Chapter 2.9

Last chapter, Acacia became a child, Adonis completed the leader of the pack aspiration and started the superparent aspiration, Caly tried to persuade Galatea to have a fourth child, I completed the elements collection, Vlad completed the lord of the knits aspiration and started on the good vampire aspiration (much to his displeasure), and Caly worked on the veterinary skill.

Vlad has joined the civil designer career because he’s already reached the top of the artist career and I want hydroponic planters which apparently you need to be in the green technician branch of the civic designer career in order to make.

With the hydroponic planters, you don’t have to water/weed/bug spray your plants, hence why I want them.

Vlad had to do something with this recycling machine for a work task and I don’t remember what it was now but I found the fact that it looks as though he is choking funny.

Vlad: *Cough* the air is so *cough* bad here. I can hardly breathe!

Good thing you don’t need to breathe then, isn’t it?

Winterfest arrived and I made the whole family gather around to decorate the tree. It was so hard to get them all in one shot but I managed it (sorry this isn’t the best picture).

Galatea: Look, some mistletoe. You know what that means!

Adonis: I believe I do.

Caly: You know what would be a great Winterfest present? A new grandchild.

Adonis: What did she say?

Galatea: Just ignore Mum. She’s started to ramble in her old age.

Caly: Hey! You should respect your elders, young lady.

Acacia pracised her typing for her aspiration.

Acacia: But it’s Winterfest! I want to go out and plaaaaaay!

I let you decorate the tree, didn’t I? This is a legacy and that means there are no real holidays for anyone… Until you move out or die, that is.

Acacia: In that case, I hope I don’t win the heir poll. Being in a legacy is so booooooring!

We shall see. The heir poll won’t be for a good while anyway.

I’m making Vlad work on the fabrication skill by reading skill books since actually using the fabricator requires having bits and pieces from recyclables and I’m lazy. Once he maxes this skill, it’ll be another skill maxed for the legacy and it’ll help in my quest to make some hydroponic planters I hope.

Caly: Vampy smiled to himself as he recalled Fluffybunnykins’ shriek of pain and terror as Vampy’s fangs had pierced his throat. Yes, it was good to be a vampire bat.

Strewth not this story again!

Oleander: Granny, I’m scared. Can you read me something where they all live happily ever after?

Caly: Whatever do you mean? They do all live happily ever after – Vampy is smiling, remember!

Oleander: Fluffybunnykins doesn’t live happily ever after…

What the hell is that meant to be, Clemmie?

Clemmie: Well, I was thinking about what would happen if Fluffybunnykins isn’t actually dead when the vampire bat flies away. He’s been turned into a vampire-rabbit, see?


Clemmie: But he doesn’t realise that he’s now a vampire-rabbit, so he goes bouncing out in the sun and BAM – death by sunlight. This is a picture of his charred remains.

How lovely. Don’t show that to your brother.

Acacia: Whatcha doing, Dad?

Adonis: I’m trying to find a penpal from Midnight Hollow. For some inexplicable reason the evil voice wants a postcard from that specific town.

That’s because it’s the last postcard that we need in order to complete the postcard aspiration.

Acacia: Midnight Hollow? I wonder if it’s night there all the time. Can you imagine, everyone would spend their life bumping into things – and into each other. That would be pretty funny!

Caly: Hey Vlaaaaaad!

Vlad: Why are you dangling a piece of plant in front of me?

Caly: It’s mistletoe! At Winterfest you’re meant to kiss under mistletoe.

Vlad: Mortals have the strangest customs. You know that you don’t need a stupid piece of plant to kiss me on any day of the year.

Caly: I know, but it’s romantic.

Vlad: Is it?

Caly: Oh, come here.

Awwww. I remember their first Winterfest together. And now they’re grandparents but still as in love as ever ๐Ÿ™‚

Clemmie: Hello, I’m Clementine. Did you just climb down our chimney? You know that’s breaking and entering, don’t you?

Father Winter: Clementine? Why, you must be the baby I helped to deliver last Winterfest! My, how you’ve grown.

Clemmie: Oh, you’re my godfather Clement. That’s ok then. It’s great to finally meet you! Some kids at school say that you’re not real but they also say that my great grandad Atlas isn’t real so I ignore them.

Father Winter: You seem like a very special child, Clementine.

Clemmie: I am! Everyone says so.

Because they’re being polite! Special = crazy in this context.

Father Winter: Here’s a present for you. I suppose it’s both your Winterfest present and your birthday present, since you were born on Winterfest.

Vlad: Oh you’re back, are you?

Father Winter: Please, don’t drink from me this time, I beg you!

Vlad: Well you’re in luck this year since for the moment the evil voice is only letting me drink from plasma packs. Next year though…

Father Winter: I really need to get another job.

Vlad found the last fossil that I needed to complete the fossil collection, yay!

Caly almost froze to death. Oops. And I only just noticed but in this screenshot her hair is blonde rather than grey! This must be the elder hair bug that Queenarella mentioned in her own challenge.

