Chapter 2.8

Last chapter, Caly crashed the space rocket but still managed to complete the space rocks collection before becoming an elder, I (or rather Oleander) completed the frogs collection, then Caly completed the curator aspiration and started the big happy family aspiration, Clemmie bemoaned the death of a grandmother she had never met and Acacia was scared of a scarecrow.

As you can see from Vlad’s clothes, another garden gnomes club meeting was in session.

Vlad: Why are you making me drink a plasma pack when there’s a lot of perfectly good club members in the house who I could drink from?

That’s a good question, actually. It’s mostly just laziness on my part.

Vlad: This helmet is not made for plasma pack consumption!

Should’ve thought about that before wearing it, then.

Adonis worked on his charisma skill for his aspiration. I bought a club perk which makes sims learn charisma skill more quickly to help him along.

Adonis: …. And that, Lucas, is why I would make the perfect leader for The Garden Gnomes.

Practicing how you’re going to ask Lucas to step down, huh?

Acacia’s birthday arrived! I missed the moment she actually blew out the candles but here she is just afterward. She got the goofball trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration. She also got the happy toddler bonus trait.

Here are some close up CAS shots of her:

As you can see, I’ve colour coordinated her outfits with her eyes. She’s a pretty kid!

Oleander: Hello Clemmie!

Clemmie: Hello, runt.

Oleander: Can I play with you?

Clemmie: Ok how about we play hide and seek. You hide, and I’ll count to one hundred then come and find you.

Oleander: Yes! You’ll never find me!

Clemmie: That’s the idea.

Galatea: Oly, what were you just doing in the kitchen cupboard?

Oleander: Shhhh! I’m playing hide and seek with Clemmie. She still hasn’t found me yet!

Remember Atlas is in the garden gnomes? Well, because of that fact he got to talk to his mother again.

Caly: So, Atlas, how’ve you been getting on? Do you have any grandbabies for me yet?

Atlas: No Mum. I don’t feel ready for kids yet, y’know? They’d get in the way of my bro-stuff.

Caly: Well, I hope you’ll have them soon. I want four grandbabies and right now I only have three.

Atlas: Why four?

Caly: Because that’s how many I want.

Caly is going to need four grandkids for her big happy family aspiration. Right now she only has three since none of her moved out children have had kids.

Scylla and Epi will never have children because I have marked all vampires not to have kids with MCCC otherwise I will have lots of immortal vampires in my save slowing it down. And yes, that does mean no more kids for Roland and Caleb or for Candy and Keoni and their children won’t have babies either. And Gabriel also can’t have kids. But at least this means that I can keep accepting vampire contestants to my bachelor/ette challenges and I won’t have to make them mortal if they don’t win.

So anyway, that just leaves Atlas and Circe but neither of them have kids yet. Circe not having kids is probably my fault since I only recently realised that her household is still marked as ‘played’ from when Gal briefly lived with her at the start of the bachelorette (I have MCCC stories to bypass played households when making sims pregnant/marrying them). I have unmarked her household as played so hopefully she and her husband have a baby at some point.

Meanwhile I later discovered that Atlas’ wife is an elder so is too old to have children. Not sure if she was an elder at the time of playing this chapter but she certainly is one now.

I got Adonis and Lucas to be good friends by having Adonis take lots of pictures of Lucas, then I decided to try and get him to step down as club leader again since Adonis needs to lead the club for his aspiration.

Adonis: I realise that you were reluctant to step down as club leader last time we spoke but now that we know one another better I thought that maybe you might trust me a little more. You’ve been the leader of this club for a long time and you’ve done an awesome job but sometimes it’s good to shake things up and bring in a new leader with fresh ideas. We’re friends and you know I’d never do anything that wasn’t in the club’s best interests. You could stay on as deputy leader and advisor. So, what do you say, can I have a go at leading the club?


Adonis completed his leader of the pack aspiration! I had him move on to the super parent aspiration next.

Clemmie: It was hilarious, Oly ended up hiding in a kitchen cupboard all morning until Mum found him!

Acacia: Hehe that is kind of funny. Isn’t it Dad?

Adonis: No, it’s not funny at all. You shouldn’t play tricks like that on your brother, Clemmie.

Clemmie: But he was happy. He thought he’d won the game.

Adonis: Not the point.

Caly: So, Gal, I only have three grandchildren.

Galatea: That’s right, Adonis and I decided that three was a good number.

Caly: I disagree. Three is an odd number. Much better to stop at four, a nice even number.

Galatea: But you had five kids and five is an odd number.

Caly: That’s different. Atlas and Epi screwed things up by being twins.

Vlad: If the geo council hasn’t sent us some plumbobus this time I’m going to have to go round there myself and teach someone a lesson.

Clemmie: What’s a plumbobus?

Vlad: Just the last element that the evil voice wants.

The geo council did send plumbobus so we have now completed the elements collection!

The frog collection plaque also came in the mail so I put all of our frogs out on display in the collection room. I love how you can see all of the different patterns from above.

And here is a better view of the frogs with their plaque.

What a sweet little domestic scene: grandad knitting in a rocking chair while grandma reads to her toddler grandson.

