Chapter 2.16

Not sure if I really need to keep doing these ‘last time’ recaps at the beginning of each chapter. But in case you forgot, last time we basically just had more parties (I know very boring – that is why I hate the party animal aspiration).

It was finally time for Oly to become a teen! He got the genius trait which fits perfectly with the geek trait that he got as a child. For his aspiration he rolled the mansion baron aspiration.

Here’s some CAS shots of him.

Normal form:

Handsome, isn’t he? He looks so much like Adonis, though it’s a shame he got Vlad’s eye shape from Galatea.

And here’s his mer form:

Turns out his aspiration was really quick to complete. Because the family already has a huge house worth $$$ and lots of cash, all of the milestones of the aspiration were immediately completed except for purchasing 20 columns. After doing that, he finished the aspiration!

(Excuse the clothes Oly is wearing in the bottom left of this screenshot, I took it before giving him a makeover).

For his next aspiration I have given him serial romantic… Maybe not very in character for him now that I think about it since he is a geek and a nerd (geek and genius traits) but oh well!

Vlad finally got the hydroponic planters blueprint approved so he was able to make it on the fabricator.

Vlad: Now you’ve got what you wanted I can stop using this damn fabricator, right?

Yeah, about that… You can’t copy and paste the hydroponic planters in build/buy, so you’re going to have to make all of them from scratch.

Each hydroponic planter fits 4 plants and we have 86 orchids, 105 dragonfruit plants and 1 death flower bush (= 192 plants). So overall we need 48 hydroponic planters.

Vlad: You’re telling me I have to make 47 more of these?


Oly’s first target was Marilyn Illes.

Oly: Did it hurt when you fell from Asgard?

Marilyn: Erm… What?

Oly: You know, because you’re a goddess.

Caly: No, she’s not. And there’s no such place as Asgard, those Norse myths are utter fiction. The only real Gods live on Mount Olympus.

(Since Oly has the geek trait, I figured that geeky pickup lines would be up his alley).

Oly secured his first first kiss!

Caly maxed the DJ mixing skill.

Caly: This time I’m done with skilling for good, right?

Guess again!

Caly’s next skill was flower arranging.

I should note that I’ve given Caly lots of reward traits from the reward store which make her needs go down really slowly so she has more time to work on skills.

Vlad found the final crystal which we needed to complete the crystal collection! I was starting to think I would never get this one. We already have all the collection points that we need for the legacy so this doesn’t count but it’s still nice to have completed the collection.

And here’s the crystal collection on display.

Adonis: Psst do you know anything about Oly’s new girlfriend?

Acacia: Why don’t you ask Oly about her?

Adonis: Well I don’t want to look like a nosy parent, do I? So, what do you think?

Acacia: Let’s just say I don’t think she’s unique – if you know what I mean.

Adonis: I don’t.

She means Oly’s going to have many romantic partners 😉

Meanwhile, Galatea completed her aspiration. Galatea was writing books A LOT but I didn’t include many screenshots of that because they were kind of boring to look at. She got the Mount Komorebi Sightseer aspiration next.

Rowan’s birthday arrived at long last and he became a child! So glad to have no more tots in the house. He got the dog lover trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

Here are some CAS pics of him:

I think I forgot to mention this before but Rowan will have grey hair as a teen. He got cheese hair as a toddler and child because the game tried to give him Galatea’s grey hair and failed because there’s no grey hair swatch for toddlers and children.

For her new aspiration, Gal had to swim in this lake in Mount Komorebi. Love this screenshot. We don’t see Gal’s mermaid form enough (sorry about that!)

Acacia: Do you ever get the feeling that we’re being watched?

Galatea: Watched by who? And how?

Acacia: Who knows? There could be cameras hidden anywhere – in the pool, in the walls, even in that barbeque grill over there…

Acacia has the paranoid trait, so I’m trying to bring that out, without making her too much like Caly and Clemmie with their erratic traits.

I made Acacia work on the violin skill. I think this was preparation for the entertainment career which I wanted her to go into as a YA.

Acacia, that poor violin sounds like a cat being strangled.

