Chapter 2.11

Last time, we completed the postcard collection (our 12th collection!), Oly became a child, Gal and Adonis finally gave in to Caly and tried for another baby (and yes, Gal did get pregnant), New Years Eve happened, and Oly worked on his social butterfly aspiration, in the process of which he became BFFs with Clemmie.

I’m taking advantage of the club system to get extra help with the gardening. Since one of the club activities is gardening, by calling a club meeting I can get club members to help with watering plants etc. Also, I found out how to make it so that there is no special club outfit, which is why Vlad is in his normal clothes. I almost regret doing that now as his club outfit was so funny.

Atlas: Y’know Dad, it’d be cool if you visited Ayaka and me some time.

Vlad: Who’s Ayaka?

Atlas: Dude, she’s only my wife!

Vlad: Oh yes, I knew that. Totally knew you were married… Well you see, Atlas, I would love to see more of you but the evil watcher won’t let me. It’s all ‘finish this aspiration’, ‘max that skill’, or ‘complete that collection’.

Atlas: That’s alright. I understand, Dad. I’m so glad to have escaped the evil voice.

Vlad: I’m glad for you too. So, do you and Ayaka have any children yet?

Atlas: No, she’s too old to have kids now. But, she’s got three teenage boys from a previous marriage. So, I guess I’m kind of like a step dad to them.

Vlad: Hang on a moment Atlas, just how old is your wife?

Atlas: Uh well she’s getting on a bit. But that just means she has a lot of experience… If you know what I mean.

I checked and Ayaka is 3 days away from dying of old age lol.

I remodelled the greenhouse so that the rows of plants are now spaced further apart since before Vlad was having trouble getting to all of them. I might have made the greenhouse into an ugly monstrosity with all my extensions but still, at least there’s room for all of the plants.

Oly had to make friends with a certain number of children for his aspiration (can’t remember how many now, sorry!) This is Spencer Iona.

Oly: Hey, I like your haircut. It looks so cool!

Spencer: *Shrugging* I know it does, that’s the idea.

Oly: Wanna be friends?

Spencer: Sure!

Oly took a few pictures with Spencer and them some more pictures of Spencer by himself and voila – they were friends! Since learning that taking pictures increases relationship fast, this aspiration has become way less onerous to me.

Oly also had to make friends with some adults for his aspiration (again, I forget how many). First up was Michael!

Oly: Hello! My Mum says you’re interested in magic. Are you a wizard like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings?

Michael: Haha no, I’m not a wizard yet although I am interested in magic. My brother is an experienced spellcaster though.

Oly: Cool! Does he have a long white beard and a staff?

Michael: Sounds like you’ve been watching too many movies. Not all wizards look like Gandalf, you know.

Oly also made friends with Rodrigo for his aspiration.

Rodrigo: Well, I make my living exploring the temples of Selvadorada. I often need to bypass dangerous traps but there are always untold treasures of inestimable value to be found.

Oly: Wow you’re like a real life Simdinana Jones!

Rodrigo: You know, I’ve heard that before.

Oly took this pic of Rodrigo to raise his friendship with Rodrigo but Michael photobombed and I love it so much.

Oly met this girl (Myra Landgraab) at school and made friends with her for his aspiration. Judging by her name, she is clearly a Landgraab descendant but I don’t know exactly who her parents are.

Oly: And that’s why A New Hope is objectively the best Star Wars movie.

Myra: Uh huh. I have literally never watched a single Star Wars movie in my life.

Acacia: Don’t worry, neither have I. My brother’s just a nerd.

Oly: Am not!

Acacia: Are too!

Myra: I think I should be getting home now…

Acacia: Nerd nerd nerd!

Oly: You shouldn’t make that face. The wind might change and you’ll be stuck looking like Jaja Binks forever. Oh wait, your normal face already looks like Jaja Binks!

Acacia: Does not!

Oly: Does too!

Did anyone else’s parents used to tell them that if ‘the wind changed’ when they were making a funny face, they would be stuck looking like that? Took me way too long to figure out that it wasn’t true. Yes, I was a dumb child (and now I’m a dumb adult 😉 ).

Caly air guitared to METAL in the middle of making a salad. I thought it was way too funny.

Caly, what on earth?

