Chapter 2.12

Sorry for the long hiatus! I didn’t have time to keep this up while at uni, but the year has finished for me now. I did finish playing this generation, but didn’t manage to write up the chapters. So, I’m going to write the chapters now. As it has been a while since I played this, my memory around what happened might be a little fuzzy though I do have some notes to help me.

Including this one, there are 20 chapters left of this generation – I know I’m sorry, this is going to be a long generation! I have done my best to cut down on the number of chapters but that has meant ‘culling’ a lot of my screenshots of cute moments/conversations between family members. I promise they do all talk to each other though!

I will try to post at least 1, and maybe even 2 chapters per day to try and get this generation done asap. I don’t expect you to actually read them all though! It’s more for myself as I like to read them back.

Caly: Hello little man, it’s your grandma – the only one who wanted you and the reason that you exist.

If you remember, Caly needed four grandchildren to complete her big happy family aspiration, hence Rowan’s birth.

I don’t think I mentioned this last chapter, but for her next aspiration I have given her the ‘successful lineage’ aspiration.

Caly: Ok Dad, I think I’ll leave you to take care of the baby now. He’s cute and all but I’d rather not deal with the dirty diapers. Let me know when he’s a toddler – or, better yet, a child!

Clement texted to congratulate Galatea on Rowan’s birth which was kind of sweet of him.

Clemmie: What’s that noise? Is it Zeus?

Galatea: It’s probably just your baby brother crying.

Adonis: Don’t you think someone should feed him?

Galatea: I’m sure Mum’s taking care of that.

This child is going to be taken by social services, isn’t he?

Acacia: I can’t eat these leaves! Bears only eat meat.

Adonis: You know honey, vegetarianism is so better for the planet and much more ethical than meat-based diets.

Acacia: *visibly unimpressed*

If you recall, Vlad is in the civil designer career because I want to get those hydroponic planters for the garden (we have 192 plants so it would be nice not to have to manually tend them anymore). Vlad is also trying to max the fabrication skill, hence the home fabricator.

And there we are! Vlad maxed the fabrication skill! The option to make the hydroponic planters still didn’t pop up though (I later discovered that he needed to draft eco invention concepts on the tablet thingy and submit them for approval).

Caly maxed the veterinary skill!

Caly: This means I can now stop working on skills and enjoy my old age in peace, right?

Wrong! Your next assigned skill is DJ mixing.

Acacia played on the jungle gym. She has the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

So, Acacia, are you a bear or a pirate?

Acacia: Yes.

Galatea: Why are you randomly asking us to take a picture together?

Because you’ll both become adults soon and I want a picture of you both before you become all wrinkly.

Galatea: Hey!

Adonis: Don’t worry, you’ll always be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Galatea: Awww and you will always be my handsome merman prince.


Galatea: What are you going to do with this photo, anyway?

Nothing much. It’ll just hang on the wall in the crypt, in the spot reserved for your earthly remains after you die.

Adonis: You’re already thinking about our deaths?? That’s cold.

As I said, I now made Caly work on the DJ mixing skill.

Caly: This sounds good, right?

I think you might be going deaf in your old age.

Gal maxed the writing skill!

Atlas: Yo Mum I got you this gift to say thank you for birthing me and all that.

Caly: Finally, one of my children shows me a little appreciation!

Atlas: Yeah um so does that mean I can be a part of the legacy again? Honestly, it feels like I’ve kind of been forgotten about.

Your feelings are right on the mark! Sorry about that.

Clementine’s birthday arrived and she became a teen.

Here’s some CAS pics.

Normal form:

And here’s her mermaid form:

I think she turned out really cute! She did get Vlad’s nose in her mermaid form, like Galatea did, but in her normal form she is so pretty and I can definitely see the Bheeda in her face shape.

She rolled the art lover trait and the party animal aspiration which…. NOOOOOOOOOOO! That one is going to be so much effort. Scylla got that aspiration last gen and I just ignored it because I couldn’t be bothered. This time though, I decided to try.

