Chapter 2.21

Quick recap: Last time, Oly ‘messed around’ in a shower and completed his aspiration, Clemmie and Caly got naked at various points, Rowan completed his childhood aspiration, and Vlad finished making all of the hydroponic planters.

I put a rock climbing wall in the greenhouse for Clemmie. It’s out of the rain so it won’t break here.

Vlad: Now that I’m done with all that fabricating, I think we should celebrate.

Caly: I have an idea of where we should start…

Yeah, about that… Actually Vlad, you’ve got to go and learn the pipe organ now. And you Caly need to continue building the flower arranging skill.

Vlad: Curses!

Vlad: Well, at least I get to play creepy music.

Anything that you do is automatically creepy, Vlad.

Clemmie works on the rock climbing skill for her extreme sports enthusiast aspiration.

Clemmie: At long last, I get to stop reading about rock climbing and actually do it!

Oh look, Acacia is becoming a young adult. And Clemmie and Adonis don’t seem to care.

She got the romantic trait which, if she ends up being the next heir, might be interesting for the bachelorette.

Here are some CAS shots.

Normal form:

Still really pretty and, as usual, not much change from teenagehood.

And her mer form:

Since she has the joke star aspiration, I put Acacia into the entertainer career right away.

Meanwhile, the oldest and *cough cough* still unemployed gen 3 child is galivanting around Mount Komorebi.

Clemmie: Hey, I don’t have time for a job! You’re making me work on this aspiration non-stop now.

Yeah that’s true.

Clemmie: Begone, foul demon!

I think that’s just a bug.

Clemmie: You wouldn’t say that if you could see through its glamour as I can with my nymph-eyes.

Gal got to the top of her career as an author!

And since Gal got to the top of her career, that meant Caly was able to complete the successful lineage aspiration!

Galatea had to wear a festival costume for her aspiration.

Galatea: It’s nice and everything, but I think I’m getting frostbite in my toes.


Acacia: Are you sure you should be playing out here alone?

Rowan: Why not?

Acacia: Well you hear stories. Alien abductions, for instance.

Rowan: Then why don’t you play pirate with me?

Acacia: On second thoughts, maybe you should take your chances with the aliens…

Gal and Clemmie went hiking since Clemmie had to go hiking for her aspiration, and Gal had to find a forest spirit for hers.

Galatea: It’s just *sob* so tragic – it says they left behind their loving wife and two children.

Clemmie: Awesome, a cemetery at night! Love the aesthetic, I have to take some pictures of this for my Simstagram.

Clemmie: Last time I was here, a demon disguised as a huge bug attacked me.

Galatea: B-b-bug?! You know I hate insects and you thought now was a good time to warn me?

Clemmie: It’s ok Mum, I’m here to protect you.

Galatea has the squeamish trait, in case you forgot.

Galatea: So we need to turn left there…

Clemmie: Mum I need the toilet!

Galatea: Shhh Clemmie, I’m trying to read the map.

Clemmie: No really, I think I’m going to pee myself!

I don’t think she did actually wet herself but my memory isn’t great.

Listening for echoes at the shrine.

Clemmie: Do you hear great grandad Atlas calling back to us?

Acacia: All alone today, Oly?

Oly: What’s that supposed to mean?

Acacia: Just that you’re a being a bit of a man-who…

Adonis: Acacia, language!

Acacia: I mean a player. You’re being a bit of a player lately.

Adonis: Your brother now realises how important honesty and faithfulness are in relationships. Isn’t that right, son?

Oly: Sure, sure. Honesty and faithfulness. Plus I’ve finished that aspiration now, so there’s that.

What a noble goal to achieve (I wish I knew how to insert an eye roll emoji).

Caly maxed the flower arranging skill.

Caly: And now I get to enjoy my old age in peace.

Nope, it’s the media production skill for you now.

Caly: Actually, that sounds like the perfect skill for a hugely popular celebrity like myself.

I see that age has not dulled your modesty.

Clemmie had to work on the skiing skill for her aspiration, so I sent her off to the slopes.

Clemmie: I can just tell I’m going to be a natural at this.

Ok well be careful.

Clemmie: Pffft, careful is for losers! Geronimo!!!!!

Clemmie: See, it’s so easy!

Clemmie: Ooof!

You were saying?

Clemmie: Someone must’ve tripped me!

Have this screenshot of Clemmie being more successful, because I really like it.

Adonis: … And so I said… Gal, are you listening to me?

Galatea: Hmm? Yes dear, of course. This ball of clay is so mesmerizing, don’t you think?

Why do sims love the clay so much?

Rowan: What were you out doing today?

Clemmie: Oh, y’know, just tearing up the skii slopes.

Rowan: Awww why do I never get to do fun stuff?

Clemmie: Because you’re a little squirt.

What Clemmie is trying to say Rowan, is that once you become a teen life will become more eventful for you. And *spoiler alert* I can definitely vouch for this 😉

Oly: Hey, I didn’t get any romance action this chapter.

And now that you’ve finished your aspiration, you won’t get any more romance for the rest of this generation. You need a break from your woohoo addiction (well, he hasn’t actually had woohoo yet unless you count the ‘messing around’ that teens can do but you get the gist).

Oly: And you left me outside in the pool to freeze to death.

Autonomy was on, you did that to yourself! I saved your stupid ass, thank you very much!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.21

  1. Those cheekbones, that jawline… Acacia is PERFECTION ❤ ❤ ❤
    The sharpness of her jawline was not emphasised with her teen face but now when I see her as YA… Damn!!
    I love her and can't wait to play her in my game!
    Also! Romantic trait would be great for a bachelorette

    Damn Clemmie climbing rocks like that without gloves and other protective gear looks dangerous!

    Oh god eww Clemmie is right, that bug is a demon *shudders*

    Love Galatea and Clemmie getting some quality mother-daughter time

    There's probably a pee bush somewhere Clemmie, you'll be fine

    Can't wait to see how Rowan ages up then and how interesting his teenhood will be!

    Oh Oly, you dumbass lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is really beautiful, for sure! Got a lot of her Dad in her 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do with her! I’ll upload all of the kids once I’m done posting chapters for this gen.

      Yes, the romantic trait would be a great trait for a bachelorette! We might get some more autonomous flirting than usual.

      Watching sims free climb gives me second hand anxiety haha.

      The bugs in SE are enormous. If I encountered a bug like that irl I’d run for the hills.

      The next two chapters are up now and Oly becomes a teen in the second one!

      Liked by 1 person

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