Caly: Shhhh you’re interrupting my rock star fantasy.

Oly has been mainly building his social skill by going on the kids forums but I do kindly allow him to interact with his family every now and then too.

Oly: Dad, would you rather have a robot with laser eyes or a robot with super intelligence?

Adonis: Um… Laser eyes?

Oly: I’d rather have a super intelligent robot. If it were clever enough, it could figure out how to build laser eyes for itself, don’t you think?

Adonis: I guess it could, son.

Acacia is still working on her motor skill. Love this screenshot of her on the pirate ship as the background is so pretty. It almost looks like a rainforest is behind her.

Acacia: Why did the pirate cross the road?

Haven’t the foggiest.

Acacia: To get to the second-hand shop!

Ok that one is actually kind of funny.

Vlad: Hi, Candy, anything I can do for you?

Why are you being so uncharacteristically nice? This is suspicious.

Candy: Well, since you ask, you turned my sister Yuki into a vampire some time ago and she still doesn’t look a day over twenty. But I’m old now and getting closer to death every day. I don’t suppose you could make me immortal too?

Vlad: In other words, you want to be a vampire?

Candy: Yes.

Vlad: I could arrange that.

Candy: Wow, thank you!

Vlad: Just hold out your wrist for me so that I can bite you. Do you give me permission to do that?

Candy: Yes, go ahead.

Candy: And this will make me a vampire?

Vlad: Can’t talk, mouth full.

Oh I see, you lied to Candy in order to get permission to drink from her. You’re not turning her into a vampire after all, are you?

Vlad: If you pay attention closely, you’ll see that I never said I would make her a vampire. I only said that I could arrange it.

Sneaky bastard.

Vlad needed to get permission to drink from two sims for his aspiration. He also persuaded one other random sim to agree.

Galatea wrote another book for her aspiration/career. She spends most of her life writing now but that’s boring so I don’t include many screenshots of it.

Galatea: Hey, I’m the second gen heiress, I should be the star of the show!

No, that only means you’re responsible for producing the next heir who, hopefully, won’t have such a boring aspiration.

Galatea: And who gave me this aspiration?

Ok yes that would be me.

Vlad has to harvest plasma fruit tree several times (forget how many) for his aspiration so I grew a plasma fruit tree in their front garden for the purpose.

Vlad: They can call it what they want but in my mind if it comes from a tree, it doesn’t contain real plasma. It’s fruit pure and simple and I won’t rot my fangs by eating it.

Alright alright you only have to harvest it, not eat it.

Caly continued to build the veterinary skill.

Caly: It exploded. I think I might have done something wrong.

You think?

Vlad: So, I’m going to be a grandad again any day now I guess.

Galatea: Yes. I know I’m filling your house up with children, I hope you don’t mind.

Vlad: Of course I don’t mind. I never thought that I’d be a father, let alone a grandfather, but now I can’t imagine how I got by before without family. Another nooboo is welcome.

Galatea: Thank you, Dad.

Vlad: And besides, maybe the new little one will turn out like Clemmie. She’s a delight!

Oly made friends with Marilyn Illes for his aspiration. She must be the daughter of Leila and Oliana.

Oly: … And then – WAM BAM – Supersim punched a hole in Dr McEvil’s spaceship and knocked it right out of the sky!

Marilyn: Oly, you sort of stink. Did you realise that?

Oly: Yes. You know how when you don’t bathe, you get green fog emanating from you? Well, I have a theory that if you don’t wash for long enough you’ll eventually turn radioactive and get superpowers!

Marilyn: Uh huh.

Oly: Let’s take a picture together.

Marilyn: Ok but make it quick *holds breath*

Adonis: And remember, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Clemmie: Look at me, doing my homework every day. Dad, I think you’ve helped me to become a responsible person.

Adonis: That’s wonderful, Clemmie. It makes me very proud as a father to see you growing up so well.

Ok, I have encountered a problem. For Adonis’ aspiration, he has to have one child with a character value in range to receive a trait. Clemmie is now in range to receive the responsible trait, but that task hasn’t been ticked off on his aspiration. I guess it’s because Clemmie is only his step-daughter. But that is ridiculous! I wish the game treated step-children and children alike, or at least allowed step-parents to adopt step-children as their own. Adonis has already adopted Clemmie as a ‘care dependent’ but clearly that wasn’t enough.