I’m also making Clemmie continue to work on her character value traits so that Adonis can have a child with 3 positive character value traits for his super parent aspiration.

Clemmie: You want me to what?

I want you to clean up those dishes to get your manners points up.

Clemmie: how about you take those dishes and shove them up your –

Well this is going well.

Caly: So, you’re here to inspect my plumbing, are you?

Vlad: Huh? What are you talking about?

Caly: Unfortunately I don’t have any money to pay you with today. But maybe we can find an alternative arrangement?

Vlad: Oh I see… Yes, that would be *ahem* fine with me.

[I apologise unreservedly for this dialogue but the thought of Caly engaging Vlad in role play was too funny for me to pass up]

Acacia maxed the motor skill!

For her party animal aspiration, Clemmie had to introduce herself to 10 sims. I am not exaggerating when I say that she had a grumpy expression on her face for all of them. I think she might even have autonomously been mean to this particular girl.

Clemmie: What’re you looking at, freak?!

Random girl: Please don’t hurt me!

Keoni: You’re Vlad’s eldest granddaughter, right? It’s nice to meet you.

Clemmie: Shut your stupid face.

Meanwhile, it was the birthday of both Adonis and Galatea. I actually remembered to make them blow out the candles on a cake so that they didn’t get sad.

Adonis aged up to an adult first…

… Then Galatea.

Galatea: Psst I have a birthday present for you.

Adonis: Oh really? What is it?

Galatea: I’ll give it to you in our bedroom.

Acacia: Geez Mum, Dad, thanks for putting me off my food!

Look, Acacia isn’t in a bear suit here. I guess she must have left that phase.

Adonis: One moment, I can’t help but feel like there’s something important we’re forgetting about. Do you know what it might be?

Galatea: No dear, I can’t think of anything at all.

What about someone important like oh I don’t know… Your infant son?

Well, what do you know? Rowan survived to toddlerhood unscathed! Nobody saw that coming Maybe the god Atlas really was watching over him after all.

He got the inquisitive toddler trait.

Um I take back the part about Rowan surviving unscathed. I think the neglect must have impacted him, after all. You’re meant to eat the food, not wear it as a shoe!

Anyway, here are some CAS shots of Rowan:

As you can see, he has purple eyes which – yay!

Caly: Oly, are you aware that you smell like – to put it in child-friendly terms – dog poo.

Oly: Yes grandma, it’s part of a science experiment.

Caly: On… What?

Oly: What happens when you stop cleaning yourself! So far my findings are that you get really dirty and really really stinky.

Very scientific and rigorous.

Oly maxed the social skill…

… Which meant that he also completed his childhood aspiration!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12

  1. Yoooo welcome back!!!!

    Woot woot 20 chapters? I am here for it!

    So I would normally write longer comments as you know but right now my brain is kinda mush cause of a stupid essay I have to write lol

    I will say this though:
    Damn it noooooo Adonis has wrinkles! Galatea is right, he’s still handsome though 😉
    And Clemmie is a very cute teen, even if she did inherit her grandfather’s nose in her mer form. I love how sassy she is

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      I’m glad you don’t mind there being so many chapters. I really tried to cut down on the number of chapters but do much happened this generation so this was the best that I could do lol.

      Your essay comes first! Don’t worry about writing long comments, I totally understand. I really appreciate you commenting even though you must be so busy.

      Adonis is still hot for sure 😛

      I can’t remember why Clemmie was being so grumpy but I just rolled with it haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay, so happy to see that you’re back! 😁 I love your Sims series so much. I’m really digging Clemmie’s new look w her mermaid form is enchanting, she turned out really nice (or mean, actually, from that one interaction lol)

    Looking forward to seeing what Rowan and Acacia get up to when they grow up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!

      I love Clemmie’s look too but she actually gets a bit of a makeover in the next chapter because when I got Snowy Escape there was a hair and some clothes that I thought suited her even better 🙂


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