Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 4

Last time, we said goodbye to Jane and Rowan flirted with the remaining 7 girls with varying degrees of success. Today, there will be a kind of ‘mini challenge’ and a rose ceremony in the evening.

Rowan made breakfast again for everyone – without any mishaps this time. He looks so proud.

Rowan: How do you manage to look so beautiful first thing in the morning, Phoebe?

Phoebe: I don’t know, but maybe if you woke up with me you could figure it out?

Rowan: I wouldn’t be opposed to gathering more observational data.

Valda: Um does he not see me sitting here in my lingerie?

Emmy: Hmm I’ve seen the agenda for today and there was not time scheduled in for flirting this morning!

By the way, I’ve kept the love lamps out but their emotional aura has been switched off since the flirty party ended so nobody was feeling flirty here.

Jackie: You think clearing up the dirty dishes is going to get you brownie points? Way to look desperate.

Britta: You’re only saying that because you wouldn’t know the first thing about washing up. I bet you’ve never had to get your hands dirty before.

Jackie: That’s not true! I know that you leave them in a pile and the maid cleans them.

Surprise! We’re in Sulani. And the girls have decided to re-enact Baywatch.

Why are you hanging back?

Rowan: Just being a gentleman.

You’re enjoying watching them from behind, you mean.

Rowan: That too.

Look, a rare picture of Rowan actually in his mer form. I do love how mermaids swim in this game.

An angler fish! Oh man I remember how long it took to catch one of these when I was trying to complete the fishing collection.

Meanwhile, the girls are swimming a little less majestically than Rowan…

Ok so we’re having a kind of mini challenge (I say mini challenge because we aren’t having dates as prizes this generation). All of the girls went free diving for treasure (I had to cheat their fitness level up to level 3 for this). The two girls who brought me the most valuable treasure were the ‘winners’ and I initiated a 1 hour solo conversation between each of them and Rowan. I made Rowan do one ‘get to know’ and one ‘flirt’ interaction with them but otherwise the conversation progressed autonomously. And since autonomy was on, they could decide to end the conversation and wander off too. So the prize is more of a little ‘boost’ than a huge advantage and still relies a lot on how the sims themselves choose to behave.

Valda and Britta come up for air.

Britta: Argh shark!!!

Valda: Where? I can’t see, my sunglasses are all covered in water droplets.

It’s only Rowan’s mermaid tail, guys. I also made him free dive to pass the time.

Rhianna’s come up for air too. Apparently she also thought sunglasses were a good choice for diving.

Rhianna: These bad boys are enchanted sunglasses. They’ll help me find the treasure in no time.

Britta: Isn’t that cheating?

Phoebe: Just me? Did everyone else drown?

Um no… Why would you think that? Wait, did you do something?


But she’s gone back under the water.

Sunglasses and a hat, Emmy? How on earth did both of those stay on?

Emmy: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Rhianna, Britta, Jackie, Valda and Phoebe finished first and made their way back to shore.

Then, Emmy and Melissa finish.

Melissa: Uh what’s that weird green thing over your boobs?

Emmy: I have no idea. Maybe it means I’m the winner?

In fact, Emmy is the winner! So she gets a solo chat with Rowan first.

Rowan: Congratulations on winning the task. Apparently you found a very rare Sulani artefact worth a lot of money.

Emmy: Thank you. I always like to be the best at everything I do.

Rowan: Everything, huh? Perhaps I could test that out some time.

Emmy: Where would you like to start?

Rowan: Well, after seeing you in that bikini today I have a few ideas.

Valda shows off her long legs on the swing.

Valda: Just you wait. He won’t be able to stay away once he sees me.

And the second winner is Rhianna! Rowan takes the opportunity to talk to her about their misunderstanding at the flirty party.

Rowan: I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for upsetting you yesterday at the party. I really do like you Rhi, and I would never want to disrespect you.

Rhianna: Oh aren’t you sweet? I’m sorry too. I understand that you’re here to get to know all the girls, but I can be a bit hot headed sometimes, particularly when I’m developing feelings for someone.

Rowan: Does that mean I get to flirt with you now?

Rhianna: Go right ahead…

Melissa: Look at her wearing that tiny bikini and batting her eyelashes at him… I can see right through her.

Britta: Such a bitch.

Jackie: Totally agree.

Um she’s not deaf, guys.

I LOVE this screenshot of Rowan. Seeing him in the ocean really makes me wish the family lived in Sulani.

Valda: Enjoying the view?

