitary? it doesn’t look very clean. There could be all sorts of bacteria in it.

Thank you, Doctor Martens (by the way, I love this pun Queenarella).

Valda: I am s-s-s-so c-c-c-cold. Who’s stupid idea was it to go swimming at this time of year? We’ll all freeze to death!

Phoebe: Don’t be such a wimp. A bit of cold water never did anyone any harm.

Well that’s not strictly true in the sims…

Rowan: It’s ok, the creator says she switched temperature effects off so we’ll be fine.

Britta and Melissa went and sat on a bench by the pool instead.

Melissa: Look at them all over there, trying to impress him in their swimwear. Doesn’t it just make your blood boil?

Britta: So manipulative. Can’t they let us have some time with him?

I mean, nothing’s stopping you two from getting in the water with Rowan too.

Phoebe: Hey, isn’t there meant to be a sea monster around here?

Rowan: Sea monster?

Phoebe: Yeah you know: big, serpent-like…

Valda: *giggles* I can think of something else big and snake-like nearby. I saw it in the shower recently πŸ˜‰

Emmy: Arrrgh! It’s the sea monster!

Relax, it’s just Rowan’s tail.

Rowan: Alright girls – watch and prepare to be amazed!

And Rowan belly-flops into the pool.


Rowan: I know what we should do next: let’s go skinny dipping, that should be fun.

Of course he would have that idea.

Melissa: Like what you see?

Rowan: I – I don’t know where to look.

Because you’re being a gentleman and want to avoid looking at the naked girls?

Rowan: No, because I want to look at all of them at once.

You never change, do you?

Rowan: Thank you creator! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had Rowan go and light the bonfire thingy at the other end of the Bluffs. He stayed naked which I didn’t expect.

Rowan: What? I’m enjoying the breeze around little Rowan as I run – or should I say not so little Rowan?

Did not need that image thank you.

Finally the girls catch him up.

Phoebe: You know, it is pretty cold out here. If we’re not careful we’re all going to get hypothermia.

Valda: I thought you said the cold never hurt anyone. Who’s the wimp now, huh?

Emmy: Can you believe her, trying to act all doctorly? Well she’s not impressing anyone.

Rowan: Maybe we could huddle together for warmth? You know, like penguins – sexy penguins.

Or you could put your cold weather clothes on and light the giant bonfire behind you?

Rowan: Spoil sport.

But I’m in control so I make Rowan light the bonfire and everyone changes into their cold weather outfits.

Rowan tries to impress the girls for the second time in the day.

Rowan: Ok so I might have failed with my cannonball, but I’m sure to be a natural fire dancer.

And then this happened.

Thankfully Rowan did not burn to death, so we still have a live bachelor.

Emmy: Were your clothes meant to catch fire like that?

Rowan: Oh yes absolutely. All part of the performance, adds a bit of drama.

Emmy: Well, if you’re injured let me know. I know all about treating burns.

Everyone dances by the fire while Emmy tries her hand at fire dancing.

What’s this? Has there been some bush woohoo?

Rowan: No, I’ve just been scratching my arse off trying to shit in that shrub. I wish you’d brought us somewhere with proper toilets.


Now onto the solo conversations: 1 hour each, I instigate one ask about day, 1 flirt and 1 compliment appearance, but otherwise it’s autonomous so the sims decide what to talk about.

Rowan: So, if you win this competition, you’ll be joining my family. But, what’s your family like?

Britta: Well, my father is a famous snowboarder. He met my Mum when she was climbing Mount Komorebi.

Rowan: That sounds romantic.

Britta: It would have been… Except he was already married at the time. He led a double life with his wife and family. My Mum left him when she found out that he was married. I would love to build a family based on love instead of lies for myself – with everyone under one roof, you know?

Rowan: That sounds just like what I’m looking for too – the family based on love bit, I mean. And the creator would never allow divorce, so if we married we’d be together forever.

Rowan: You look so cute in that hat.

Britta: Thank you.

Rowan: It would be even better if it had a dog face on it, but the cat face is nice too.

Way to ruin the moment.

Rowan: Is there anything in particular that you’re hoping to do with your life? Career-wise, I mean.

Melissa: Oh no I’m too busy living the good life for a job right now.

Rowan: I feel ya. But the creator will probably make you get a job if you marry me, even though my family’s loaded so we don’t really need to work. I’m going to be a computer engineer.

