Chapter 2.23

In the previous chapter, Clemmie climbed Mount Komorebi Mount Olympus, we completed the metals collection, and that’s pretty much it.

Vlad, what the hell?

Vlad: I. Am. Still. EVIL!!

And you’re going to fix that right now!

Oly became a YA! He got the cat lover trait. I like how Galatea is just ignoring this lol.

Here’s some CAS shots of Oly.

His normal form:

And his mer form:

Not much difference from his teens and he’s still cute!

Winterfest arrived, so I made the family decorate the tree.

Vlad: I still say trees belong outside.

Here it is all completed. Sparkle sparkle.

Clemmie: So, what are we going to do at the bathhouse? Soak in the hot spring? Sit by the fire? Or, we could go skiing?

Galatea: No, I just want to stand here and talk.

Clemmie: What shall we talk about?

Galatea: That’s ok, we’ve talked enough now. Let’s go home.

The last milestone of Galatea’s aspiration was socializing at the Onsen Bathhouse so I literally just had them stand here and talk until the milestone ticked off.

And as you can see, Gal’s aspiration is complete! It was a pretty easy one to do tbh.

Galatea: And those presents are from your father and I.

Clemmie: Oh what did you get us?

Galatea and Adonis:

Acacia: you have no idea, do you?

Adonis: None.

Galatea: They just appeared out of thin air.

Clement: Wait, please! I helped your granddaughter make it up Mount Komorebi without any fatalities or even injuries. Don’t I get any reward for that?

Vlad: Sure.

Clement: Oh thank goodness.

Vlad: I’ll leave you with enough plasma to live.

You are so generous, Vlad.

Vlad: Well, Winterfest is for giving.

Adonis: Are you ok, Gal? You don’t seem full of Winterfest cheer.

Galatea: I was just thinking that this is going to be the last Winterfest we will spend as a family. By next Winterfest, she’ll have kicked out three of the kids.

You didn’t even want Rowan!

Adonis: I know how you feel. But she will never separate us from one another.

Galatea: No, I’d go to the ends of the earth to find you again if she tried that.

Looks like my idea of putting a bush in the crypt worked as Mayor Whiskers’ ghost has been finding feathers in it. We’ve already completed the feather collection and I have hung one of each feather on the wall of the collection room, but I want a second of each feather so that we can assemble the owl statue that you can make from all the feathers too. I only need one more feather but Mayor has yet to find it for me.

Vlad: Money money money…

Just what I was thinking.

And look at that! Household funds maxed!

Rowan: Grandad, are you going to stare creepily at me or sing happy birthday?

Vlad: I wouldn’t be caught undead singing that song. I’d never hear the end of it!

Staring creepily it is, then.

Anyway, Rowan is a teen at last. He got the jealous trait which would be very interesting if he wins the heir poll and therefore has a bachelor challenge. And his aspiration is… Strangerville Mystery! I love that one, so I was excited for that.

Here’s some CAS shots of Rowan. His normal form:

He is soo handsome. He is the only one of the kids to get the grey hair and I think it goes so well with his skin tone and purple eyes.

And his mer form:

Acacia: Why did the chicken go to the seance? To get to the other side.

Rowan: Haha… I don’t get it.

Acacia: Yeah me neither. I hear that seances and chickens might start existing soon, though.

Yeah, if/when I get Paranormal and Cottage Living.

Yes, Clemmie is still working on her rock climbing skill. She is soooo slow.

Clemmie: Hey, I’ve given up years to work on this skill for you. Give me some respect!

Rowan: So, I’ve noticed quite a few people walking around this town high as kites. Where can I get some of what they’re on?

Man: I really wouldn’t recommend it. But if you want to know more, maybe check out that the highly suspicious looking abandoned laboratory.

Rowan: Oh.. kay.

Rowan: item one: A very locked door.


Rowan digs through ‘evidence’.

Rowan: Why would they just leave all this important stuff where anyone could find it?

Because Sims logic.

Rowan: *reading* Hey babe. Are you down for some fun in the supply closet? … Um, I don’t think this is relevant to my investigation.


When I posted this chapter, I opened an heir poll which included all 4 of the gen 3 kids. So far, Clemmie has been winning that poll which made me consider some things. I can’t help but feel that it isn’t fair on afai1261 (the creator of Adonis) if Clemmie is the 3rd gen heir, because the ‘prize’ for winning the bachelor/bachelorette challenge is basically having your sims’ genes continue to the next generation. I think it should be obvious from the posts so far that Clemmie is one of my favourites of the children and I have a lot of fun writing her personality.

But I just feel like in a legacy-bachelor challenge, it should be a rule that the heir has to be related to the winner of the bachelor/bachelorette as well as to the heir/ess. Also, I feel guilty because this should have been a rule from the start but I just liked Clemmie so much that I wanted her to be eligible for heiress. I think it would go against the spirit of the legacy-bachelor challenge for Clemmie to be the gen 3 heiress.

With that said, I’ve made a poll which only includes the kids who are also Adonis’ biological children – here is the link:

Heir Poll (gen 3): Straud legacy (ONLY BIO CHILDREN) — The Sims Forums

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