Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 6

Last time, we said goodbye to Jackie (who took a while to get the message), the girls all had solo conversations with Rowan, and in the evening there was a group date to a restaurant for everyone.

In the morning, I find Rowan in the shower with Valda. I don’t think I need to say what it looks like is going on in this screenshot 😉

(Explanation: they both tried to use the same shower at once and kind of ended up standing in one another).

Rowan, get out.

Rowan: Awww do I have to?

Valda: Where are you going? There’s room for two if we cuddle up together.

Rowan: I wish I could, but the creator’s making me leave.

Stop staring!

Rowan: But it’s such a beautiful shower.

Sure it is.

I made Rowan go to find another shower and he decides to walk through the house completely naked.

Rowan: What? Grandma and Clemmie used to do this all the time.

Do you have a hidden erratic trait?

Rowan makes breakfast.

A TV breakfast for everyone in the sitting room. That poor dining table is so neglected.

Today we’re having another challenge, and this time it’s painting.

Rowan: Today you will all be painting myself. The one who makes me look the best will win.

Er no. The people who produced the two most valuable paintings will win. Again, the prize is a 1 hour solo chat with Rowan although autonomy is on so they can choose to end it early if they want. And I began the conversation with one ‘ask about day’ (or maybe it was ‘get to know’? One of those anyway) and one ‘flirt’, then left it to progress autonomously.

I had to cheat everyone’s painting skill level up to I think level 3 so that they could paint from reference.

And voila! Here are all of the paintings done.

The first winner is Valda.

Rowan: Eeek! Eeek! Eeek!

Valda: Is he ok?

Rowan: Congratulations on winning the challenge! I see your creative talents are not limited to knitting.

Valda: Thank you! But I have to admit, after our encounter this morning I was disappointed that it wasn’t life drawing.

Rowan: Life drawing? Isn’t that where you draw a naked model.

Valda: Yup.

Rowan: So, when do I get to shower with you again? I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to last time.

Valda: You’re welcome to join me any time, sweetie.

Rowan is autonomously doing a bold pickup line here which is cute.

Rhianna: I hope you liked my painting.

Rowan: It’s very impressive, but I’m enjoying looking at you more.

Rowan: You’re quite artistic, right? Is painting one of your hobbies?

Rhianna: Actually no. I really enjoy music and writing, but I’ve never painted before.

Rowan: You must just have innate talent, then.

Rhianna: Well, having a subject who was so easy on the eyes helped.

After Rhianna and Rowan’s solo conversation is over, Britta sits opposite them.

Britta: I just wanted to point out that my painting was clearly the best, so I don’t see how I didn’t win. I smell something fishy going on. Maybe one of the other girls sabotaged my work.

Rowan: That smell is probably just me. We mermaids tend to start smelling of rotting fish when our hydration need runs low.

How charming.

Meanwhile, the other girls are all talking together in the living room.

Melissa: I hear there’s another eviction coming up this evening.

Emmy: Again? Oh boy. I’ll be fine, right? Right?

Valda: Well personally I think he should just send the lot of you home and marry me already.

Phoebe: In your dreams.

Valda: And in his, I bet.

I had hoped that there would be more autonomous talking with the other girls before the rose ceremony, but Rowan was exhausted and kept trying to sleep on the sofa (probably because he went to bed late the previous night after the restaurant date and I got him up before his energy bar was full).

So, time for the ceremony now!

Have this picture of flirty Rowan just because.

Rowan: Valda, I would like to give you this rose. You have great chat and I’ll never forget how you looked this morning in the shower.


Valda: I also enjoyed the view.

Phoebe: What’re they talking about?

Rowan: Lovely Britta, I always enjoy talking to you and I can’t wait to get to know you more. Will you take this rose?

Britta: Yes! And I want to get to know you more too.

Melissa: I need to pee so badly, I hope he picks me next or I’m going to wet myself!

Phoebe: I hope he doesn’t.

Phoebe, you do realise that if she pees herself you’re going to be standing in a puddle of piss.

Phoebe: Good point. Rowan, please give Melissa a rose now!

Turns out Rowan does have a rose for Melissa.

Rowan: Melissa, this is rose is for –

Melissa: Thank you!

Rowan: Don’t you want to hear my speech?

Melissa: Sorry, gotta go pee!

And Melissa pee-walks off to the toilet.

Rowan: And my next rose is for you, Phoebe. We get along so well and I’m excited to spend more time with you.

Phoebe: Thank you, I’m looking forward to spending more time with you, too.

We’re down to the final two now: Emmy and Rhianna.

Rowan: It’s been great spending time with both of you, but only one more girl can stay tonight. And I’ve made my decision about who that is.

Yes by now you knew what to expect – another cliff-hanger: find out who stays and who goes home next time!

By the way, here were the results from the painting challenge:

Valda: 153 simoleons.

Rhianna: 149 simoleons

Britta: 138 simoleons

Melissa: 124 simoleons

Phoebe: 114 simoleons

Emmy: 109 simoleons

2 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 6

  1. I honestly do not know how Phoebe is still in the competition lol when she doesn’t win anything. Not that I’m not happy that she’s still got a chance though but still…

    Don’t bring my hopes up like this, Phoebe!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Don’t be too hard on Phoebe, there’s only been 2 challenges so far 🙂 and the solo conversations that everyone gets are also important so she has spent a good bit of time with Rowan anyway!

      Liked by 1 person

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