Melissa: Maybe I could help you with that. We aliens have technologies that are far more advanced than yours.

Rowan: Are you suggesting stealing the blueprints of alien computer engineers and passing them off as my own?

Melissa: Yes.

Rowan: I’m sure there’s a word for that – oh there it is: good idea!

That’s two words. Also, the word you were looking for was ‘plagiarism’ – and not only plagiarism, but plagiarism against beings which could probably wipe you out of existence at the press of a button.

Rowan: So, do you aliens have advanced technologies in other areas? You know… Like the bedroom?

Yeah. It’s called probing and/or forced impregnation of male sims.

Melissa: Absolutely. But you’d need someone to help you test them out. Perhaps I could help there.

Rowan: I’m sorry that I frightened you in the water earlier. I didn’t mean to make you think there was a sea monster about. I suppose my mer tail does look a bit like something which might be attached to some monster of the deep.

Emmy: Don’t worry about it. It’s actually quite interesting to meet a merman – I think we can learn a lot from other species. I wonder if your biology is different to that of human sims in many ways.

Rowan: Well, I know that we usually live a lot longer than normal sims. My grandma was the one to bring mer genes into our family and she lived for ages.

Emmy: I suppose she must have outlived your grandad by quite a lot then?

Rowan: Oh no, my grandad’s a vampire so he’ll be around for all eternity. You’re ok with vampires, right?

Emmy: I would LOVE the chance to study a real vampire at close quarters.

Rowan: Just be careful not to get too close. He bites.

Rowan: If you ever want to study merman biology and need a willing test subject, I’m always happy to help out with the pursuits of science.

Emmy: Well, I’d need to examine you all over… So, you’d probably need to be naked.

Rowan: Fair enough, so long as you are too.


Rowan: What is it that you usually look for in a partner, Phoebe?

Phoebe: A partner who values intelligence and insightful thinking would be the perfect partner to me. I wouldn’t want a slob or a dirty partner however, I love a clean house.

Rowan: Well as a genius I would say that intelligence and insightful thinking are pretty important to me… And I don’t have the slob trait.

Pity she didn’t specify humble.

Phoebe: What about you? What are you looking for?

Rowan: I suppose someone who I can have fun with, who I can trust – brains and beauty would be a bonus… Most of all it has to be someone who I have a deep connection with, but that’s hard to define, isn’t it? It’s more of a feeling.

Phoebe: I think I know exactly what feeling you mean.

Rowan: You do?

Phoebe: Well, there’s this guy who I might have that feeling for.

Rowan: Where is he? I’m going to bash his head in!

And there’s the jealousy trait rearing its ugly head. She’s talking about you, you moron! And you claim to be a genius…

Rowan: I have to ask: how do you feel about pets?

Valda: I love love LOVE cats.

Rowan: What about other animals – dogs, say? I’ve wanted a dog since I aged up to a child.

Valda: Other pets are fine, but we must have at least one cat.

Rowan: So if we get married, we’ll need to get a dog and a cat and the creator wants children too… Sigh, there’s nothing else for it, Mum and Dad are going to have to die.

Valda: I’m sorry, what?

Rowan: Otherwise, we won’t have enough household slots.

Valda: So you’re saying you’d kill your parents so that I can have a cat?

Rowan: Oh no, I wouldn’t kill them! But they have 35 bonus days from being mermaids, so I’d just ask them eat mermadic kelp in order to stop being mermaids and since they wouldn’t have the bonus days anymore, they’d die pretty quickly. Normal sims only have about 10 days as elders and they’ve been elders for 9 days.

How lovely. Whoever wins though, I may need to kill off Adonis and Galatea by humanizing them due to household slot issues πŸ˜₯

Valda: Ew, I’m starting to smell. I’m sorry about that. I guess the water in that pool wasn’t very clean.

Rowan: The smell of dirty pond water cannot obscure your beauty… And that green cloud around your head only sets off your alabaster skin.

Valda: You are too sweet!

In the evening, Rowan cooks this for the girls. I think it was a taco casserole?

Rowan: Who cares what it is. Isn’t it beautiful?

But is it edible? Actually, Rowan’s pretty good at cooking by now so maybe that’s not a fair jibe.

And let’s end with a shot of everyone sitting round the table to eat together.

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