Chapter 2.7

In the previous chapter, Galatea completed her ‘soulmate’ aspiration and started the ‘bestselling author’ aspiration, Mayor Whiskers turned up as a ghost for the first time, I showed off the family’s completed collections thus far and Vlad and Caly hunted for frogs.

To complete the spacerocks collection we need one more spacerock which Vlad hasn’t found. So, I thought that maybe Caly would have more luck.

Caly: I’m not sure about this. Nymphs belong in the sea, not in space…

Oh, you’ll be fine.

Caly: You were saying?

Acacia: I’m stinky!

Yes, yes you are. I don’t think she has had a single bath in her whole toddlerhood so far.

Adonis tried to teach Oleander to use the potty.

Adonis: Well son, there’s really only two things you need to remember: sit and shit. Do both of those things at once and you can’t go wrong. Do one without the other and either you’ll achieve nothing at all or there will be a very messy situation. So, remember the two ‘S’s. Ok?

Oleander: The two ‘S’s: Sit and shit. Got it.

Really Adonis? You’re teaching your son swear words at his tender age?

I did keep sending Caly into space after her initial failure and she completed spacerocks collection for me!

Adonis held another Garden Gnomes gathering and look what Vlad changed into this time.

Vlad: It’s stylish.

It’s hideous.

Adonis: Oh come on Lucas, why don’t you give someone else a chance to lead the club for a change? Maybe we could vote on it?

Lucas: For the last time, Adonis, this is MY club! We’re not voting on anything!

Caly: What a dick… tator.

Lucas still doesn’t want to give up leadership of club. Grrrr if he’s not careful he’s going to meet with an unfortunate accident involving a walled pool!

Caly’s top turned green again because of the club meeting.

Also yes, the trash plant is still there. I haven’t got round to getting rid of it yet.

Oleander: Mummy wrote a book about me where I was a knight.

Acacia: She did not!

Oleander: She did too!

Acacia: That’s not fair, I want to be in a book too!

Acacia: Mummy, will you write a story about me?

Galatea: What a lovely idea! What would you say to a book about a beautiful fairy Princess called Acacia who lives in a magical tree with her best friends: a pair of pink butterflies?

Acacia: Does she have a sparkly wand?

Galatea: Of course.

Acacia: And a crown?

Galatea: She has lots of them.

Acacia: I love it!

It finally happened, Caly became an elder. But because she’s a mermaid she has 35 extra days = 45 days left. Yay!

Caly: Ouch, my back! Nobody warned me that that was going to happen when I blew out the candles.

Caly: Look at me, I have grey hair and wrinkles now.

Vlad: so do I.

Caly: But they suit you! Am I still beautiful?

Vlad: More beautiful than ever.

He’s not far wrong, elderhood does suit Caly actually.


Oleander: Hello? I still exist!

Good to know.

Oleander: Can I have more screenshots?

Maybe when you’re a child.

Clementine, why are you looking so sad?

Clemmie: Grandma Jesminder died.

What, the grandma you never met?

Clemmie: That’s her.

Clemmie: I shall play a song in honour of grandma Jesminder’s memory.

Here are Galatea and Caly in their mer forms just because I thought this screenshot of them swimming in sync was cool. We don’t get to see them enough as mermaids, do we? Sorry about that!

Vlad has been raking in the cash from the orchids and dragonfruit plants. I should note down exactly how much he makes next time he does a harvest.

Galatea: So, how are things with your gardening club going?

Adonis: They’re alright, but I can’t get that Lucas Munch to give me a shot at being club leader.

Galatea: How unfair! I’m sure you’d make a brilliant leader, what with your knowledge about conservation and the environment.

Caly: Just say the word and I’ll have my father smite him down for you.

Adonis: Thank you Caly, but I don’t think any smiting will be necessary.

Caly: Not even just a little accident? A trip on the stairs, a broken leg? It could happen to anybody…

Galatea: Mum, he said no smiting!

