Chapter 2.29

Last time, Galatea and Adonis woohooed in the hot spring, Clemmie maxed the rock-climbing skill as well as skiing, and Adonis collected insects and wild plants in Granite Falls.

It rained. What more do I need to say?

Clemmie: Why don’t you join us, grandad? The water’s fine!

Vlad: It was great when it was just my wife who did this, but I do not want to see my granddaughter naked.

Caly: It’s nothing you haven’t seen before. You changed her nappies as a baby, didn’t you?

Vlad continues to read up on snowboarding and Adonis on herbalism.

Clemmie: So, this generation is almost finished now and neither of us are heir. What’re you going to do once we’re kicked out?

Acacia: Actually, the creator is letting me and Oly stay until we finish our aspirations.

Clemmie: Wait, so I’m the only one getting evicted? I might have known!

Clemmie will get to stay long enough to complete a gold level date and a gold medal wedding so that I can have the bonus point for having a single sim get gold on all parties and on a date… But that won’t take very long.

Rowan autonomously decided to do some yoga. Since defeating the Mother he really hasn’t had anything to do.

Rowan: I’m getting in shape for my bachelor challenge.

I mean, you’re already really in shape with no training at all except all the swimming you have to do as a merman.

Vlad: Having done some extensive reading on snowboarding, I’m now an expert and ready to take on the slopes again.

Yeah because that’s really how it works. You can learn a new skill just by reading…

This does look really cool, I have to admit. But will it end with Vlad landing directly on his head? So far as I can remember, no but it would have been funny if it had.

Vlad: Eat my dust – I mean snow!

And Vlad managed to max the snowboarding skill!

Have this picture of Clemmie skiing too. SE is the source of some really pretty screenshots.

Vlad: Who are you? Walmart Caleb?

Guy in Caleb coat: Who are you? Walmart Dracula?

Clemmie got naked again.

Clemmie: This is very freeing. Maybe I should stop ever wearing clothes.


Epimetheus: Please let me in, Clemmie’s naked out here and I don’t want to walk past her again.

Vlad: You should have seen me snowboarding today. I was pretty incredible if I do say so myself.

Caly: Of course darling, you always are good at everything.

Rowan: Oh great now I can never sit on that part of the sofa ever again.

Caly: Whyever not?

Rowan: Because you’ve been sitting there naked.

Caly: Ha! Then you probably shouldn’t sit anywhere in this house again.

Adonis: Naked mother in law? I’m out of here!

Vlad: Well I appreciate the view.

Caly: I know you do.

Rowan: I’m not seeing this, I’m not seeing this.

Later, I noticed that Rowan was sad.

Rowan: I’m all alone. Will I never have someone to love?

It looks like being in the presence of his grandparents’ (partially naked) PDA made him jealous. I don’t know how I feel about this lol.

And we’re back in Granite Falls for Adonis’ aspiration.

Adonis: Anyone want to eat roasted beetles with me? Anyone?

Caly: I can’t believe she’s expecting me to sleep outside – me, a world famous demi-goddess!

Clemmie: I thought that nymphs were at one with nature, Grandma.

Caly: I can be perfectly well at one with nature sleeping in a nice comfy bed thank you very much.

Why why why does this family always cause fires? At least nobody got set on fire this time.

These dust spirits appeared and they are really cool looking.

Vlad: They’re just as dark as my soul.

But cuter.

Adonis: Hasn’t this been fun? What do you say we extend our vacation?

Rowan: It’s so boring!

Galatea: So many insects… I can’t take much more of this.

Acacia: Sooner or later, that campfire is going to start a forest fire and then we’ll all be toast – literally!

Caly: I don’t want to spend any more of my final nights in a tent.

Oly: I haven’t played World of Warcraft in so long… I think I’m going into withdrawal.

At least Clemmie and Vlad aren’t complaining.

Back at home, Adonis had to eat more beetles for his aspiration.

Wait, I thought you were a vegetarian?

Adonis: I’m sure insects count as vegetables.

Face. Palm. I don’t think he even got a negative moodlet from this.

Adonis: Anyone want to try some unidentified berries with me? The fun of it is, there’s no telling whether they’re poisonous before you eat them!

Acacia: Let me think about it… NO. I’m sure the creator would use that as a way to bump me off. I can tell she’s out to get me.

Paranoid much?

Caly: I don’t have much time left and I don’t particularly fancy shortening it by any more if it’s all the same to you.

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