Acacia: Er yeah that’s exactly what I was going for! I call this piece ‘strangled cat’.

Rowan, what are you doing?

Rowan: Looking at puppy videos. Can we get a dog? I want a dog!

Get off the computer, you’re meant to be working on your movement skill – go do some exercise!

Rowan: If I had a dog I could get exercise walking it.

Well we don’t have a household slot anyway so I couldn’t give you a dog even if I wanted to (which, I might add, I do not! Dogs are so much effort in TS4).

Galatea: The kids are growing up so fast, aren’t they? I can’t believe they’re all teenagers now.

Adonis: Except Rowan.

Galatea: Rowan? Oh yes, Rowan! He’s just a toddler.

Adonis: No, he’s a child now.

Galatea: That’s what I meant.

Poor Rowan, always getting forgotten. And Gal was even the one to take Rowan to the birthday cake.

A rare shot of Patchy actually tending the plants.

Patchy: I hear that these new hydroponic planters are going to put me out of a job so I’d better prove that I can be useful.

Yes, a job that you literally never do. Don’t worry, you can still stick around as a plasma pack for Vlad.

I want Galatea to work on maxing the wellness skill so I had her mediate.

Vlad: *muttered curses*

Galatea: You seem tense, Dad. You should come mediate with me.

Vlad: I can’t, the evil voice is forcing me to make hundreds of these bloody plant pots.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration, Vlad. We only need 48 of them.

Oly invited Marilyn for a date at the house.

Marilyn: Oh you’re making dinner for me? How thoughtful!

Oly: *sticks finger in ear* Sorry, what did you say?

And of course after that he kept preparing the salad as if nothing had happened. Gross, Oly.

Clemmie’s been continuing to read up on rock climbing.

Clemmie: Just one flush and bye bye boring book!

Don’t even think about it, Clemmie.

Clemmie: Why did you get rid of the rock climbing wall?

It kept breaking in the rain and there was no room for it inside.

Despite the ‘earwax salad’, Oly still got a gold medal for his date with Marilyn.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.16

  1. Actually I think Oly looks more like Galatea – if you were to genderbend him and change his skintone and hair/eye colour to match hers then there’d be virtually no differences between them. I’d go even so far as to say that he is completely a clone of Galatea feature-wise, but with Adonis’ colouring which probably contributes to the perception that he looks like his dad.
    His lips are thicker than Adonis’, and the nose bridge is flatter (Adonis’ nose has a very distinctive curve that Galatea’s nose doesn’t, and this can be seen if you compare Galatea to Acacia)
    That doesn’t mean he’s not handsome though! I see he got Vlad’s nose in his mer form, but love that he got Adonis’ mer form eye colour. Now I can’t wait to see if Rowan got the shiny purple eyes too!

    Oh, so that’s why Oly’s life got interesting… 😉 At least he won’t knock up all of his lovers like my serial romantics all tend to do… *cough*

    The crystal collection looks super pretty!

    Is one of Galatea’s books called “Tall Tales for Short Adults”???

    Oh Rowan is such a cute kid! I barely ever use that curly hair but it suits him

    Oly’s earwax salad is just a continuation of his numerous dirt theory science experiments that he started as a child. Wait I remember him and Marilyn as children when he was green and stinky taking a picture together in an earlier chapter! For his social butterfly aspiration.
    Chapter 2.11!
    Who knew that they would eventually get together lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow I genderbent Oly and changed his skintone and hair colour to match Galatea’s to see if you were right and you’re spot on! He is almost a Galatea clone!

      Yes if Oly had been a YA I might have allowed that but as a teen – hell no!

      I don’t think I have actually completed the crystal collection before so I’m pretty pleased 🙂

      Tbh I think I always just accepted the game’s suggested book titles for Galatea… That title does sound familiar.

      I don’t use it much either but I wanted some variety! We really need more child hairstyles but it does look good on him, I agree.

      Yes, it’s the same Marilyn! I think a lot of Oly’s lovers were sims he met as a kid doing the social butterfly aspiration.

      Liked by 1 person

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