Bachelor Challenge: Gen 3, Day 2 Part 1

Last time, we met the contenders for Rowan’s heart. Now we’re onto day 2 of the challenge which will be a little different this time around, hence why this chapter only covers the first half of day 2.

Ok Rowan, usually I would make all the girls compete for a date with you. But, on this occasion, I’m going to let everyone go on a date with you. Not solo dates because that would take too long, but there will be two group dates.

Rowan: Woohoo! I get to hang out with 8 hot girls!

You already did that on day 1…

Rowan: I know, isn’t it great?! I’m living the life.

Don’t get too used to it, you also have to send one girl home this evening.

Rowan: Aww man. Do I have to?


In fact, this generation I am inclined to see if I can get by without making the contestants compete for dates or maybe by minimising the number of occasions on which they compete for dates. I’d like to see who Rowan is naturally drawn to, rather than who is lucky enough to win the challenges. On the other hand, the challenges are fun to do so I might include some – whether there is a prize for them or not.

The first group date took place in a bar in Strangerville.

Guess what I don’t need to worry about in public dates this generation? TOWNIES! For the dates in public places (which tbh is going to be all/almost all of them), I’ll be using Zero’s ‘NPCs fuck off’ or ‘selective autochat’ mod which stops unplayed sims from autonomously coming and talking to your sims. Now we will be free from townies butting into conversations uninvited.

Ok everyone order your drinks, then go sit down at a table together.

Grrrr I said everybody SIT DOWN!!!!!

Phoebe: Just you and me? Looks like we get a solo date after all.

Trying to get them all sat down near one another was so frustrating.

Eventually we ended up with this.

Emmy: Why am I so far away from the bachelor? That’s not fair.

Pipe down, there’s no way I’m playing musical chairs for another hour to try and improve the seating arrangements. There aren’t enough chairs for you all to sit at one table, anyway.

Emmy: Hello over there! You won’t forget about me, will you?

Valda: Oh, are you still here? Might be easier if you just went home.

Rowan: Of course we won’t forget about you, Emmy!

Valda: More’s the pity…

Jackie: I don’t mean to complain, but this is a pretty basic date. Didn’t the production team have a budget large enough for anything a bit more extravagant?

Rowan: She’s not really the type to put much effort into the dates, I’m afraid.

Emmy: I can tell that. Couldn’t even rustle up five chairs at a single table…

I’m sorry, ok?

Phoebe: ‘She’? There’s only one person on the production team?

If the lot of you have quite finished criticising the way I’m running this, could you please move onto another topic?

Rowan: Anyway, I know this place pretty well. I used to spend a lot of time here when I was a teen.

Valda: You were a juiceaholic at such a young age?

Rowan: What? No, of course not! There used to be a giant plant hidden under a secret laboratory in this town and it was possessing the townsfolk here. I often visited this pub to gather intel on how to defeat it.

Phoebe: Sounds like he was on something stronger than juice.

Moving swiftly on to the solo conversations now.

Rowan: So, Valda, why don’t you tell me what made you want to apply for this contest?

Valda: Well, my mother and siblings were pretty abusive towards me and I’ve been estranged from them for a long time now. I’m only really in contact with my Dad. So, I’m looking for new family as well as love. Do you think your family would like me?

Rowan: I’m sorry, that sounds really tough. I know my family would welcome you with open arms, although my grandad can be a bit grumpy.

Valda: Aww your grandad still lives with you? I love sweet old men!

Rowan: Heh heh. Old he may be but sweet he most certainly is not.

Valda: What do you mean?

Rowan: Yeah I think we’ll have that conversation another time.

Rowan: So, since you’re in this competition, I take it you’re looking for a husband?

Emmy: Well, I wouldn’t quite say that. I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man. I have my future all worked out: get a distinguished degree with honours in Biology from the university of Foxbury, then become the best surgeon in the field, and perhaps eventually chief of staff of my own hospital. But, it would also be nice to have children and a husband would be useful for helping to produce those and raising them while I’m working long hours.

Rowan: Wow, you know exactly what you want in life, don’t you?

Emmy: I should! I’ve been planning it from the age of five. I have a detailed bullet point list and several flow charts. I’ll make one for you too if we end up getting married.

Rowan: Thank you?

Phoebe, you’re up next. But Phoebe has eyes for nothing but the toilet.

Phoebe: I think I drank too much juice…

Rowan: So, would you like to tell me a bit about yourself? I feel like we barely know anything about each other yet.

That’s because you don’t.

Phoebe: Well, I’m hoping to become a doctor.

Rowan: You and Emmy have something in common, then. She was just telling me how she’s going to become the world’s finest surgeon.

Phoebe: Not on my watch, she isn’t! *under her breath* the nerve of it, I’m the smart but cute aspiring doctor – that’s my thing! She can’t take that from me!

Rowan: Hey do you want to hear a story that my grandad used to tell me?

Phoebe: Sure.

Rowan: Once upon a time there was a cute fluffy little bunny called Fluffybunnykins. One day, Fluffybunnykins was hopping happily among the flowers and butterflies when suddenly a vicious vampire bat with long pointed fangs and glowing red eyes swooped down and drained the helpless bunny dry, leaving behind only a lifeless corpse…

The Gristly Tale of Fluffybunnykins? Really?

(Rowan did autonomously tell Phoebe a dramatic story and since he got the bat speech bubble I thought he must be telling this old story).

Phoebe: Oh how horrible! Stop, stop I don’t want to hear any more!

Rowan: But I’m not finished yet, there’s plenty more detail to come about all the blood and gore…

Yeah I don’t think that went down well my dude.

Rowan: I panicked, ok? I was just trying to change the topic.

Yes I know Phoebe got a third picture. Only because I wanted to capture her shocked expression too. She got 30mins just like the other girls though.

Jackie: Well helloooo handsome.

Rowan: I think she might be a little drunk.

No, she’s just flirty (Jackie has the romantic trait). No actual flirting occurred, though.

Rowan: I’m sorry this pub isn’t very fancy.

Jackie: It’s true, I am used to places which are a little more luxurious. There don’t even seem to be any waiters here, or a live band, or…

Rowan: I hope you’re still having fun, though?

Jackie: I’m happy to be spending time with you. And maybe next time the producers will fix us up with a yacht.

Rowan: Mmmm.

Jackie: Rowan, my eyes are up here.

Rowan: Yeah very pretty… Eyes.

Jackie: He’s still checking out my boobs, isn’t he?


Rowan: What? No! I was just looking at – at… Ok I was was looking at her boobs.

I noticed that Jackie has some killer cleavage in this dress and it seems like Rowan did too 😉

Again, I know Jackie got more pictures than the others but that doesn’t mean she got any more time or that I’m playing favourites. It just worked for the conversation.

That’s all for this chapter! Next chapter will be part 2 of day 2, with the second group date. See you then.

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