Vlad: Hello, beautiful lady.

Caly: Hello, handsome vampire.

They still flirt with each other autonomously and it’s so cute.

Clemmie: So, what should we do with the new baby when it arrives?

Acacia: Welcome it with open arms and lots of love?

Clemmie: No, doofus! I meant how should we torment it?

Oly: In The Revenge of Professor X, the evil professor tortures his victims by strapping them to a table and sticking thousands of electrified needles into them.

Clemmie: Great idea!

Acacia: Oly! You think we should electrocute our baby brother or sister?

Oly: Wait what? No, of course not! What are we talking about again? I wasn’t paying attention.

Adonis: Hello little nooboo, I can’t wait to meet you.

Galatea: That’s right, hurry up and be born already. I’m tired of being pregnant!

Galatea: I know what we can do to try and bring on labour…

Adonis: If you mean what I think you mean then I’m all in favour.

Acacia danced to get her movement skill up.

Acacia: Look at my moves, Grandad!

Vlad: *not looking up from his book* Very impressive, Acacia.

Acacia, what’s with the bear suit?

Acacia: I’m not Acacia, I’m Bear.

Inventive name.

Ok but why?

Acacia: With the new baby on its way, how else am I meant to get attention around here? I can’t bear to be ignored.

That was your worst joke yet.

Galatea: Arrrgghh the baby’s coming!

A baby boy was born! In accordance with the naming theme he needed a botanical name so he is called Rowan.

With the addition of Rowan to the family, Caly had her desired 4 grandkids and completed the big happy family aspiration! Next gen, 2 – 3 kids max I swear.

Hello readers! Just a quick ‘announcement’: I am back at university now in my final year and don’t expect to be able to play sims for a while. I might even not be playing again until next summer… So, yeah, don’t expect any new chapters soon. But, I promise I haven’t abandoned this and I’ll come back to it just as soon as I am able to play again 🙂

11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.11

      1. I got you! 🙂 No worries – I’m no scientist either. My only legacy is plagued by lawyer jokes and legal concepts but anything else is just way out of my comfort zone.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow Atlas is married? I didn’t think he was the type! His poor wife though. Sometimes I question MCCC’s marrying decisions

    Ooh is Spencer the son (or grandson, whatever) of Kalamainu’u Iona from IL? He’s probably a merman! Unless the game generated some townies with the Iona surname, but it would be pretty cool if he was a merman, since Oly is one too

    Oh hello Michael! And Rodrigo. Simdiana Jones and Gandalf’s brother, nice

    Damn, did everyone’s parents tell them that lol (also, fellow dumb adult here 😉 )

    Another wonderful pirate joke from Acacia!

    I guess it would suck if your sister was immortal and you weren’t, so I don’t blame Candy for wanting to be a vampire!

    Oly, that’s an amazing theory! But you would have been radioactive long before now if it were true…

    Oof biology. I can spout off some random facts for you if you need any random biology things for the kids to be doing homework about 😉
    Though my knowledge is at university level now, so probably much too high for these kids lol

    Oh that is dumb about Adonis’ aspiration. I agree that the game should count step-children and bio-children as the same when it comes to that

    Welcome, baby Rowan! I love the name Rowan so much, and I bet he’s going to be a cutie ❤

    I finished my second year of university just last week so I totally sympathise (but I will admit that I probably did end up spending more time playing TS4 than I should've…) Good luck, and I know you're going to do wonderfully ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply!

      Yeah MCCC definitely makes some odd matches. I think there is an option you can choose so that sims only marry other sims in the same life stage… Maybe I should have chosen that.

      I just looked at Spencer’s family tree. His grandmother is indeed Kalamainu’u from IL! And he is a merman! Also, interestingly, Don Lothario is his grandfather on that side. On his other side, Paolo Rocca and Nina Caliente are his grandparents!

      I am glad it wasn’t just my Mum who said that haha. Can’t believe I thought it was true for so long…

      I can always do with some random biology facts for the kids’ homework! I am running out of ideas lol.

      Oh Rowan does end up being a cutie 😉

      Thank you so much ❤

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