Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 5

After a slightly longer wait (sorry), I’m finally back with day 5. But first, let’s go back to the evening of day 4 where we left Rowan with one rose and 2 ladies.

Rowan: Like I was saying before the creator interrupted us with a 4 day break, I really like both of you, but I can only choose one more person to stay.

Rowan: And I have decided to give the last rose to…

Rowan: … Melissa. You’re a beautiful girl and I feel like our personalities gel really well together.

Jackie looking over 😥 </3

Rowan: I’m sorry, Jackie. You’re a wonderful woman but I just don’t feel like there’s a romantic spark between us. I guess what I’m trying to say is: it’s not you, it’s me.

That old line? Oh boy.

Jackie: Of course it’s not me – I’m perfect in every way! Any man in his right mind would give an arm and a leg to marry me! You’re making a big mistake.

Rowan: Anyway um goodbye, and I’ll see you around.

Jackie: You’ll be seeing me around alright… Maybe sooner than you think.

I’m sorry that Jackie had to go, TwinkiesLA! I was having a lot of fun with her but unfortunately she had the lowest score, so it wasn’t to be 😦

Have this picture of Rowan sleeping in the pool in his mer form just because.

Now let’s get into Day 5!

As usual, Rowan makes breakfast for the girls. This was french toast I think.

Rowan and four of the girls decided to go all the way to the sitting room to eat. WHY?!!! There is a dining table right next to the kitchen! Britta and Rhianna were the only ones to eat at the dining table.

But what’s this? We have an uninvited guest.

Rowan: Didn’t she leave last night?

Jackie: Just wanted to make sure you know what you’re missing in case you have a change of mind.

Rowan: And why are you wearing a towel?

Jackie: For easy removal.


The group date for the day was a restaurant outing in the evening so I had to do the solo conversations back at the mansion before that. Each girl got a 1 hour conversation with Rowan which I started with 1 deep conversation, 1 flirt and 1 compliment appearance and then left to progress autonomously.

Rowan: I think you said before that you’re into knitting, right?

Valda: Yes! My dream is to start up my own online business on Plopsy selling my knitted works.

Rowan: Apparently my grandad had a knitting phase a while ago but that was before I was born. Nowadays he mostly goes around picking fights and yelling at people which, honestly, is more his style.

Valda: And what are you hoping to do with your life?

Rowan: I find robotics kind of cool so I think I’ll be a computer engineer.

Valda: Do you know a lot about robots, then?

Rowan: Not a single thing.

Rowan: Anyway, I think it’s really great that you want to start your own business. That kind of creativity and initiative is so attractive.

Valda: Well thank you. I think cute computer nerds are hot too.

Rowan: Nerd?

Valda: Take the compliment, honey.

Rowan: You’re a spellcaster, right? Must be nice to have all that magic at your fingertips.

Phoebe: I suppose it would be, but I never had the support that I needed to develop my abilities. Apparently my mother was a spellcaster, but I was adopted and never knew her – or my bio dad. One of my dads heavily disapproved of me trying to perform magic. My other dad was more encouraging, but since he’s a vampire he couldn’t really help.

Rowan: You were placed in a pretty complicated situation, huh? But, with a mind like yours, I’m sure that you have it in you to become a very powerful spellcaster, given some practise and proper guidance.

Phoebe: Thank you, Rowan. That’s so sweet of you.

Rowan: I’m happy to help in any way that I can, even if I know nothing about magic.

Phoebe: Well, I might need a test subject.

Rowan: Oh yeah? What are you testing exactly?

Phoebe: Hmm I could start by trying out a love spell…

Rowan: And how would you cast that one?

Phoebe: I believe that a kiss is a vital ingredient.

Emmy: You talked to the other doctor girl before me, didn’t you?

Rowan: Um… Have I mentioned how beautiful you’re looking this morning? Your skin is just glowing.

Emmy: Well, I do adhere strictly to a carefully designed skin care regimen. A little knowledge of biology and medicine goes a long way – I’ll still be looking youthful and wrinkle free when I’m sixty.

Rowan: My grandad could do with some of your advice – but don’t tell him I said that.

Rowan: Important question: cats or dogs?

Emmy: Studies have shown that pets are good for mental health – and, by extension, physical health too. For example, petting a cat or dog can help to lower your blood pressure. So, I think it’d be good to have a pet but I don’t have any preference as to a cat or a dog.

Rowan: The correct answer was dog. But that was all pretty interesting, so I’ll accept your answer too.

Emmy: Thank you?

This is a conversation, not a quiz show!

