Chapter 2.14

Last time, Clemmie threw a lot of parties – expect more of that this chapter!

Adonis read a bedtime story to Rowan (because he loves him and definitely not only because I needed him to raise his parenting skill).

Adonis: And then the dolphin went *squeak squeak squeak*

Rowan: Squeak?

I finally got round to making Vlad knit the forbidden sweater from Nifty Knitting. What do you think, Vlad?

Vlad: I think that you should get this thing off me before I rip your throat out.

Acacia: Hey Clemmie, what did you get me for my birthday?

Clemmie: It’s your birthday? Hmm… Oh I know, I’ll throw you a surprise party!

Rowan: Surprise?

Clemmie: Ah that’s right, she shouldn’t know. Forget you heard that, Acacia.

Acacia: Sure…

Clemmie did throw Acacia a party but turns out I ditched most of the screenshots from it when deciding what to keep for the chapters. Sorry about that!

Clemmie: Great grandad Atlas, it’s Acacia’s birthday. You’ll come to the party, right? It’s going to be awesome.

Oly seems to have turned to alcohol at a young age.

Oly: What’s the point of anything? I just get ignored in the chapters now.

Don’t worry, I promise that things will start getting interesting for you once you become a teen – very interesting 😉

Vlad is working on maxing the pipe organ skill.

Vlad: Finally, a skill suitable for a distinguished vampire like myself.

Acacia became a teen!

Lol at Caly hugging Dana in the background. Caly, that’s the guy who broke your daughter’s heart, you’re meant to despise him!

Caly: But he says I’m his favourite actress! How can I hate someone with such impeccable taste?


Anyway, here’s some CAS shots of Acacia.

Her normal form:

And her mermaid form:

She’s stunning, right? She got the paranoid trait and the joke star aspiration which is perfect for her because she has the goofball trait!

Caly: You might think you’re fooling me with that plant disguise but I know you’re a spy of Zeus.

Oh good grief.

Caly: Prepare to die!!!

So we’ve come to attacking pot plants, have we?

Vlad decided to play with knives. Knowing him, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Vlad: Come and check out my skills, son!

Epimetheus: I… Think I feel safer watching from here. I’d prefer to keep both of my eyes if it’s all the same to you.

Love Clemmie’s formal outfit.

Random guest: So, where did the birthday girl go?

Clemmie: Eh she had her moment blowing out the candles. Now this party can be all about me.

Adonis: Hey, where did little Rowan go? And what’s that on my back?

Rowan: Sloth! Sloth!

Adonis: There’s a sloth on my back? How did he get there?

Vlad: Euughhh what is this muck?

It’s salad, Vlad. Which you autonomously decided to eat despite the fact that you have the withered stomach weakness.

Vlad: I think I’m gonna puke.

I loved this picture of Rowan with that huge imposing portrait of his grandfather.

Rowan: I’m going to be just like grandad when I grow up.

I surely hope not! Particularly in the looks department…

Vlad: I heard that!

Dana: Galatea, don’t you think it’s time we talked about what happened?

Galatea: What? When you knocked me up then cheated on me?

Dana: Well I wouldn’t put it quite that way but… Yes.

Galatea: Dana, you’re a piece of crap. But, I am grateful that we did break up. I might never have met my wonderful husband otherwise.

Atlas: Should I see him out, sis?

Galatea: Yes thank you, Atlas.

Despite the fact that her party was still happening, I made Acacia start working on her comedy skill for her aspiration immediately.

Acacia: What do you always get on your birthday? One year older!

That joke doesn’t even work in the sims, Acacia. Going on looks, you went from about 10 years old to at least 16.

Oly danced to Caly’s music. I think it must have been out of pity, since nobody else was dancing.

Caly: They’re just too intimidated by my greatness to be in my presence.

Oly: Uh yeah that’s totally it.

Clemmie: Dad, my other Dad keeps ignoring me. Should I ‘accidentally’ drop these dishes on his head.

Adonis: Clementine Straud, don’t you even think about it.

Clemmie got a gold medal for Acacia’s birthday party.

Adonis and Galatea got a moment together. They’re so cute ❤

Caly decided to twerk and I think we all know what Vlad is looking at here.

Vlad: Why did you stop? I was enjoying the view.

Caly: What can I say? I’ve still got it.

Since the family is rich, I was able to complete the voidcritter cards collection by buying lots of booster packs. I’ve now completed 13 collections, which means I have 5/5 points for the collections part of the scoring!

Here’s the collection of voidcritter cards!

Clemmie: So, did you enjoy the party?

Oly: Grandma made me dance to her lame music all afternoon.

Adonis: It’s not fair, why didn’t I get a birthday party?

Be grateful that I even remembered a cake for you and Galatea!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.14

  1. Ooh I wonder what will happen when Oly becomes a teen… a trip to Batuu? Selvadorada? Can’t wait to find out lol

    Yesssss finally Acacia is a teen!
    Damn she is hot!! Love that hairstyle for her too and that the hair clips go with the eyes and her whole colour aesthetic ❤
    Her mermaid form is gorgeous too and I love that she got the bright shiny pink eyes from Adonis! If you couldn't tell, I'm really excited about this lol
    She looks so much like her father, but it's a good thing!

    And that joke star aspiration is perfect for her, but the boy I'd enter if she was the bachelorette has the exact same one so if you didn't want to complete the same aspiration twice at the exact same time I'd have to change his aspiration… I'll figure it out and it is 100% dependent on whether Acacia is heir or not

    Well Caly is right of course, all of the other Olympians are at the party, aren't they? 😉 But Zeus wasn't invited, obviously, so he had to send some spies in to keep an eye on the other gods

    Rowan is so cute even if he doesn't get much screen time

    I just love it when vampires grab food autonomously when they have a withered stomach…

    Hahaha yes Clemmie drop those dishes on Dana's head!

    Congrats Clemmie for getting gold!

    Adonis and Galatea were really made for each other, I swear

    I can't imagine how devastated Vlad will be when Caly dies 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will have to wait and see 😉 I hope I didn’t big it up too much though XD

      I’m so glad you like how I dressed Acacia! I spent ages picking out her clothes and I think they look really nice on her. SE has some great CAS. She definitely got a lot of her father’s looks – she’s beautiful!

      Spoiler alert: Acacia has already completed the joke star aspiration but I don’t mind completing it again if you really want to submit a sim with that aspiration 🙂

      Having so many sims in the household means they often don’t all get as many screenshots as they should have in the chapters. Only 2 kids next gen, I swear!

      I think Vlad might have grabbed food because it was a dinner party or something because he doesn’t usually do that. It’s so dumb though.

      Aww yes I know it’s weird to think of Vlad without Caly honestly 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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