Chapter 2.25

Last chapter, I broke the news to Clemmie that she will not be eligible for 3rd gen heiress (she did not take it well), Galatea maxed the wellness skill, Vlad maxed singing and bowling, Acacia maxed the comedy skill, Oly played video games, Rowan spied on the residents of Strangerville and heard a little more than he had bargained on, and Vlad completed his aspiration and begun the public enemy aspiration.

Rowan finally manged to get the key card for the Secret lab’s door.

Rowan: You know what? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this alone. If I had a dog…


Rowan: Ohhh look pink confetti!

Just don’t breath in any of that ‘confetti’.

Rowan: This plant looks kinda trippy – I bet it’s what the townspeople are getting high on… In which case, this must be a drugs lab!

How wrong you are.

Rowan: Hey, scientist dude, did you work at the secret lab?

Scientist: I shouldn’t be telling you this but yes.

Rowan: So, can you tell me how to make the ‘magic potion’.

Scientist: You mean the antidote?

Rowan: The antidote to boredom, right? *winks*

Scientist: That information is classified. But I can tell you now there’s something monstrous underneath that lab. Something very evil and very dangerous. You don’t want to go back there.

Vlad worked on his aspiration i.e. did what comes most naturally to him: being mean to people.

Vlad: Did you forget to cut the hair on top of your head? You look disgraceful!

Random guy: Hey, this is a very fashionable hairstyle.

Remember Dale Romeo? He was one of Oly’s boyfriends.

Vlad: Bet you didn’t know that Oly’s been cheating on you.

Dale: He would never!

Vlad: He would never!

Dale: Stop it!

Vlad: Stop it!

Random woman: Please don’t hurt me, I’m pregnant!

Vlad: Pregnant? Who agreed to breed with you?

Vlad! I think that one went too far!

Acacia: You’ve been back at that lab again, haven’t you?

Rowan: Yes…

Acacia: I really wish you wouldn’t. I can tell it’s not safe. There’s some big government cover up going on.

Rowan: Whatever you say, sis.

Caly: Gosh, there must be something wrong with my camera. I look old in this video! A little bit of airbrushing here and there… And it’s fixed!

And Caly maxed the media production skill!

Vlad: Now go and get a proper haircut!

Galatea: Dale, I think you should go. Dad’s clearly not in a good mood.

Too late for Dale.

Caly: Go on, Vlad! Get him! No no hit him behind the head – behind the head!

Vlad: Darling, I know what I’m doing!

Right through the ceiling, huh?

Vlad: Told you I would win.

Caly: You were very impressive.

Dale: I’m seeing stars…

You’re fine. Those are just Vlad and Caly’s celebrity auras.

Quick Dale, escape when Vlad’s distracted!

Clementine is still working on her rock-climbing skill. This skill is such a massive pain, it’s takes such a long time.

Oly and Rowan hugged which was cute.

Oly: Brothers stick together forever, right?

Rowan: Right.

Wrong! At least one of you is getting kicked out at the end of this generation.

Caly: A monster in Strangerville? How fun! I wonder what it is… A sphinx? A minotaur? Oh, or maybe even Medusa?

Rowan: Those all sound terrifying.

Caly: No no, they provide the perfect opportunity to prove one’s heroism.

Rowan: Or, y’know, to die.

The family got a brief vacation to Granite Falls for Adonis’ aspiration.

Adonis: Ah this brings back memories of the endless fishing we did to complete the fish collection.

Don’t worry, we don’t need to collect all of the Granite Falls fish.

Back home in time for New Years Eve and the countdown to midnight.

Vlad and Caly autonomously kissed and Galatea autonomously kissed Adonis on the cheek.

Clemmie: So much yuk.

I got a juice fizzing machine so that Vlad can max that skill.

Vlad: There’s no recipe for fizzy plasma, I’m not interested.


Rowan: A scientist guy said there’s a monster lurking in the depths of the Secret Laboratory in Strangerville. You guys’ll come with me to check that out, right?

Acacia: Ahahahah… Oh, you were serious?

Clemmie: It’s probably better if you go alone since you’re the most expendable of us.

Adonis: Clemmie!

Clemmie: What? You and Mum didn’t really want a fourth child, did you?

Adonis: Well no but you’re not meant to tell him that!

Vlad: You should be careful in that lab, Rowan, you have no idea what might be down there. One moment you might be walking along an empty corridor and then next *lunges forward* – Hissssssss!!!!!!!

Rowan: Ahhhhh!

Vlad: Hahaha you should’ve seen your face.

Adonis: Priceless!

Rowan: Grandad, that wasn’t funny. I thought you were going to bite me!

I know Caly’s getting old…

Caly: Excuse me?

… But I decided she should work on one more skill before she dies: guitar. Love how happy she looks playing.

Acacia: Hey, I was going to use the computer!

Patchy: It’s not my fault I’ve been made redundant by those hydroponic planters. There’s nothing else for me to do.

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