Chapter 2.18

In the previous chapter, Clemmie threw more parties, Oly continued to flirt with anything with a pulse, and Vlad kept churning out those hydroponic planters.

Rowan: It’s not fair. The evil voice won’t let me have a dog. But I’d be such a good dog owner, wouldn’t I?

Clemmie: Maybe great grandad Atlas could have Hades send Cerberus up to play with you? He’s kind of fierce looking with all the fangs but I bet having three heads will make him really good at playing fetch.

Rowan: Um… You know, I think he’s probably too busy guarding the underworld.

Marilyn: As Oly’s sister, do you think he’s serious about our relationship?

Clemmie: Of course! You’re the only one for him…

Clemmie: *sniggers* … Give or take a few others.

Galatea: Maybe we shouldn’t have had so many kids. It means less attention on us now.

Adonis: That’s true, but the baby making part was fun.

Galatea: It was… And now we can do what we want without worrying about the possibility of making any more babies.

They’re so cute ❤

Gal had to go sledding for her aspiration, so here she is doing that.

Galatea: Please don’t let me crash, please don’t let me crash…

Next, she had to soak for a long time in a hot spring. And I mean a LONG time. She kept trying to get out and I had to turn off free will to keep her in there for ages and ages.

Oly decided to hit on one of the guests to Clemmie’s latest party. His name is Dale Romeo.

Oly: *throws rose petals* roses are red, violets are blue. If you were a null hypothesis, I wouldn’t reject you.

Dale: I have no idea what that means.

Neither do I, but Oly is a genius so he probably does.

Whatever Oly said, it clearly worked.

Vlad completed his good vampire aspiration, meaning he was now free to drink from sims again! Next up: the ‘eco innovator’ aspiration which, since he is already in the civil designer career, should be fairly easy to complete.

Vlad: Greetings, my favourite plasma pack. You will be glad to know that your plasma need go to waste no longer!

Clement: Oh sure I didn’t need it for anything important like pumping round my body.

Somehow Vlad manages to drink Clement’s blood plasma through that helmet. He must have very sharp fangs.

Meanwhile, Oly has found another party guest to hit on. This time, it’s a girl called Marjorie Broke (at least, I think this is Marjorie but it’s a little hard to tell as she’s wearing a costume).

Oly: You make a very beautiful Princess Leia… But I’d prefer to see you in her slave costume from Return of the Jedi.

Marjorie: I actually have no idea who Princess whatshername is. The game just dressed me in this outfit.

I believe this is Epimetheus in the Darth Vader costume mentoring Adonis in logic again.

Rowan: Don’t forget about me! I’m still working on my aspiration.

Which nobody cares about since I’ve completed this childhood aspiration a million times already.

More fabrication for Vlad, since we still don’t have hydroponic planters for all the plants yet.

Clemmie carved a pumpkin for the party.

Vlad: I see you got lucky with your costume. This dratted armour is so uncomfortable!

Caly: Maybe you should take it off.

Vlad: Oh really?

Caly: Come with me, I have an idea.

Of course I had them woohoo in the new hotspring.

Caly: This is the perfect place to show you some of my aquatic nymph talents.

Did not need that image.

Vlad: What if one of Clemmie’s guests sees us?

Caly: Then we’d better hide underwater.

More rock climbing reading for Caly and herbalism reading for Adonis (he’s in the batman suit).

Another gold medal for the party!

Also, both Acacia and Oly maxed the charisma skill.

Those hydroponic planters are coming along. Wish they didn’t take so long to make, though.


Why are you screaming???

Caly: You don’t get this good at a nymph war-cry without practice.

Acacia: Would you like to hear a joke, Rowan?

Rowan: Yes, and make it about dogs!

Acacia: What kind of dog would grandad have?

Rowan: He doesn’t have a dog.

Acacia: But if he did have a dog, what sort would he have?

Rowan: I don’t know

Acacia: A bloodhound!


Acacia: That’s the part where you laugh. You know, because he’s a vampire?

Oly brings home Spencer Iona.

Oly: I hear you’re a merman like me. We should make some waves some time.

Spencer: Absolutely.

Acacia: He’s not seducing another one is he?

Acacia: Well, I guess that answers my question…

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.18

  1. Ah Rowan if I ever play you in my game I will definitely give you a nice little dog!
    Love Clemmie’s offer of Cerberus though haha

    Did Galatea crash? 😉 lol I love it when they fall over, it’s always hilarious. They do it so often when they’re first starting out!

    Ooh! I know what a null hypothesis is!
    In statistics for scientific investigations, the null hypothesis represents there being no differences in the data gathered from different parameters being investigated (based on the variable that the experimenter changes). For example, for my research project earlier this year, I investigated the composition of bird communities in forests of varying size. The null hypothesis would mean that there are no differences in the composition of the bird community between each forest; the alternative hypothesis states that there are differences.
    A statistical test is performed on the data to produce a p-value – if this number is small enough (less than 0.05), then the differences between the variables is significant and there is sufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis.
    Not rejecting the null hypothesis is actually a bad thing in terms of the experiment: basically, if your p-value is really high (like mine was in that bird investigation) then your data is bad and you didn’t answer the question you were investigating – well you did answer it, but in cases like this where you’d expect there to be differences, there are none and there’s really nothing worthwhile to discuss and the experiment was pointless. So I had no choice but to accept the null hypothesis for my investigation and say that statistically, there were no differences in bird communities in forests of different sizes.
    So yeah, that’s what not rejecting the null hypothesis is! It’s basically accepting that you have nothing to talk about because you can’t make comparisons between the study sites or anything, and so your paper probably won’t get published because it adds nothing to the knowledge of what you’re investigating

    Oh I think Dale is related to Sergio (because of his surname) and Siobhan! Might be wrong about Siobhan though

    Well done Vlad for completing the good vampire aspiration!

    Sorry Rowan, being a kid born into this family means you’ll be forgotten until you’re a teen lol. They really need to add more child aspirations, doing the same 4 over and over again gets tiresome!

    I love that Vlad and Caly are still going strong!

    In one of my saves, Vlad does have a dog but he’s a skeleton dog, not a bloodhound. Damn I should have given him a bloodhound! Skeleton dog fits better with the whole aesthetic of Vlad’s castle though.

    Oly has some nice pick up lines! And Spencer looks good with that long hair!
    Acacia’s just like, “Bro, seriously???”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If Rowan ends up winning the heir poll I will have to get him a dog! I never play with dogs in TS4 because they are a pain but oh well.

      I actually don’t remember if she crashed or not. I would guess probably yes!

      Thank you for your explanation about the null hypothesis! I am now slightly more knowledgeable Until I forget again because I have the memory of a goldfish!

      I went into Dale’s household to look at his family tree but unfortunately his parents are blanks so I guess the game has culled them. We shall never know who they are but probably he is related to Sergio somehow.

      Maybe they’ll do a kids pack one day and add more childhood aspirations. That’d be nice.

      Ah a skeleton dog sounds awesome! Maybe if Rowan wins the heir poll he and gets a dog he will get a bloodhound or a skeleton dog haha. I wish he could have a three headed dog like Cerberus though.

      I have to credit google for all the pickup lines!

      Liked by 1 person

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