Caly: Suddenly, one enormous tentacle rose from the waves and wrapped around the little boat until it burst open like a Winterfest cracker, sailors spilling out and falling straight into the gaping mouth of The Kraken which was lined with row upon row of pointed teeth. The nymph watched, pleased with her work.

You had to go and ruin it, didn’t you Caly?

Vlad: What a charming story! I like it almost as well as The Grisly Demise of Fluffybunnykins.

Oleander: I’m never going swimming again.

Vlad drank from a long suffering Ramona.

Vlad: Ouch! Can you move your nose? It’s sticking straight into my shoulder.

Ramona: Can you move your fangs? They’re sticking straight into my neck.

Acacia is still working on her motor skill for her aspiration so spends most of her time on the pirate ship.

Acacia: Wow look at all the snow! It’s almost as though the sky has a bad case of dandruff *giggle* maybe it’s great grandad Atlas who’s got the dandruff, he supposedly holds up the sky after all…

Vlad had to teach someone to knit for his aspiration. I made him teach Acacia because I thought it might raise her motor skill, but unfortunately she just picked up the knitting skill instead.

Vlad: You’re doing great! Now, just pull the left knitting needle up slightly…

Acacia: Hey grandad, you know what these knitting needles look like?

Vlad: What?

Acacia: Stakes! And vampires die if you put a stake through their heart. So, if someone stabbed you with a knitting needle, would it kill you? Hehe death by knitting needle, what a way to go!

Vlad: The stake thing is a myth, but if someone stabbed me with a knitting needle, they would be very grounded.

Acacia: Sheesh I was only joking.

And with that, Vlad completed the lord of the knits aspiration. Next, I’ve given him the ‘good vampire aspiration’.

Vlad: Good vampire aspiration? No, you can’t do this to me! I’m not a good vampire, I’m an evil vampire! I won’t live off plasma packs. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!

Relax, it’s only for the duration of the aspiration. I want to complete this aspiration and, unlucky for you, you’re the only vampire in the household. So, the task falls to you.

Acacia: Cheer up grandad! Want to hear a joke? What’s a vampire’s favourite fruit?

Vlad: A plasma fruit?

Acacia: No, a necktarine!

Vlad: GAHHHHHH!!!!

I’ve been making Clemmie write in a journal to raise her creativity skill for her aspiration and to raise her emotional control because Adonis will eventually need a kid with three character value traits for his superparent aspiration.

Adonis: Well done Clemmie! Writing in your journal is the best way to process your feelings!

Clemmie: Daaaad don’t patronise me, I’m not five. And stay out of my journal! Only great grandad Atlas and me are allowed to read it.

Acacia: Grandad taught me how to knit today.

Galatea: Wasn’t that kind of grandad!

Acacia: Yes but I’m not sure he appreciated it when I asked what would happen if he was staked through the heart with a knitting needle.

Galatea: Acacia! You didn’t!

Acacia: I said I was joking.

Vlad: I can’t believe the evil voice is making me do this good vampire aspiration. How am I meant to unlive without compelling mortals for a drink? I’m a vampire, it’s in my blood – or in my nature, I should say.

Caly: Poor Vlad! Would you like me to help you take your mind off it? I have some ideas.

Vlad: Keep talking…

Caly maxed the cooking skill, so that’s another skill maxed for the challenge.

The element collection plaque came in the mail so I put the elements up on display next to it. It’s not the most interesting collection to look at, but I am still proud to have completed it for the first time ever.

Galatea: Looks like we’re going to have a white Winterfest this year. That’ll be very different from Winterfest in Sulani, won’t it? I hope you’re not feeling homesick.

Adonis: You know what they say: home is where the heart is. And my heart is with you. So how could I feel homesick?

Caly: Remind me: why do you want me to max the veterinary skill again? We don’t even have a cat anymore.

Because we get a point if we max every skill in the game and you already got to level two while Mayor was alive.

Since Caly got to level 10 of the acting career, she doesn’t go to work anymore. I’m going to just keep her home and have her work on skills and help out with the kids and stuff.

Gal: It’s not fair, you’re cheating!

Vlad: It’s not my fault that as a vampire I have faster reflexes than you. Blame your mother – it’s her fault that you were born a mermaid.

Caly: I heard that!

Vlad: I meant it lovingly, dear.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.8

  1. Oooh damn you can already tell that Acacia is going to be an absolute stunner! And that goofball trait makes her perfect for one of my boys – you know which one 😉
    I want her to be the heir already!

    Aww, no more kids for Roland and Caleb 😦
    but your reasoning is totally understandable!

    Omg finally Lucas stepped down! I thought it would be impossible haha

    Oh the super parent aspiration is perfect for Adonis (I started using a mod that adds, among other cool things, personality archetypes to sims and it gave him the ‘Caregiver’ personality, making him driven by empathy and compassion to protect and care for others. I think it’s because of his Good trait but it does make it seem like he’d be a good parent)

    Poor Oly! And of course Vlad loves the story…

    I love that Vlad is teaching his granddaughter how to knit! Hmm, I’d have thought that it’d improve motor skill too. Oh well! Congrats Vlad for becoming Lord of the Knits!

    Hahaha love Acacia’s necktarine joke, absolute perfection lol. I love her even more now!


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