Chapter 2.17

Last time, Oly became a teen and got started on the serial romantic aspiration, Vlad finally was able to start making hydroponic planters, and Rowan became a child.

Galatea: would you happen to know why is there a hole cut out of the pages in this book?

Acacia: I’m going to hide my prized possessions in there in case of the apocalyptic collapse of society.

Galatea: And you’re expecting that?

Acacia: You never know, it could happen any day now.

Vlad’s slowly but surely making those hydroponic planters. 8 down, 40 more to go!

Clemmie read up on rock-climbing, while Adonis read a book on herbalism.

Oly: My date’s going to be here any moment now!

Rowan: Your date? What’s their name?

Oly: Um… Blonde girl?

So this happened on Oly’s date with Marilyn. Oops lol.

(Sorry I cut the other pictures of this date to save space),

Still got a gold medal for that date, though!

The next party Clemmie threw was a kava party. Adonis made a toast to Clemmie.

Adonis: To my eldest child! You’re almost all grown up now but you’ll always be my little Clemmie wemmie.

Clemmie: I wish the underworld would open up and swallow me now.

We got a gold medal for that kava party.

Rowan played on the monkey bars for his aspiration.

Rowan: You know how we talked about me getting a dog the other day?

That’s one way to put it.

Rowan: Well?

Well what?

Rowan: I’m doing what you wanted and working on my motor skill. Do I get a dog now?

Let me think about it… No.

Meanwhile, Rowan has found his second romantic interest: Dina Vainu’upo.

(By the way, I should point out that I only had him go after romance other teens).

Oly: Are you the Force? ‘Cause I’m attracted to you.

Dina: *giggles* I don’t know what that means but you’re cute.

Second first kiss secured.

Look at this!

Vlad: Yes look at me, I’m about to die of thirst.

You’re already dead, Vlad, and nobody cares. What I meant was look at the household funds! For 10/10 points on the fortune section of the scoring we needed $5,700,000 so we’ve officially got the maximum number of points in that section of the scoring now! And it’s only gen 2 still!

Vlad: Since you won’t be needing all the plants anymore, can I stop making these hydroponic planters?

Not a chance! I want to max the household funds which means we’re keeping all the plants. And I want to keep them all anyway just in case we need lots of money in future. Plus I’m quite proud of the huge garden so I want to keep it for sentimental reasons anyway.

Vlad: Sigh. More work for me, then.

Vlad: Do you remember how we started our married life?

Caly: Of course! In an empty plot of land and no money in the world.

Vlad: But now look at us: world famous celebrities living in a mansion with almost six million simoleons in the bank.

Caly: You shouldn’t be surprised. With our talents, we were never going to be anything other than successful.

Vlad: And yet, we had the most important thing right from the start.

Caly: Each other?

Vlad: Yes

Next up for Oly is Myra Landgraab who if I recall correctly was a childhood friend of Oly’s.

Oly: Wow, you grew up hotter than the flames of Mustafar.

Myra: Likewise.

Acacia: What do you call undisclosed sharing in a relationship? Cheating.

Myra: What did she say?

Oly: Don’t mind her, she’s just a bad comedian.

Clemmie: I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I think that Zeus might have called down a plague upon us. I’m covered in red spots.

Oly: Sorry, Clemmie, we can talk later. I need to go introduce myself to that fine-looking guy over there.

Acacia: Another one?

(The guy is Seth Greenberg).

Oly: Are you a cat? Because you’re purrrrrrfect.

Cringe alert! Cringe alert!

Oly: What? He’s wearing cat ears.

Adonis had to get his logic skill up for work. so he asked Epimetheus to mentor him while he was over attending one of Clemmie’s many parties. If you recall, he’s a conservationist in the marine biology branch.

Epimetheus: What does chess have to do with fish?

Adonis: the watcher only knows.

Enjoying your rock climbing book, Clemmie?

Clemmie: EEEK EEEK EEEEK!!! That’s nymph-talk for **** you! I can’t believe you’re making me miss my own party to read a book of all things.

Caly and Rowan dancing there.

Rowan: Grandma, can I do a keg stand?

Caly: NO, you’re far too young to be drinking juice!

Rowan: Awwwww.

Gold medal!

Galatea had to ask the Mt Komorebi mascot for a selfie for her aspiration.

Oly and Myra shared their first kiss. Well, first kiss for her anyway.

Rowan: They’re kissing behind me, aren’t they?


Rowan: Gross. I can’t believe you’re letting Oly have all the girlfriends and boyfriends he wants and I can’t even have one little dog.

Um not really the same thing, Rowan.

Vlad: Can I stop making these hydroponic planters yet?

Do we have enough for all the plants yet?

Vlad: No…

Then you’ve answered your own question.

As it turns out, Vlad did take a break to help Adonis with his logic skills, while Acacia continued practicing her comedy.

Acacia: Dad, grandad, want to hear a chess joke?

Adonis: Go on then.

Acacia: The other day, I defeated a chess master in three moves. I got up, picked up a chair and hit him over the head with it.

Vlad: Acacia, do you still want to be a comedian?

Acacia: Yes! Why?

Vlad: Perhaps you should consider other career paths.

Caly works on her flower arranging skill while Galatea works on the wellness skill.

Yet another party. I think this was a black and white bash.

Clemmie: Wait, Dad, where are you going?

Dana: Home.

Clemmie: No, you can’t go! Don’t leave me – not again!

Dana: Can you let go of me? This suit was very expensive and I don’t want it getting crumpled.

Atlas came to the party.

Galatea: It’s so nice to see you, brother. How’s life treating you?

Atlas: Well my wife died so that’s been hard.

Galatea: You were married? I mean – I’m so sorry to hear that.

Atlas’ wife was a lot older than him and I think she actually died a while ago. They never had any children 😦

Meanwhile, Oly kisses Seth for the first time.

Adonis: I can’t help but notice Oly that you’re acquiring a lot of partners. Are they all ok with that?

Oly: Eh what they don’t know can’t hurt them. Um actually that’s not true – not knowing that there’s a high level of radiation in a room can hurt you – unless it gives you superpowers like Spidersim, of course… That would be awesome. Wait, what were we talking about?

Another gold level party 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.17

  1. Acacia! Hiding your prized possessions in case of the apocalypse is a great idea, but never when it involves mutilating a poor innocent book!
    She’s right though, society is really going down the drain lol

    Oly looks so excited for his date! And damn Adonis, still looking so good without a shirt on

    I have had IL for like 2 years now and my sims have never thrown a kava party. Although to be fair my sims just plain don’t throw parties, I think I’d hate to do the party animal aspiration

    Okay the fact that Acacia is just in the background commenting on Oly’s new lovers and dates is hilarious to me

    Poor Rowan, missing out on literally everything!

    Vlad, don’t be mean to your granddaughter, she has talent. Acacia, you’re doing great lol

    And now poor Clemmie, her father just abandoning her again and again…

    RIP Atlas’ wife

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Desperate times clearly call for desperate measures lol.

      Yeah Oly can’t believe his luck that he gets all this romance action.

      Adonis will always look good without a shirt on ❤

      I'm glad you liked that part, I felt like it was something she would do!

      Interesting stuff is coming for Rowan, but not until he is a teen!

      Acacia is a good comedian really, but I just found the idea of her family putting her down funny (I guess I'm just mean!)

      Yeah poor Galatea but she has an awesome father in Adonis 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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