Chapter 2.24

Last time, Oly became a young adult, and Rowan became a teen and got started on the Strangerville Aspiration, Galatea completed her aspiration and Vlad made Father Winter’s life a misery (again).

First up today, we need to have a conversation with Clemmie.

You’re probably wondering why I asked you here alone.

Clemmie: Not really. I already know.

Good, that makes things easier.

Clemmie: It’s about the heir poll, isn’t it?

Yes, glad we’re on the same page.

Clemmie: I’m going to be the new heiress, aren’t I?

Well no. Actually, I’ve eliminated you as a candidate.

Clemmie: WHAT???!!!

You see, since this is a legacy-bachelor challenge, the heir should be the biological child, not only of the previous heir, but of the winner of the previous bachelor/ette challenge. The whole point of the bachelor/ette challenges is that the winner’s genes will continue on in the legacy. Your father was not the winner of Galatea’s bachelorette challenge – he wasn’t even a contestant – so it wouldn’t be fair for you to be the gen 3 heiress. I should have come to this conclusion before.

Clemmie: Dad wouldn’t mind, he loves me like his own daughter – more, I bet.

It’s not about whether Adonis minds, it’s about whether Adonis’ creator minds. It isn’t fair to her.

Clemmie: But I’m your favourite!

I don’t have favourites.

Clemmie: I am though. Admit it!

You have the wrong DNA and that’s the end of it.

Clemmie: I can’t believe this is happening! I should have been the heiress!

You should have been an abortion.

Clemmie: I hate you.

Damnit I can’t even say I hate you back. This is really difficult for me, you’re one of my favourite sims.

Clemmie: I still hate you.

Just a reminder, the heir poll is here:

Heir Poll (gen 3): Straud legacy (ONLY BIO CHILDREN) — The Sims Forums

Vlad: I hear that Clemmie’s been eliminated from the heir poll now. Which of the other three do you think will be the new heir?

Caly: They’re all blessed with our good looks so it’s hard to tell who the people will prefer.

Vlad: Maybe we should make another heir ourselves…

Caly: *giggles*

The house is full, you two.

Galatea: Ugh get a room – some of us are trying to find inner peace.

Woop, Galatea maxed the wellness skill!

Rowan went about Strangerville sticking bugs on unsuspecting sims. Looking at the back of this sim, I’m pretty sure it’s Michael.

Rowan: I barely know you but come give me a hug!

Michael: Sure, why not?

Clemmie: Great grandad Atlas, I need you to smite someone.

I can’t think who that might be.

Clemmie: You, obviously.

I see I am still not forgiven, then.

Vlad: Oh! I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody, Yeah! I wanna dance with some-

What are you singing?

Vlad: Nothing! *cough* I’m gonna fight ’em off!, A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back…

Looks like Vlad maxed the singing skill.

Acacia: I’m telling you grandad, we need to warn Rowan not to go poking his nose any further into that Strangerville stuff. Something dangerous is going on, I can just feel it.

Vlad: Oh Acacia, you don’t need to be so paranoid. There’s nothing out there more dangerous than me. Nothing would dare attack a member of my family.

Since Oly finished his serial romantic aspiration, I’ve now given him the computer whizz aspiration, which fits him because he is a geek and a genius. He’s also got a job as a tech guru now.

Are you ever going to call back any of your many lovers, Oly?

Oly: No time for romance, so many zombies to kill!

Ghost Mayor Whiskers has been continuing to leave piles of feathers in the cypt. Still not the one we need though 😦

Acacia: The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.

Surprisingly, it looks as though Acacia has actually managed to max the comedy skill! Phew, now I can stop googling jokes.

And that meant that Acacia also completed her aspiration!

Why is there a bowling alley outside in the snow? Because I couldn’t find room inside.

Vlad: You want me to max the bowling skill? Well, this will be a walk in the park. As a vampire, I have superior eyesight, balance, and coordination.

Vlad: Told you! Strike!


What were you saying about balance and coordination? Pride comes before a fall 😉

Turns out bowling only has 5 levels and Vlad maxed it quickly.

Rowan tries to gather information on Strangerville by listening in on the bugs that he placed on various sims.

Listening device: Harder! Yes, yes YESSS!!! *door opening noise* No – wait, Chad, it’s not what it looks like!

Rowan: Turnitoffturnitoffturnitoff!!!!

Galatea: Want to play a game of strip chess?

Adonis: What’s strip chess?

Galatea: Each time you lose a chess piece, you have to remove one item of clothing.

Adonis: But I’m only wearing swimming trunks.

Galatea: Exactly.

Galatea: I can’t believe my little boy is all grown up with a job now.

Oly: Yes Mum. I get paid for playing video games. It’s awesome!

Galatea: Aww cute, you think you’re actually earning money.

Oly: Huh?

Galatea: Since the household funds are maxed, we can’t accumulate any more money.

Oly: Well that sucks.

Galatea: I know, son. But you’ll get used to working for nothing.

Vlad had to vote on an NAP again. I don’t remember what he voted for.

Vlad: I don’t know either. I just ticked a random box.

Model citizen.

he also had to persuade someone to vote on an NAP (in order to do this, I had to put a community voting board in the neighbourhood). I forget what he wanted this guy to vote for.

Vlad: Listen well: if you don’t vote exactly as I say in the NAP election, I’ll be paying you a little night time visit.

Random guy: I’m sorry but I have a wife.

Vlad: I mean I’ll break into your house and drink your plasma, idiot!

Random guy: Oh. Well I don’t want that to happen. So, I guess I’ll vote for whatever you want me to.

Eco innovator aspiration? Done!

Random guy: Hey, you said if I voted for what you wanted me to, you wouldn’t drink my plasma!

Vlad: No, I said if you didn’t vote as I told you to, I would drink your plasma. I never made any promises about what would happen if you obeyed me.

I gave Vlad the public enemy aspiration next so he had to be mean to people. I think this guy was called Curtis.

Vlad: Surprise!!

Curtis: Aahhh! What the? Why does this juice taste salty?

Vlad: Because it’s not juice. It’s plasma.

Curtis: You mean it’s blood? I think I’m going to be sick.

Vlad: Is that an eyeball ring?

To cut a long story short, Vlad beat up Curtis. Don’t ask why Curtis has a bag over his head. I think this comes from a mean interaction from Eco Lifestyle.

Vlad: Never. Wear. An eyeball ring. In my presence. Ever. Again!!!

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