Chapter 2.15

Welcome back! Last chapter, Acacia became a teen and Clemmie threw her a ‘surprise’ birthday party.

Caly: I see you staring at me, Helios! Any false moves and my father will end you.

That’s a pot of sunflowers, Caly.

Caly: That’s what he wants you to think. But what kind of flowers do you think a sun god would disguise himself as, hmmm? Sun! Flowers!

But why would he disguise himself as flowers at all? if he’s the literal sun, he can see everything you’re doing without having to come down here to spy on you.

Clementine: Another party? Ugh I hate people.

It’s your own fault for getting the worst aspiration in the history of all aspirations.

This party was a spooky party.

I need Vlad to paint all of the emotion paintings for the legacy scoring and he did this angry painting. I don’t think I’ve seen this one before and I love it so much.

I made Caly carve a pumpkin to complete one of the spooky party goals. Why is a Greek demi-goddess dressed as a Roman Gladiator you ask? I have no idea.

Galatea actually spent some time with her youngest son. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself too much lol.

Rowan: Rowan want ground, Rowan want ground!

Galatea: You want me to shake you up and down? Ok then!

Another party, another gold medal! And Galatea maxed the charisma skill, too.

We managed to collect all of the emotion paintings for the scoring. The shark one is still my favourite.

Vlad: *grabs Caly*

Caly: Vlad!

Vlad: I’m sorry dear but I couldn’t let you just walk past looking like that.

Rowan: Granny, Grandpa, what’re you doing?

Caly: Um nothing just… Building a blanket fort.

Rowan: Can Rowan play too?

Vlad and Caly: NO!!!!!

Acacia practiced her comedy skill.

Acacia: What did the fish say when he swam into a wall? Dam.


Acacia: Well, what did you think of that joke?

Caly: Oh, did you finish telling it? I was still waiting for the punch line. I mean – very funny sweetheart, very funny.

Clemmie had to throw a parties at several different locations for her aspiration, so she threw a black and white bash at the Von Haunt Estate.

Clemmie: Thanks for coming, Dad. It’s so great to spend time with you.

Dana: Yeah yeah. Listen, I heard there would be free snacks. Where can I get some of those?

Keoni: That guy is a bit of a douchebag, isn’t he?

Acacia: Waaahhh! ghost!

Mimsy: Rude. That’s Lady Mimsy Shallot to you.

Oly and Galatea both attended the party and neither were too happy. Galatea spent the whole time writing a book on her laptop.

Galatea: How am I meant to focus on writing my book with all this noise and that foul smell?

I don’t know about the noise, but that smell is coming from you (and your son).

Oly: Muuuum I’m bored! When can we go home?

Stop complaining, Oly. This is the only screenshot you’re getting this chapter, so you’d best make the most of it (sorry about that!)

Gold medal earned!

Adonis was teaching Rowan something here.

Adonis: Cows go moo, cats go…?

Rowan: Bark! Bark!

Adonis: Galatea, want to help me teach Rowan?

Galatea: What’s that? Oh sorry the evil voice is telling me to go and write another book.

Liar. You just don’t want to spend time with your own child!

Adonis maxed the parenting skill, yay!

I want to max all the skills from SE, so I had Clemmie work on rock climbing.

Clemmie: I have to learn how to rock climb from a boring old book? You couldn’t have got a rock climbing wall?

I did later get the rock climbing wall, as you can see to the side of the screenshot below (though turns out that putting it outside isn’t a good idea because… Rain!)

I know I don’t show any of the family as mermaids enough, so here are and Acacia in their mermaid forms. If you remember, I changed Clemmie’s scales from red to black.

Since I’m trying to host every kind of party, Clemmie had to take Rowan on a toddler play date. So, we went in search of toddlers. The little girl here is Kristine Ellison, daughter of Bryon Ellison from the bachelorette.

Rowan: Hello friend!

Kristine: Why is the scary lady glaring at me?

Clemmie was not happy.

Clemmie: Ew, toddlers.

Clemmie took the tots to the park for their play date.

Bryon: Hey, Clemmie, can you watch the kids? I would hang around but… I don’t want to. I’m gonna go do some fishing.

(Yes Bryon did just take off and go fishing as far away at the furthest end of the park lol).

Clemmie: You mean I have to endure toddler babbling for hours on end alone? Wonderful.

Bryon: I knew I could count on you!

Clemmie: Maybe if I leave them out in the open, a vampire-bat will carry them off.

You don’t still believe that story do you, Clemmie?

Gold medal earned for the play date and no toddlers were misplaced! Result!

Adonis: Do you think we were right to trust Clemmie to take Rowan to the park alone?

Galatea: Why not? She’s responsible… ish.

Galatea: And besides, it gives us some alone time.

Caly, how many showers are there in the house?

Caly: It’s not the same. A nymph has to feel the fresh rainwater on her skin once in a while or her nymph powers will fade.

Of course *eye roll*.

The next party that Clemmie threw was a Weenie Roast at Oasis Park.

Caly: This fire provides the perfect atmosphere for a photo shoot. Everyone feel free to take lots of pictures of your favourite celebrity! Hey, why is nobody taking pictures?

Maybe you’re not their favourite celebrity?

Caly: Don’t be ridiculous!

Acacia: Grandma, do you think I’ll ever make it as a comedian?

Caly: Why not, dear? With a famous nymph demi-goddess as your grandmother and a god as your great grandfather, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

Notice she made no mention of Acacia’s own comedic skill.

Yet another gold medal!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.15

  1. I love that Helios is getting in on the action too lol

    Clemmie is very relatable with her attitude towards people!

    Vlad is a true artist! I have never seen that painting before either but it looks very cool

    We don’t have a Greek pack yet but we definitely need one and that was the closest thing Caly could find haha

    Wow Galatea finally remembered that she had another kid running around? Such a great mother

    Bahahaha poor Rowan walking in on his grandparents like that XD

    Damn it my sense of humour is so broken I actually laughed at Acacia’s fish joke…
    Also wow look at her muscles!

    Hi Mimsy! I remember when Adonis and Galatea went on a date at the Von Haunt estate in the bachelorette and Mimsy was spying on them lol

    I see that Oly is still testing his dirt theory

    Well done Adonis for maxing the parenting skill!

    Love seeing the sisters swimming together as mermaids ❤

    Nice to see Bradley and Ramona again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I saw Caly yelling at sunflowers I couldn’t resist lol.

      Clemmie is me when it comes to parties!

      Galatea really didn’t want a fourth child… And neither did I! Next gen, two kids max.

      Thankfully Rowan had no idea what was going on but it did make me laugh. I think he wanted to eat his food in the chair in that room or something.

      I think Acacia is actually really skinny rather than muscly. Her fat bar is right at the bottom – I think she aged up to a child that way actually – and with so many sims in the house I’ve been too lazy to fix it (the same thing happened with Galatea when she was a kid/teen). I’ll go into CAS and drag her fat bar up higher next time I play.

      Omg I forgot about that! I really need to reread my old chapters lol.

      I neglect Oly so badly…

      Liked by 1 person

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