Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 3

Last time, we ended just before Rowan’s decision about who to send home first was revealed. So, let’s start briefly with the evening of day 2 when Rowan had to break the news to the unlucky girl.

Rowan makes his way to the living room where four of the ladies are assembled.

Rowan: I’ve really enjoyed spending time with all of you, but unfortunately the time has come to send one of you home.

Rowan: Jane, you’re a great girl, but I don’t think we’re compatible and that became clear to me on the date today. It just felt like we were a bit at odds with each other.

Jane: So… I have to leave?

Rowan: I’m afraid so.

I’m sorry that Jane was the first to go MonaSolstraale 😦 I was surprised by this because she actually had the highest points on day 1! But things went pretty badly downhill on day 2 thanks to her shouting at Rowan in the hot spring and then reacting badly to his joke in the solo conversation.

Rowan: That was really difficult. But, on the bright place, now I get to live in a mansion with 7 beautiful women.

7 beautiful women… Until next eviction.

By the way, Rowan’s in different clothes here because he changed into one of his cold weather outfits.

Moving on to day 3 now!

Rowan wakes up in the bachelor’s master bedroom.

Rowan: I have an idea. I’m going to impress the ladies with my cooking skills.

Impress them? You’re more likely to poison them…

Rowan’s breakfast preparations did not begin well. I wish I could say that they improved but…

… They didn’t.

Rowan: Oops. They won’t mind a bit of extra pepper, right?

You’re not really going to serve them something that’s fallen on a dirty grill, are you?

Rowan: Um… Three second rule?

By the way, you might be wondering why I added a door to the kitchen (if you remember what the kitchen was like before). It’s so I could lock the girls out while Rowan cooks. Otherwise they all try to make their own food and I wanted everyone to eat together.

I actually managed to get everyone eating at the table together for like 5 seconds.

Rowan: Wow…

Oh come on pick your jaw up off the floor.

Rowan: I er – I love the outfit, Valda.

Valda: I’m so glad you like it. Unlike some people, I thought I should make a little more effort than just a t-shirt and old sweatpants, you know?

Emmy: Well dear, some of us can get a man without having to dress like a – *we had to bleep this out*

Rowan: I hope you enjoyed breakfast.

Phoebe: It was very… Peppery.

Rowan: Is that a good thing? I’m happy to cook every day.

Phoebe: Perhaps I should start working on the delicioso spell.

(That’s the spell which summons food)

Rowan, Phoebe, Rhianna, Jackie and Emmy gather in the sitting room to chat – oh, sorry, they’re watching TV. I wish that bloody thing had stayed broken.

Er Jackie, you know Rowan’s here, right?

Jackie: Just giving him a bit of a sneak preview.

Stop drooling, Rowan.

Rowan: But I’ve never seen a naked woman before.

Caly? Clemmie?

Rowan: My grandmother and sister do not count. This time I don’t want to burn my own eyes out with a hot poker.

At about midday I got a ‘flirty party’ started… by which I mean that I stuck love lamps everywhere, put on some romance music and gave them a keg of whatever juice it is which gives them a flirty moodlet. Oh and I also put a door in front of the stairs and locked it in addition to locking all of the other doors in order to keep them all on the ground floor. Ok now I say it it does sound a bit coercive…

I should mention that I have jealousy switched off with MCCC so the girls won’t react badly to Rowan flirting with other people in front of them.

Rowan: My dance moves are gonna pull all the ladies…

Please please stop.

With everyone now in a flirty mood, I made Rowan go and flirt with each of they girls. They each got two flirt interactions and one compliment appearance, then I would leave them to see if they would flirt autonomously.

Rowan: You look out of this world.

Melissa: As an alien, I have heard that one a billion times before.

Rowan: I’m sorry, that was cheesy. I don’t have much experience with women, extra-terrestrial or otherwise…

Really? We couldn’t tell.

Rowan: … But what I’m trying to say is that I find you very attractive.

Melissa: You’re so sweet. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Rowan actually autonomously confessed his attraction to Melissa which was cute.

Britta: May I cut in?

Rowan: It’s always a pleasure to talk to a beautiful lady like you.

Melissa: Ugh we were having a moment! Why’d she have to come and ruin everything?

Everyone was meant to be in their party wear but this is one of Britta’s everyday outfits. I think she tried to shower and ended up changing back into her everyday outfit. Or I just messed up.

Britta: Handsome and charming? You’d better stop before you make me fall in love with you, Mr Straud.

Melissa: So sickly sweet! I should use an alien mind trick to fry the brains right out of her pretty little head…

Jackie: How’d you like my outfit?

Rowan: You look like a model in it, darling.

Jackie: A model? Ugh, no! Models are ten a penny, I want to be treated like a Princess!

Rowan: Well, if you married me you’d be a Princess, since I’m technically a Prince.