Acacia: I’m tired of being dirty! I want a bath!

Can’t you just wait until you age up and can shower yourself? You see, a little dirt won’t kill you and I’m lazy.

On the previous evening, Caly had sent lots of crystals to the geo council to try and get elements. They sent back 14/15 of the elements, so we are almost there! The last element that we need is plumbobus so I had Caly send off a plumbite crystal and a simtanium metal to the geo council. Hopefully they send back some plumbobus!

Oh and we completed the frog collection by breeding the last few frogs that we needed.

A sim can only breed frogs every few hours (I forget the exact cooldown time) but I managed to partially get around that by moving the frogs into each household member’s inventory in turn and making them breed a pair of frogs. I found that even toddlers can breed frogs, hence why Oleander ended up breeding the final frog!

The space rocks plaque came in the mail. Here are all of the rocks with plaque.

Now I have completed 9 collections (magic beans, microscope prints, space prints, decorative eggs, feathers, fish, MySims, Space rocks, frogs).

I’m close to completing four more collections: crystals (only need one more), fossils (only one more left), elements (again, only missing one) and metals (missing two).

Once I’ve completed those four collections, I’ll have completed 13 collections which will get me the most points you can earn for the collections section of the scoring.

Although it won’t earn me any points to do a 14th collection, I also want to complete the postcards collection just because I’ve never completed that one before and it seems interesting. I have ten of the 14 postcards so far.

Oleander: Nobody loves me but you, dollie.

Not even going to dispute that one. Sorry little bud, but toddlers are the bane of my existence.

Also, I did not realise this when I named Oleander but I recently discovered that oleander is very poisonous! Oops. I hope this little guy won’t be the death of me…

No reason for this screenshot except that Acacia looks very cute.

Acacia: I’m drinking juice because I’m starving!

Stop letting them know what a terrible toddler caretaker I am, Acacia!

Clemmie: Grandma, my other grandma died and I feel so sad.

Caly: Don’t be sad Clemmie, your great grandfather will see to it that she is happy in the afterlife.

Clemmie: He will?

Caly: Of course he will, for your sake. Even if she did bring up your father to be an utter slimeball, she was your grandmother after all.

Clemmie: Wait, what’s wrong with my father?

Caly: By slimeball I meant… Upstanding member of the community.

Caly completed the curator aspiration. Her last task was to collect 25 collectibles so I just had her buy lots of voidcritter booster packs and open them. We now have 15/20 of the voidcritter cards so maybe I will make an effort to complete that collection sometime too.

I gave Caly the ‘big happy family’ aspiration next.

Patchy: Hello, small person.

Acacia: Daddy, save me from the scary pumpkin head!

Adonis: It’s ok Acacia, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Patchy is just a scarecrow. Are you a girl or a crow?

Acacia: A girl…

Adonis: Then you shouldn’t be scared of Patchy, he only scares crows.

Acacia: Oh.

Acacia: Daddy says I shouldn’t be scared of the pumpkin head because I’m not a crow… But I’m still scared.

Galatea: He creeps me out too. But don’t worry, he’s harmless. Have I ever told you about the time I talked him to life when I was a little girl?

Acacia: You talked him to life?

Galatea: Yes, so he is completely loyal to our family. He won’t touch a hair on your head.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7

  1. Poor Caly! At least she didn’t die!

    Wow Adonis that’s some real great advice you have for your son there…

    Oh Vlad, you are so very fashion-forward…

    Aww and now it’s Acacia’s turn to be in a story! I need to recreate her in TS3 as a fairy now!

    Haha of course Caly suggests that Atlas should smite Lucas down

    Love that toddlers can breed frogs, though that is a bit weird lol

    Who gave Acacia a bath? She looks suspiciously clean in that picture there with a sippy cup…

    Poor Acacia being scared of Patchy! But it’s nice that Adonis and Galatea could reassure her ❤


  2. I have a few name suggestions (and yes this is from hunger gams)you could name them Katniss or primrose or hawthorn


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