Chapter 2.6

In the last chapter, I cheated to make the dragonfruit plants be fully grown again, Vlad and Caly completed the fish collection, Oleander became a toddler, Clemmie became a child, and Vlad found the last MySims trophy, thereby completing the MySims trophies collection.

Clementine, what do you think you’re doing on that pirate ship?

Clemmie: Uh playing pirate?

You’re meant to be working on your creativity skill! Get off right now and go draw me a picture.

Clemmie: I’ll go draw a picture of you consumed by flames…

What’s that?

Clemmie: Nothing, nothing!

I thought so.

Vlad: Doesn’t my grandson have the most wonderful blood-red eyes? It’s a shame he wasn’t born a vampire. Maybe I could turn him. What do you say, Oly? Would you like to be a vampire?

Oly: What’s ‘vampire’?

Vlad: Vampires are sims who get to do all sorts of fun things like turning into bats and running at superspeed – like this!

Vlad, you are not to manipulate your grandson into wanting to be a vampire! He’s too young, anyhow.

Caly: ‘A’ is for apple, ‘B’ is for…

Acacia: Bored!

Caly: Why yes, ‘bored’ does begin with a ‘B’. Well done! ‘C’ is for…

Acacia: Bored! Bored! Bored!

Caly: No Acacia, ‘bored’ begins with a ‘B’ remember? Not a ‘C’.

Gal and Adonis had another stay-at-home date for Galatea’s aspiration. They woohooed in the bush next to Mayor’s grave which is um… A bit morbid. (the grave is there so that when he comes back as a ghost he will look for feathers – I’ve already completed the feather collection once but I want a second complete set of the feathers so that I can have one set on the wall and use the second set to assemble into the owl statue thing you can make using one of each feather).

Galatea: I’m so glad that we found one another. Can you imagine if you hadn’t entered my bachelorette? How lucky that you did!

Adonis: I don’t want to imagine that. The idea of a world where we are apart is intolerable to me.

Galatea: And to me.

Oleander playing with the blocks is so sweet.

Oleander: I can count to 7. Want to hear?

Sure, go ahead.

Oleander: one, three, five, seven!

Well, that’s one way of doing it though I wouldn’t say it’s the right way.

Vlad did some knitting for his aspiration whilst Caly helped Clementine out with her homework.

Clemmie: Grandma, I need two examples of mammals that live in water. I have a whale as one but I can’t think of another. Can you help?

Caly: Of course! Put down nymphs for the second one, we are mammals whose native habitat is aquatic, after all.

Clemmie: And what about a mammal that can fly?

Vlad: A vampire should do for that question. We can fly by turning into bats.

Then maybe you should just have said bat?

The teacher marking this homework is going to have a laugh.

I’m including this screenshot for no other reason than that Oleander looks adorable in it!

Galatea completed her ‘soulmate’ aspiration! I’ve given her the ‘bestselling author’ aspiration next, since it goes with her job as a writer.

Mayor came back as a ghost. And look, he found some feathers in the bush! So even ghost cats which are not in your household can get feathers. That’s good to know, since I wasn’t sure on this point.

Vlad: Mayor, you’re back! I’ve missed you so much.

Mayor: Of course you have. I’m surprised the whole household hasn’t crumbled without me watching over it. But don’t worry, I intend to haunt you… Forever! So, you’d better keep my bowl full of food at all times.

Yes ghosts eat, even ghost cats. And they use the toilet (or, in cats’ case, litterbox) too. It’s weird.

Vlad: I know you didn’t like the sweater that I gave you for your birthday, so I got you something else to make up for it.

Clemmie: Please be a vampire bat, please be a vampire bat, please be a vampire bat.

Vlad: It’s not a vampire bat, but I think you’ll like it anyway.

Yes, I did give Clemmie the skeleton onesie as her sleepwear. I thought it suited her personality.

Clemmie: A knitted Grim Reaper? AWESOME! Thanks Grandad!

That’s one knittable successfully gifted for Vlad’s aspiration, then.

Vlad showed off his knitted sweater to Adonis for his aspiration.

Vlad: How’d you like my jumper? Very suave, isn’t it? I knitted it myself!

Adonis: Wow it’s strange to see you without your trench coat but it looks great! Is it made from the wool of free range sheep?

Vlad: Um… Yes?

Caly had to dig up 5 crystals for her curator aspiration so I sent her out to various places on the hunt for crystals.

Caly: Maybe I’ll find a diamond. I’d like a pair of diamond earrings…

Oleander: Whatcha doing, Mummy?

Galatea: I’m writing a story book. Would you like to be in my story, Oly?

Oleander: Yes yes! I want to be the hero!

Galatea: In that case, I’ll name my brave knight Sir Oleander.