(Rowan is the grandson of Princess Cordelia in case you forgot – since Adonis is Princess Cordelia’s son).

Jackie: Princess Jacqueline… Ohhh I like the sound of that.

Rowan: A beautiful Princess you’d make too.

Valda: Puuhhhlease. So shallow.

Melissa: That girl needs taking down a peg or two. Maybe someone should arrange a surprise abduction…


Rowan: That’s a lovely dress, but I can’t stop wondering whether you’re wearing that sexy red lingerie under it.

Valda: Hmm maybe I am and maybe I’m not….

Valda: … Or maybe I’m wearing *whispers* nothing at all.

Rowan: Gulp.

Valda: Would you like to find out?

Rowan: Yes!

No! No woohoo yet – you haven’t even kissed the girl!

Emmy: Ahem I do believe it’s my turn now. The itinerary for this evening said that you were going to be flirting with all of the girls and logically I should be next in line since I’m the closest to you in proximity.

Way to kill the atmosphere.

Rowan: You’re cute when you’re bossing me around. I like a woman who can take charge.

Emmy: Oh I can take charge in ways you’ve never even imagined.

I can’t figure out if she means this in a dirty way or a ‘I-will-control-everything-about-your-life-including-scheduling-your-bathroom-breaks’ kind of way. Maybe a bit of both.

I just realised I don’t think Emmy’s wearing her partywear either. Ugh what a fiasco, I’m sorry.

Valda: My offer still stands, honey.

Rowan: Creator, please can I…?


Fortunately, Jackie distracts Valda by helping her to do a keg stand.

Rowan: Well don’t you look enchanting…

Rhianna: You flirt with five other girls before me and then you use that awful line?! Er no, I won’t stand for it.

Darn it, this was one of Rhianna’s everyday outfits, not her partywear. Guess I messed up again.

Rowan: Just because I like the other girls doesn’t mean I don’t like you too.

Rhianna: So I’m only one of many to you am I?

Melissa: Hee hee – oh he is digging his own grave now.

Rowan: No, that’s not what I…

Rhianna: Save it!

Rowan: I need some medical advice. Do you think you can help me?

Phoebe: I can try. What’s the nature of your complaint?

Rowan: I seem to have trouble with my heart rate when I’m around you, Doctor Glade. Can you prescribe anything for that?

Phoebe: *Giggles* That sounds like a hard problem to diagnose – I’d have to start by doing a full body examination.

Rowan: I think it would definitely be hard.

Emmy: meh meh meh I’m a sexy doctor meh meh meh… What a bimbo.

I failed to get Phoebe to stay in her partywear too. Sorry, I’ve been so incompetent this chapter.

After instigating those flirty conversations with Rowan and the ladies, I left everyone to their own devices to talk and flirt (or not) autonomously.

Oh look, now Emmy’s helping Jackie to do a keg stand.

Energy started to run low, so I cheated everyone’s needs up so that the party could continue into the night.

Adonis: Go on, son!

Adonis, what the hell are you doing here?

Adonis: Adonis? Who’s Adonis?

If you thought I wouldn’t recognise you with that beard you can think again.

Adonis: Fine! I came to see how my son was doing chatting up the ladies. Has he pulled yet?

Watching your son flirt with girls through a window? Not creepy at all.

As you can see from this screenshot, I did finally put Phoebe and Britta into their party outfits. Better late than never, right?

Phoebe: I’m ready to perform that examination any time you are.

Rowan: Don’t tempt me…

NO NO AND A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rowan dances with Britta, Melissa and Valda.

Britta: Babe, you are so sexy when you dance.

Rowan: I told you they’d like my dancing!

Oh she’s just saying that.

Melissa: Well I like your dancing too. I can’t resist a confident man.

Jackie: *Sobbing* I can’t believe how awful this party was. No butlers, no live music, no ice sculptures, no nothing! I thought we were meant to be living in luxury!

Rhianna: Look on the bright side, you might not be living here for much longer.

Phoebe: She’s only talking about elimination from the competition, right? Not, y’know, elimination from life?

I surely hope so.

(By the way, I’m pretty sure Jackie was actually crying because of a sad movie)

Everyone started watching the TV and at this point it was like 4am so I ended the party and sent them all to bed.

Sorry for the super long chapter and until next time, folks!

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 3

    1. Poor Jane, it really didn’t go well for her on day 2! It was partly Rowan’s fault too for autonomously telling her a gross joke. Thank you for letting me play with her. I am sure she will get married to someone much better than a microwave lol. I’ve switched MCCC notifications on so I should get a notification when the past candidates marry or have a baby this time!


  1. Whoa what a fun chapter! Made me laugh!

    I think a front runner is Melissa…and she’s kinds scary! 😱

    Sorry about Jane having to leave.

    Lots of fun already!

    Liked by 1 person

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