Yes Rowan did autonomously enthuse about dogs – again. He keeps doing this, so I will likely just make up alternative dialogue for him or ignore it on most future occasions.

Rowan: I should probably warn you that my family is a little weird. Is that ok with you?

Britta: Weird how?

Rowan: Um… The mermaids and vampires variety of weird. Also I may or may not be descended from an ancient Greek God.

Britta: Oh, I like that kind of weird. I’m actually hoping to become a paranormal investigator, so I’m pretty familiar with all things occult.

Rowan: You mean a ghost hunter?

Britta: Pretty much. There’s spooks everywhere which need busting.

Rowan: E-everywhere?

Britta: Anyway, I could have guessed that you were a merman even before seeing you swim around with that tail.

Rowan: How?

Britta: Because mermen are soooo dreamy and handsome.

Rowan: Is she saying I’m handsome?

For a genius, you are pretty slow aren’t you?

Rowan: So, what do you do for fun, Rhianna?

Rhianna: Well I’m pretty into my music. I’d like to be a musician, actually.

Rowan: That sounds like a really cool job. What kind of music would you play?

Rhianna: I like all sorts, but especially Metal and Halloween music.

Rowan: No way, I love Metal too! We should air guitar to Metal together some time – that’s the closest I can get to actually playing an instrument.

Rhianna: Um ok! Always down for some air guitaring.

Rowan: What do I have to do to get a song written about me, then?

Rhianna: Either make me fall in love with you or make me hate you.

Rowan: I think I prefer the first option.

Jackie: I’m ready for my solo conversation now.

Rowan: This is a little awkward Jackie, but you’re not meant to be here. Could you maybe, you know… Leave?

Melissa: Ouch.

Jackie: Oh, I see how it is. That’s ok I’ll… see myself out, then.

Jackie, just because you are hiding behind the sofa wearing a top which blends into the wall, that doesn’t mean I don’t still see you!

It was soooo hard to make her leave. I had Rowan ask her to go, tried forcing her to go using MCCC multiple times, reset her… But she kept staying put. She did eventually go, though.

Rowan: Why do I feel like there are eyes burning into the back of my head.

Melissa: Probably because Jackie is staring at us through the window.

Rowan: Oh dear. You don’t think I was too harsh, do you?

Melissa: Ha! If you think you were harsh, you’ve never seen me lose my shit with someone.

Rowan: Does that happen often?

Melissa: Let’s just say I’ve got a bit of a short temper. Does that put you off?

Rowan: Not at all! I like a fiery woman – or alien – a fiery alien woman.

Melissa: Hehe thank you.

Rowan: Just remind me to stay on your good side, alright?

Melissa: Keep talking like this and you’re all good.

Finally, time for the restaurant date! This was a seafood restaurant, so thankfully there were no vegetarians.

Rowan: Table for 7 please. That’s for me and my SIX girlfriends, in case you were wondering.

Host: I wasn’t.

I actually had to go into build mode and place a table big enough for all of them.

Rowan: Well, I hope everyone likes fish!

Valda: Oh I would love to eat some fish. And I hear you’re part fish below the waist…

I don’t like the direction this is going in. Good thing Valda is sat at the opposite end of the table.

It happened to be Harvestfest and the girls autonomously decided to sing about it – except for Melissa who seems to be waving a noise maker. But let’s just pretend that they’re all trying to impress Rowan or something.

I got lobster tortellini for everyone because I’m lazy.

Rhianna: That’s weird, I suddenly feel all dizzy.

Emmy: Oh no, I hope someone didn’t spike her food.

Rowan: But who would have access to the drugs needed to do that? Or the motive?

Emmy: Who indeed? If she passes out, I get to sit next to you, right?

Britta: That’s not suspicious at all.

Phoebe: Will someone tell her that in a fight between an alien and a spellcaster, the spellcaster would win?

Melissa: Pshhh! We have spaceships! What’ve you spellcasters got? Flying brooms? Very impressive…

Phoebe: Well, we could set your spaceships on fire!

Melissa: With fire that the game doesn’t allow to kill anyone? Very helpful.

Rowan: Creator, I don’t know how to deal with this.

Me neither.

And I would have ended the chapter there, but then something funny happened that night. Emmy woke up with food poisoning.

And she was not happy about it.

Emmy: That bitch Rhianna must have swapped her plate of food with mine after I spiked – I mean seasoned – it.

So what you’re saying is that this is your own fault?

Then, she abruptly peed herself (completely unconnected to the food poisoning).

First time I’ve had this popup I think.

Finally, she puked in the toilet. Lovely.

Not the best night for Emmy all in all!

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