Rowan: Yes – I mean no – I mean… I promise I didn’t look up your skirt!

Valda: You can look all you like, dear.

Rowan: Well it’s a bit difficult not to look at you sometimes. If you don’t mind me saying so, you’re a very attractive lady.

(Yep, Rowan autonomously confessed his attraction to Valda).

Valda: I don’t mind being complimented by a handsome man at all.

Rowan: Handsome man?

Valda: You, dear.

Rowan: Oh. Thank you!

Britta: You’re a witch, right?

Phoebe: An amateur spellcaster, yes.

Britta: Well, I have an idea: if we were one person we’d each have double the chance of winning, right?

Phoebe: I guess?

Britta: So, what about it? Is there a spell which would combine our bodies into one but keep our minds separate?

Britta: I thought you said that spell would work! This isn’t one body it’s two bodies stuck together!

Phoebe: I also said that I am an amateur spellcaster.

Britta: I don’t want to be fused with you at the head for the rest of my life, I’ll break my back if I have to walk around like this any longer.

Phoebe: Well if you’d shut up for a moment maybe I could remember the counter spell.

Rhianna and Emmy play chess.

Emmy: Oh dear, looks like you’re losing. Funny how chess games sometimes mirror life, isn’t it?

Rhianna: Really? Because I think my Queen’s about to take your King.

Emmy: There’s no moves that you could make within the rules which would enable you to take my King.

Rhianna: Whoever said that I was going to play by the rules?

Jackie: What – what’re you doing?

Melissa: Analysing your personality.

Jackie: I really think this is a bit of an infringement of privacy!

Melissa: How can one person be so infuriatingly annoying?! It’s like Barbie land in her head!

Jackie: That’s good, right?

(I think this screenshot was actually taken quite a bit after Melissa looked into Jackie’s mind but we can pretend they were closer together)

Darkness was drawing in and I decided that they should make some sandcastles before leaving. I selected ‘make many sandcastles’ (or sand sculptures, whatever they’re called) which I think is like a group activity, and they all decided to make sandcastles in the same place. Trying to be close to Rowan I guess.

The end result was… Interesting.

Of course someone had to make a penis gnome sandcastle.

Back at the house and it’s time for the rose ceremony. 7 girls, 6 roses – someone is going home this evening. As always, the order of the roses is random.

The love lamps are to put everyone in a flirty mood because Rowan is giving roses out as romantic gifts and I figure the girls are more likely to react well if they are in a flirty mood. I make sure each girl sits down straight after receiving their rose and doesn’t give Rowan a rose back though (as sims will generally autonomously try to do with romantic gifts) to avoid double relationship gain.

Rowan: My first rose is for you, Emmy. You’re a very strong woman as well as a very beautiful one, and I’m drawn to that.

Emmy: Thank you, Rowan. I feel the same about you.

You think he’s a strong woman?

Rowan: Valda, what can I say? You’re red hot and I think we have great chemistry. Will you accept this rose?

Valda: Of course! Ohh this would go so well with my lingerie.

Rowan: I’d certainly like to see that.

Sorry to interrupt, but why are you dressed like a middle aged university professor?

Rowan: You’re just jealous of how sexy I look in this suit.


Rowan: I think we have a lot in common and I’m excited to see where we can go together. Do you accept this rose?

Britta: Oh yes!

Rowan: I know we got off to a bit of a rough start romantically speaking at that party, but we get along so well and I think we could easily become more to one another.

Rhianna: I agree. And I would love to see how things progress.

Poor Melissa’s looking worried.

Rowan: Phoebe, you’re both beautiful and smart and I think we have a genuine connection.

Phoebe: I feel it too.

That leaves Jackie and Melissa.

Rowan: I really like both of you, but unfortunately I have only one rose left. And the girl I want to stay is… Dramatic pause… Find out next time. What??!

You weren’t meant to say that last bit you dolt – that was my line!

Rowan: Oh, sorry.

Anyway, yes it’s another cliff hanger! Find out who goes home at the beginning of the next chapter 😉

By the way, here’s everyone’s results for the challenge today:

Emmy: Found 1 red fingers of Sulani (rare) worth 1000 simoleons

Rhianna: Found 1 bronzeish fingers of Sulani (common) worth 130 simoleons

Valda: Found 1 gold eyes of Sulani (common) worth 90 simoleons

Melissa: Found 1 greenish eyes of Sulani (common) worth 50 simoleons

Jackie: Nothing

Phoebe: Nothing

Britta: Nothing

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