Caly: How dare you leave me out to freeze like this? I am a demi-goddess!

It was your own fault! You’re the one who chose to sit out there in the snow with only your swimwear on.

Caly: So, when is my next grandbaby going to get here?

Adonis: Um does she know something that I don’t?

Galatea: Of course not, silly. Don’t worry, I’m not pregnant.

Caly: But I want four grandchildren!

Galatea: Well, we only want three children.

Caly: You’re really going to deprive me in my last days of the joy of grandmotherhood…

Galatea: Don’t try to guilt trip me, Mum, you’re already a grandmother three times over!

Caly: It’s ok, I see how it is. You don’t care at all about the wishes of your poor old mother.

Adonis: We’ll think about it, ok?

Caly: Wonderful!

Galatea: Adonis, why would you say that? Now she thinks we agreed to have another baby!

Adonis: I don’t know, she looked so sad and I panicked!

Just a reminder: Caly wants four grandchildren for her big happy family aspiration.

Oleander dancing to the music to raise his movement skill is so cute. Just ignore how dirty he is…

Oleander: If I dance can I have a bath?

Um *crosses fingers*… Yes?

Caly continued to work on the veterinary skill.

Caly: Maybe you should have had me do this while the cat was still alive.

maybe you should shut up.

Yes! Caly got a penpal from Midnight Hollow. The last postcard that I need for the postcard collection is the Midnight Hollow one so I was pretty excited.

Oleander: Grandma, where did the stinky plant go? It was right here a moment ago.

Caly: You mean the trash plant? I don’t know, dear. Maybe it found out that a certain little boy in this house was stinker than it and decided to leave.

What actually happened is that I finally sold the trash plant in build mode.

Clemmie wrote in her journal to build her creativity and self control.

Clemmie: Dear diary, today great grandad Atlas and I played ‘I spy’…

Clemmie maxed the creativity skill and completed her aspiration!

Adonis praised Clemmie for doing her homework.

Adonis: Way to go Clemmie! You get that responsibility up so that I can tick off the ‘have a child in range to receive a character trait’ task for my aspiration!

Clemmie: Awww Dad, it’s nice to hear that you care so selflessly and unconditionally about my education. Um why are you blue?

Adonis: Oh don’t mind that. I almost froze to death, that’s all.

Vlad came home from work as a civil designer.

Vlad: Evil voice, I have a bone to pick with you


Vlad: This outfit, I hate it. Vampires do not wear gaudy yellow hats like this. I look like Bob the builder.

Maybe if Bob the Builder went prematurely grey, didn’t eat for a month and suffered traumatic injuries to the face… No, sorry, not even then.

Vlad, you look uncharacteristically happy drinking that plasma pack. Are you coming round to the ‘vegetarian’ way of life?

Vlad: No, I was just picturing all of the ways I would like to take my revenge on you.

Good luck hurting me through this screen.

Vlad: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Except when there’s not.

Acacia played pirate to increase her motor skill.

Acacia: I have a joke about pirates. Want to hear it?

Not particularly, but I get the feeling you’re going to tell it anyway.

Acacia: How do pirates know they are pirates?

I don’t know. How do pirates know they are pirates?

Acacia: They think therefore they ARRRRRRRR!

Descartes is turning in his grave right now.

Galatea: Grandma wants your father and I to have another baby. I’m not saying that we will, but if we did, how would you girls feel about it?

Acacia: I’d love that Mum, someone else to play with!

Clemmie: Or to torment…

Galatea: Clemmie!

Clemmie: Kidding, kidding.

All of the plants are fully grown now. If I counted correctly, we have 105 dragonfruit plants, 86 orchid plants and 1 death flower bush. All are perfect right now due to the green eco footprint (but the eco footprint often fluctuates so their value goes up and down). When I counted, one day’s harvest made us about 249,000 simoleons!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.9

  1. Such a wonderful Winterfest! Caly’s pestering for another grandchild is so funny

    Stop complaining Acacia, because I want you to win the heir poll! I know that’ll be ages away but I cannot wait for it!

    Oh dear, poor Oly getting that story… Love this recurring theme lol

    I give Clemmie’s drawing 100/10, wonderful concept and technical skill. A+++++++

    Ayy, Clement and Clementine! Yes, Clemmie, you are a very special child ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Caly just doesn’t stop, does she???

    Oh Adonis… I’m so glad he didn’t freeze to death! His MAC makeup is super obvious on that super pale skin lol

    Bob the Builder… now that’s something I haven’t thought about in a long time! That hat really suits Vlad ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Omg I am ashamed to say that every time I have reread this chapter I’ve died laughing at Acacia’s pirate joke. Every. Single. Time. It’s so awful yet so amazing at the same time

    Far out that garden is really something! Pretty much a quarter of a million in a single harvest????! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Holy damn that is a real goldmine!


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