Chapter 2.30

Welcome back to the penultimate chapter of gen 2. Last time, it rained which meant that Caly and Clemmie got naked, Vlad maxed the snowboarding skill, Rowan got jealous of his own grandparents’ relationship, and the family went to Granite Falls.

For her aspiration, Clemmie had to be ‘attacked’ by insects.

Clemmie: It’s ok, this weird 2D foam will kill it.

Clemmie: Look, the forest spirits are drawn to my nymphly presence.

‘Nymphly’? Is that even a word.

Clemmie: It is now.

Clemmie: Thank you for sending the forest spirits to greet me, Great grandad. They’re very beautiful.

It seems as though with every promotion in the teaching career Gal acquires more piercings.

Adonis: You know, those piercings really suit you. I’m loving the whole ‘bad girl’ aesthetic.

Galatea: For some reason the school keeps telling me to get more piercings. You don’t think I’m too old for them?

Acacia: Yes!

Adonis: No!

Galatea: I don’t know why I went into teaching after four children. Kids are little horrors, that’s what they are.

Adonis: Well, they’re very lucky to have you as a teacher.

Galatea: I feel like I’ve aged about a hundred years since starting the job.

You look it too.


Clemmie: Grandma, you scared me! I thought you were finally dying.

Caly: No no I’m just practising for the big event.

Adonis: She’s practising for her own death scene?

Caly: As a former actress, I can tell you that rehearsals are very important. I only get one shot at this and I will make sure that I go out in style.

Here’s a picture of Galatea marking homework (at least I think that’s what she’s doing, I really don’t remember very well). Not very interesting, is it?

Galatea: F, B minus, C, A plus, B, F, D minus, F, B plus… Hmm and another F.

Are you just giving out random grades?

Galatea: Well you don’t expect me to actually read this rubbish, do you?

Vlad’s been practicing the mixology skill. If I manage to complete the mixology aspiration and the cooking aspiration both in one generation I get a bonus point. Acacia will probably finish the cooking aspiration next generation and Vlad can start on (and hopefully also finish) the mixology one next gen after he finishes the public enemy aspiration so that we can get that bonus point.

Vlad: Quick, get a picture of this before they fall and shatter everywhere!

You’re meant to be making drinks, not playing with the bottles.

And we’re back in Granite Falls for Adonis trying to identify all the wild plants.

Rowan: Well it’s raining pretty badly. Perhaps we should go home?

Adonis: *Chuckles* we’re mermaids, son. A little water is nothing! Just enjoy the fresh air, the birds singing, the grass under your feet, the feel of the raindrops on your skin.

Rowan: Right. And then we can go home? I don’t want to mess up my hair before my bachelor challenge.

I mean, it’s already prematurely grey…

Ohh these flowers are pretty.

Oly: I’ve discovered something terrible: there’s no wifi.

Acacia: I know! It’s almost like someone is trying to cut us off from the outside world.

Oly: How will I play COD with my friends? It’s been almost 8 hours since I’ve been online, they’ll think something’s happened to me.

Adonis: Why are my children so hopeless?

Vlad caught some ladybirds. Look at the size of them, they might be actual birds!

Vlad: Maybe I’ll drop one down Galatea’s neck, she hates bugs.

Such a wonderful father.

Back home and Rowan became a YA. He got the genius trait, like Oly.

Acacia: Oh look Rowan’s aging up. Is it the end of this generation now?

Almost I promise. Next chapter is the final chapter of this generation.

Here’s some CAS pics of Rowan. His normal form:

He’s so handsome. Got a good balance of Galatea and Adonis and I like that he got Gal’s grey hair.

And his mer form:

I actually gave him that fish net top thingy in his mer form after taking these screenshots.

Adonis had to brew some herbal remedies for his aspiration.

Adonis: Now my family will have to see how useful nature can be.

Yeah like we’re ever going to actually use one of those remedies

Caly: What do you think you’re doing just sitting around? This is a legacy, you’re meant to be productive! Or is this family going to go down the drain after I’m gone?

Clemmie: That’s not fair, the creator hasn’t given me anything to do!

Caly: No wonder she’s kicking you out.

Clemmie: Why are you being so mean to me?

Caly: I’m sorry for snapping. I suppose I’m just worried about leaving you all behind. I don’t know how you’ll manage without me.

Clemmie: Awww Grandma you don’t need to worry. I hear that everyone who dies in this family gets to come back and haunt the house as a ghost.

Well except those of you who get kicked out 😛

Caly takes advantage of Vlad’s mixology practice.

Vlad: So, how is it?

Caly: Very good! For a plasma drinking vampire, you’re an excellent mixologist. How about another?

Vlad: That’s the fourth drink you’ve downed this afternoon. Are you sure that’s wise?

Caly: Oh it can’t do me any harm now. I’m going to drop dead soon anyway.

And Vlad maxed the mixology skill! He’s well set up to complete the mixology aspiration after he finishes the public enemy aspiration now.

Rowan: My bachelor challenge will start soon. I hope the creator found some hot girls for me.

Acacia: You mean girls with great personalities: A good sense of humour, down to earth, emotional intelligence, honest, empathetic,…

Rowan: Yeah and they should have big b-

Acacia: Brains?

Rowan: That’s exactly what I was going to say. I need a girl with big brains – and ass..

Acacia: *Cough*

Rowan: … Assertiveness. She should be assertive.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.30

  1. It’s so sad to see Galatea so gray and wrinkled. The pale dress does her no good 🙁
    Caly looks much fresher and her preparations for death are so funny…
    I will miss her madness 😆

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