Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 2 Part 2

Welcome back! We’re onto part 2 of day 2 now, and Rowan has a group date with the remaining 4 girls.

I thought it would be a good idea to take them to the Onsen Bathhouse in Mount Komorebi. Unfortunately, the instant they got into this hot spring, the water turned all gross and dirty.

I cheated to make the water instantly clean again though, much better.

Rowan: I’m sitting next to 4 cute girls in swimwear. Did I die and go to heaven?

Britta: He is so hot.

Melissa: Isn’t he just? And, unlike you, I get to sit right next to him. Must mean he prefers me.

Britta: Don’t flatter yourself, you –

Rowan: *Interrupts* Anyway, how are you all liking the hot spring?

Rhianna: Honestly the water’s pretty gross. If only I knew the scrubberoo spell.

(does this spell work on hot springs? I don’t know)

Britta: She’s right… It’s super icky.

Rowan: Really? Looks clean to me.

Even though I cheated to clean the water, they all got an uncomfortable moodlet due to the ‘dirty’ water. Ingrates.

Jane: They’re right, for our ‘date’ you’ve taken us to stew in a putrid pool of stinking rancid water! Either you’re a disgusting slob who enjoys being filthy, or this is your way of telling us that you prefer the other four girls!

Rowan: Um… False dichotomy?

Jane: What?

Rowan: A false dichotomy means that…

Jane: Now you’re patronising me, are you? Wow.

Jane did autonomously yell at Rowan. I think it must have been her erratic trait.

Well, that could have gone better.

Rowan: It’s ok creator, I’ll make up for it now by charming them with my witty conversation.

I think I forgot to mention last time, but both group dates worked the same way: one group conversation which I started by having Rowan ask each girl about her day, then left them for 1 hour to continue the conversation autonomously. Then, a solo conversation with each girl which I started with one ‘get to know’ and then left them for 30mins to talk autonomously. Boring, but fair.

Jane is up next and Rowan is keen to make amends.

Rowan: Look, about the hot spring, I’m really sorry. I didn’t plan this date and I don’t enjoy being dirty either – not that kind of dirty anyway.


Jane: It’s ok. I have to admit that I can behave a bit erratically sometimes. It could be because I spent a lot of time alone growing up – so, my social skills can be a little off.

Rowan: Don’t worry about it. My sister and grandmother also have the erratic trait, so I understand.

Rowan: Hey, want to hear a joke?

Jane: Sure!

Rowan: Two bats are hanging upside down together. The first bat asks the second bat “What was the worst day of your life?”. What does the second bat reply?

Jane: I don’t know.

Rowan: “The day I had diarrhoea”.

Jane: Ugh, that’s so gross! I take it back, you are disgusting after all.

Rowan autonomously told Jane a ‘gross’ joke. She didn’t take it well. I thought you said you were going to charm the ladies with your witty conversation, Rowan?

Rowan: I’m sorry again about how dirty the hot spring was.

For the last time, it wasn’t dirty at all! I cleaned it!

Britta: Oh that’s ok, getting to see you without a shirt more than makes up for it.

Rowan: So, why don’t you tell me a bit about what’s important to you in life.

Britta: Well, first would be my dog, Peanut…

Rowan: You have a dog? I love dogs!

Britta: Yes, he’s small, white, fluffy, a bit lazy but smart and very friendly. He’s a good boy.

Rowan: And if we get married, Peanut comes with you, right?

Britta: Of course.

Rowan: I think we have a winner.

*Bangs head on desk* No Rowan, you can’t pick, a girl only on the basis that she has a dog.

I just noticed Rhianna’s tattoo! So cool.

Rowan: I love your back tattoo. It’s pretty badass.

Rhianna: Thank you, I think so. I like to stand out.

Rowan: Is it magic? Can you really fly with those wings?

Rhianna: Haha no. It’s just a regular tattoo with good old fashioned ink. Although I’m a spellcaster, I’ve never been particularly interested in my powers, so I’m not that involved with the magical world.

Rowan: Maybe if we got together, you could get a tattoo for me – my name perhaps?

What’s wrong with your face, Rowan?

Rowan: I’m winking.

Really? Because it looks as though you just dislocated your eye – if that’s even possible.

Rhianna: Or you could get inked for me – if you have a high enough pain threshold.

Rowan: Does it hurt?

Rhianna: It’s not too bad. Although at one point, the dude managed to hit my backbone with the needle.

Rowan: Ouch!

Yes Rhianna got more pictures. No she didn’t get more time. I just wanted to show her tattoo and Rowan’s ‘wink’.

At last we have the final girl, Melissa, who is staring longingly at Rowan – no, scratch that, she’s gazing at the toilets. I’m mean, so I made her hang on.

The other girls’ needs were also tanking, so I sent them home (I think Jane is a bit behind Britta and Rhianna so didn’t get into this screenshot).

Britta: What do you think they’re talking about?

Rhianna: Shh! I’m trying to listen!

And this ghost randomly turned up too. What would a ghost be doing in a bathhouse?

Ghost: I come here every night to fuck with the hot spring.

Oh so it’s your fault it got dirty so easily, is it? A haunted hot spring, I should’ve guessed.

Rowan: I can’t help but get the feeling that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Melissa: You have good intuition then. I’m an alien.

Rowan: No way, that’s awesome! I’ve never met an alien before. But I thought aliens were always blue or green or something.

Melissa: They are. But, I guess I’m just special.

Rowan: So, what’s it like on Sixam?

Melissa: I’ve actually never been. My Mum was abducted by aliens as a teenager and, well, I was born as a result.

Rowan: That’s interesting, I heard that aliens only impregnated male sims. I guess that means I wouldn’t have to be the one to get pregnant if we were married, right?

Melissa: *Smiles*

Rowan: Right?

If Melissa wins I might steal Pammiechick’s idea from her ISBI and knock Rowan up 😛

After the second date was over, I let Rowan go back to his apartment in San Myshuno and fill his needs a bit. Clemmie called while he was making dinner.

Rowan: Hi sis. Yes, I’ve got to eliminate one of the girls this evening. Yes they are all very beautiful. No you don’t get to meet them yet. And no, I don’t need great grandad Atlas’ advice – I’ve already made up my mind about who to send home.

And the moment to send the first person home has come. Rowan arrives at the bachelor mansion…

… And knocks on the door.

Rowan: You’re not doing a good job of making this dramatic.

Well that’s where you’re wrong because I’m leaving this on a cliff hanger! Find out who is the first to go home next chapter. Mwahahaha 😛

8 thoughts on “Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 2 Part 2

    1. I’m evil for that cliff-hanger I know! I’m so glad you like how I’ve written Rhi. She’s a lovely sim, thank you for entering her! As for whether she stays… Find out next time haha 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. To me it seems that sims who are supernatural have an easier attraction. So that’s why I limited the next challenge for Embers gen to human. Next gen will be spellcasters (I’d do fairies but we don’t have them in game!) Cottage Living will be the theme!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow I never paid much attention to occults vs not in terms of relationship gain but that’s super interesting! Spellcasters are really fun, hopefully I can enter a spellcaster for your next gen if all the spaces aren’t filled up before I see your casting call 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Don’t worry about filling up. I take everyone. I usually have a time limit but I’ll tag you! Thanks for wanting to sub a spellcaster! Should be fun!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh good, thank you! was quite busy with uni last time so didn’t see your casting call but life is less hectic now so hopefully I don’t miss the next one 🙂


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