Chapter 2.13

Welcome back! Last chapter, Clemmie became a teen, Rowan became a toddler, and Galatea and Adonis both became adults. And that’s about all the important stuff, so let’s get into this chapter.

Acacia managed to complete her childhood aspiration, which meant that I could now ignore her for the rest of her childhood (sorry not sorry).

I got Snowy Escape and I loved this hair and some of the clothes from SE, so Clemmie had a little makeover. I think this hair suits her so well! I also changed the colour of her scales in her mermaid form. They were red and now they’re black.

Obviously, for her Life of the Party aspiration, Clemmie had to throw a LOT of parties. Plus, I need to host and get a gold medal for all of the kinds of party for the legacy scoring. We started off with a keg party.

Clemmie: *splutter*

Clement: Oof I’m a bit old for this, I don’t think my back can take it much longer.

Clemmie: Don’t you dare drop…

Clemmie: … Me

Epimetheus and Atlas were invited to the party.

Epimetheus: I just don’t know what I did wrong. The evil voice never speaks to me anymore.

Atlas: She doesn’t speak to me either.

Clemmie: Well you don’t matter to her anymore, do you?

Harsh but true.

For the scoring, the heir and spouse have to be memorialized every generation and one way of doing that is to have a sim with level 8 painting or higher paint them. Since Vlad has level 10 painting I had him paint Adonis and Galatea. Their portraits were begun before they became adults so they’re still young adults in these paintings.

Vlad: You’re only keeping me around so that I can paint the heir and their spouse every generation, aren’t you?


Caly provided the music for the party as she worked on her DJ skill while Acacia cleaned up.

Caly: Hey, how come everyone left the room?

Acacia: Maybe they want to keep both of their eardrums intact.

Caly: What?

Acacia: I guess it’s too late for your eardrums.

For some reason, everyone suddenly started refusing to use the stairs so I had to add a random second set of stairs to the house. They’re a bit of an eyesore. I hope this glitch has been fixed now.

Clemmie got a gold medal for her party!

And here’s Vlad painting Galatea.

Vlad: It’s not fair, you made me paint all day and miss the party.

You hate parties.

Vlad: Well yes but there were so many potential victims to drink from.

Yes, that’s exactly what the party was missing: a vampire attack.

Here are the paintings which Vlad painted of Galatea and Adonis. The first time I had him try to paint Adonis he was doing the ‘hungry’ animation and I thought it was funny so I kept it.

I really need a room just to put all the paintings in.

After a bit of googling, I discovered that in order to get the hydroponic planters I would have to have Vlad keep drafting eco-invention concepts on the tablet and submitting them to the innovative solutions corp until the hydroponic planter option was unlocked on the fabricator.

Vlad: *humming*

What are you drawing?

Vlad: It’s a plasma storage facility.

Really? Looks a lot like a dungeon to me.

Vlad: Same thing.

How is that at all related to the environment?

Vlad: Er… The carbon footprint of the sims – I mean plasma – in storage would be drastically reduced?

Good point.

To improve the quality of his eco-invention blueprint and give it a better chance of being approved, Vlad presented it to Caly.

Vlad: So, can you think of any way to improve it?

Caly: Could you make the bars out of reinforced iron for extra security? And add some sound proofing – otherwise all the screaming is bound to force up the decibel rating.

Vlad: Perfect!

Vlad: Can someone explain why I am suddenly wearing this garish monstrosity?

Clemmie’s throwing a costume party and it looks like the game dressed you as a clown.

Vlad: I am not impressed.

Clemmie: Excuse me, what part of ‘nobody else is allowed to wear the same costume as the host’ did you not understand?

Random girl: Well the invitation never said you would be dressed as the Grim Reaper.

Clemmie: That’s no excuse!

Acacia: We mostly get ignored now, don’t we?

Oly: We sure do.

Rowan: Stranger danger! Stranger danger!

Galatea: It’s ok Rowan, it’s me. I’m just wearing a costume.

Are you sure the costume is the reason why he doesn’t recognise you? Or might it have something to do with the fact that you ignored him as a baby?

Clemmie got a gold medal for the costume party.

Caly practiced her DJ mixing skills.

Caly: You people don’t realise how lucky they are to have a world-famous goddess performing free of charge.

And yet nobody is listening… I wonder why. Couldn’t be that the goddess in question is a bad DJ?

Adonis has to work on his parenting skill for his aspiration, so he’s going to be spending a lot of time with Rowan.

Adonis: Isn’t this fun, Rowan?

Rowan: Ahhhhhh! Why did the world turn upside down?

Clemmie: Dad! I’m so glad you came!

Dana: Who are you?

Clemmie: Your daughter.

Dana: Oh. Yeah, Sure, I knew that. Totally.

Acacia: Knock knock.

Random lady: Who’s there?

Acacia: Impatient cow.

Clement: Impatient cow –

Acacia: Moooooo!

Caly mentored Galatea in fishing for her successful lineage aspiration.

Galatea: The fish aren’t biting, Mum.

Caly: Then use your nymph powers to lure them in.

Galatea: Right. I guess I forgot about those.

Vlad danced along with Epimetheus and he looks so funny that I had to include it.

Vlad: I think you mean cool. All the kids these days are doing these moves!

Vlad maxed the dancing skill, so we get to add that one to the list of completed skills.

Oly: Hey uncle Atlas, want to have a lightsabre duel with me?

Atlas: I would love to but oh man is that the time? I gotta get going…

Oly: But the party’s not finished yet.

Atlas: Sorry little dude!

Epimetheus: So, how’s life treating you, sis?

Galatea: Mum bullied me into having a fourth child and the evil voice makes me spend every waking moment writing. You’re lucky you got out when you did.

Dana: Mr Straud, I’m such a big fan! Can I have an autograph?

Vlad: Aren’t you the young man who impregnated my daughter and then took off with another girl?

Dana: No no you must be thinking of someone else.

Vlad: I don’t think so. I never forget a face, particularly one whose features I have personally rearranged.

Dana: Is that a no, then?

Vlad: Consider yourself lucky that I’m not beating you into a bloody pulp again.

Another gold standard party achieved!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.13

  1. Clemmie looks amazing with that SE hair!

    Love that Clement was helping her with the keg stand lol. Also when they get dropped it’s always funny. My sims should throw more keg parties…

    That painting of Adonis is ❤ ❤ ❤

    The stair bug should be fixed in the next patch. It is so annoying. How could they mess up so badly that they broke stairs…

    I love Vlad in that clown costume, he looks fabulous

    At least someone spends some time with the toddler!

    Ah! I spot the child of Roland and Caleb in the background! Interesting outfit choice though lol

    Yes Vlad, you look very cool dancing with your son

    Good on you Vlad for refusing Dana an autograph!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know right? It suits her so well!

    I always hope that the keg stand fails because it’s hilarious when they fall. I’m so mean XD

    Well Adonis himself is ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉

    I'm so glad to hear that! It's such an annoying bug!

    Yeah it was the perfect costume for Vlad haha.

    Yes I invited him to quite a few of the parties I think! Sorry about the clothes… I blame the game's decisions for that!

    Liked by 1 person

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