Clemmie played with her new ‘Lil Grim’ knitted toy.

Clemmie: Stand back Miss, I’m here to reap your cat’s soul. I bring down my scythe and SWOOOOSHHH – the cat is dead!

Clemmie was clearly affected by the fact that she witnessed Mayor’s passing as a toddler.

Galatea: Clemmie, what’s wrong?

Clemmie: Shhh! I think I hear the agents of Zeus spying on us.

Galatea: What has your grandmother been telling you?

Clemmie: It wasn’t grandma who told me about them, it was great grandad Atlas!

Galatea: Oh good grief.

Acacia: Mama, why doesn’t great grandad Atlas talk to me? I want to play with him too.

Clemmie: Because he likes me best!

Galatea: Well, you know, your great grandfather is very busy doing god-things.

Adonis talked about conservation awareness with Clemmie. She didn’t look too impressed.

Adonis: … That’s why we need to conserve our ocean wildlife and protect our seas and beaches from pollution.

Clemmie: Eh, sounds lame. Wouldn’t a world full of death and destruction be more fun?

Adonis: What? No, no it wouldn’t!

Clemmie: Mum, you write childrens’ books, right?

Galatea: Yes, dear.

Clemmie: I think you should write a sequel to ‘The Grisly Demise of Fluffybunnykins’.

Caly: What a wonderful idea! That one really is a classic piece of children’s literature. I always wondered what cute fluffy creatures Vampy went on to slaughter next.

Galatea: Absolutely not! I won’t be responsible for traumatising children.

Clemmie: Grandad read that book to me and I wasn’t traumatised.

Galatea: You’re special, Clemmie.

The MySims plaque came in mail. Here’s the full collection displayed with the plaque.

I don’t think I’ve shown a picture of the feathers before so here is the full feathers collection. There is no plaque for completing the feathers collection, unfortunately.

The plaque for completing the fish collection also came and I put it on the wall of the collection room, next to all of the mounted fish. I love this collection as all of the fish look so pretty!

You only need to collect all of the fish from the base game in order to complete the collection and get the plaque, you don’t need to catch the fish which came with packs. So, I haven’t caught all of the fish which came with packs. But, I’m still pretty proud of this collection as I have never completed it before.

Here is the full decorative eggs collection alongside the cuddly bunny reward for completing it (there was one bonus egg that I didn’t collect but which apparently doesn’t count towards completing the collection since you can complete the collection without it – I guess it came in a different pack after seasons). There is no plaque for the egg collection.

And here are all of my magic beans (with some duplicates), No plaque for this collection either.

I’ve already shown this in a previous chapter, but here are all of my space prints with their plaque again.

And all of the microscope prints with their plaque.

I don’t usually collect, but I’ve got just a little bit obsessed with it now.

The frog collection is another one that I would love to complete (and we already had quite a lot of them), so I sent Vlad out in search of frogs. ‘Frog logs’ were few and far between, but I remembered that you can search for frogs in the waterfall in Sulani.

Vlad: Hehehe the frogs won’t be able to resist these fish food flakes.

Vlad, why on earth are you carrying an umbrella?

Vlad: There’s a waterfall right there, I don’t want to get wet.

You are literally standing in water.

And here we have a semi-naked Vlad tarnishing the beauty of Sylvian Glade while looking for frogs there (he is still in his speedos because he travelled there straight from Sulani).

Vlad: You mean ‘enhancing’ the beauty of Sylvian Glade?

I mean what I said.

I made Vlad and Caly look for frogs in the pond and they did find some but most of the time the ‘look for frogs’ interaction failed so I’ve decided to just breed the remaining frogs that we need.

Here, Vlad looks so much like Gollum in those scenes from LOTR where he catches fish with his bare hands.

Vlad: Was Gollum terribly handsome?

Every bit as handsome as yourself.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.6

  1. Okay so I know you probably won’t see this for ages but now that I have the time to do so, I’m going to be writing comments of my usual length on each of these chapters 🙂

    Wow there goes Acacia channeling me again with that “bored!” I love her lol she’s so relatable

    That conversation between Galatea and Adonis is adorable, considering that for a while I wasn’t even going to enter a sim for this generation! Honestly these two are one of my favourite couples ❤

    Welcome back Mayor, albeit as a ghost! I had one of my sims adopt him in my game yesterday for the first time ever and I love him so much, he is the absolute cutest

    A knitted Grim Reaper is the perfect gift for Clemmie! And now I want to get Nifty Knitting even more…

    I love that Galatea wrote Oly as the hero in her book! Sir Oleander has a really nice ring to it too

    As a theist… thank you lol

    Damn all them beautiful collections… I don't think I've ever completed a single collection in TS4, let alone that many!

    I have the sudden urge to draw Vlad in his speedos for some reason…


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