Chapter 2.10

Welcome to chapter 10 of generation 2! In chapter 2.9, Vlad joined the civil designer career and started to work on building the fabrication skill, the family celebrated Winterfest, yet another toddler (Oly this time) was traumatised by the untimely end of Fluffybunnykins, Clementine met her namesake (Clement Frost), we completed the fossil collection, Caly (again) petitioned Galatea and Adonis for another grandchild, Caly got a penpal in Midnight Hollow (the last place that we need a postcard from), Clemmie completed her aspiration, and all of the plants in our vast greenhouse reached maturity.

The final postcard (the one from Midnight Hollow) arrived in the mail, allowing us to complete the postcard collection! That is our 12th completed collection.

To get 5/5 points for the collection part of the scoring, we need to complete 13 collections, so technically we only need to complete one more collection. But, I only need one more crystal to complete the crystal collection and two more metals to complete the metals collection so I want to try and complete both of those collections. I might also complete the voidcritters collection since we only need 5 more of those and we can get them simply by buying lots of voidcritter booster packs.

Oleander became a child – thank heaven we don’t have any more toddlers to worry about now! He got the geek trait, the social butterfly aspiration (why why why????!!!) and the happy toddler bonus trait.

Here’s some CAS pics of Oly as a kid:

You can tell already that he is going to have Vlad’s droopy eye shape but I think he’s cute and I still love the red eye colour.

Oly had to meet 10 new sims for his aspiration so I made him wait outside accosting passing strangers.

Oly: Hi, I’m Oly! What’re you up to?

Random guy: Last time I was here, I saw a scrawny pale guy burn to death and then get brought back to life by the Grim Reaper. I was hoping to see some more excitement like that.

Oly: Sorry man, I don’t think anyone’s going to die today.

Adonis helped Clemmie with her homework for his ‘superparent’ aspiration.

Adonis: … And you should add that overfishing and pollution are two of the biggest threats to marine life today.

Clemmie: Thanks Dad. And what about solutions to protect endangered species of fish?

Patchy: May I suggest a force of scarecrows to patrol the beaches and report those fishing without a permit?

Vlad got a new work outfit but kept the hat. He still doesn’t like it.

Vlad: How many times do I have to tell you that vampires do not wear bright yellow hats? How am I ever meant to inspire fear again when people have seen me in this thing?

The fossil collection plaque arrived, so here is the fossil collection with the plaque. I’ve never looked closely at the fossils before but they have some nice detail.

The plaque for the postcard collection also arrived so I took a screenshot of it next to the postcard collection. The postcard display board thing annoys me so much because there is no way to arrange the postcards so as to avoid a big weird looking gap somewhere on the board.

Acacia had to make it across the monkey bars three times for her aspiration.

Acacia: Why did Lucy fall off the monkey bars?


Acacia: Because she’s got no arms!

Is that meant to be a joke?

Acacia: Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Acacia: Not Lucy!

Good grief.

Since Adonis will need to have a child with three character value traits I’ve been making Clemmie try to raise her manners by cleaning up plates. She’s been making it extremely difficult for me too because she keeps cancelling the action! I eventually made her do it though.

Clemmie: You’re so mean. Great grandad Atlas never makes me do chores. I wish I could go and live with him instead.

Galatea: So, I’ve been thinking about what Mum said and maybe we should try for a baby.

Adonis: Really? What changed your mind?

Galatea: Well, the evil voice says that we have to have another child so that Mum can complete her stupid aspiration. But also, with Acacia and Oly we produced two amazing kids. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make another one like them?

Notice how she didn’t mention Clemmie πŸ˜›

And yes, this means that still none of Gal’s siblings have had children of their own.

Adonis: Let’s do it!

Love how their pyjamas match (in style if not in swatch).

Galatea: I’m pregnant! Oh boy I hope I don’t regret this.

Me too. Although I already feel the regrets beginning to creep up on me. 4 kids, why am I doing this to myself?

Galatea: Well, we did it, I’m pregnant again.

Adonis: That’s great! I know you weren’t sure about trying for this baby, but we’re such experienced parents now that I’m certain we’ve got this.

Galatea: I hope you’re right. At least Mum will have to pitch in since it’s entirely her fault.

Caly: What’s that? I think I hear the dulcet tones of a positive pregnancy test. We’re going to be grandparents again! By the way, haven’t you ever thought about how weird it is that those tests tell you you’re pregnant by playing music and erupting with confetti? Isn’t there an easier way they could indicate a positive result?

Vlad: Having never taken one myself, I’ve really never thought about it. Another grandchild? Why do I get the feeling that this was your doing?

Caly: Because it was! I’ve always wanted four grandbabies.

Vlad: Always?

Caly: Well, since I started this big happy family aspiration anyway.

Vlad found some phozonite, which means that we only need one more metal and then we will have completed the metals collection!

Oly: Happy New Years Eve! Woot woot!

Vlad: Ouch my ears! Who gave the boy that thing?

Galatea: I think I’m gonna puke.

(She had morning sickness).

Galatea: Here’s to a new year and a new family member.

Vlad: Speaking of that new family member, should you really be drinking?

Galatea: What’s the worst that could happen? I didn’t drink during Clemmie’s pregnancy and look how she turned out! Maybe alcohol is a good thing for babies.

Acacia: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

Oly: Because there was an awesome time travelling machine on the other side and it wanted to escape the asteroid which was soon going to cause mass extinction? Oh and was the time travelling machine bigger on the inside than the outside like the TARDIS from Doctor Who – otherwise known as Time And Relative Dimension In Space – so that the dinosaur could fit inside?

Acacia: What? No! You’re such a geek, Oly. The dinosaur crossed the road because chickens hadn’t evolved yet. Duh!

Everyone gathered around the TV to watch the countdown to midnight.

At midnight, Clemmie and Acacia autonomously hugged.

Clemmie: Bring it in, little sis! When you were born I hated you but now I’m glad that you exist after all.

Acacia: You smell like rotting garbage but I love you so alright.

Vlad and Caly also hugged.

Vlad: Another year with my wonderful wife approaches. I will treasure each and every second of it.

Caly: And I can’t wait to spend the next year with my amazing husband.

Caly decided to strip off again. Just an everyday occurrence in this household. Why the umbrella though, Caly?

Caly: Well, it looks like rain and I wouldn’t want to get wet, would I?

Maybe you could start by putting on some clothes then…

Acacia: Granny says you’ve got a bun in the oven, Mum. But, I checked and the oven’s empty. What did she mean?

Galatea: She means you’re going to have another brother or sister soon.

Acacia: You make babies in the oven? Do you bake them like a cake?

Clemmie: No, silly. Everyone knows that babies are delivered by storks.

Acacia: Well Mum, who’s right?

You need to tell them that they’re both wrong, Gal! They need to learn the facts of life.

Galatea: You’re both right. Babies are baked in special ‘baby ovens’ at the baby factory then delivered by storks.

Face. Palm.

Galatea: Um a little help?

What on earth are you doing up there, Galatea?

Galatea: I’m writing a book from a cat’s perspective and I thought it would be a good idea to get a ‘cat’s eye view’ of the world as background research, so I climbed up here and, well, now I’m stuck.

I rescued her. But the idea of leaving her there was tempting.

Clemmie: Oly, did you know that you’re covered in red spirals?

Oly: I know! They look like spiral galaxies, don’t they? So cool! Have you ever wondered if there are aliens living in a galaxy near us? Or maybe even living amongst us?

Clemmie: You know what, Oly? You’re weird. I think I like you after all.

Oly: You do? Awesome! Maybe we can play Starwars Battlefront together some time? Or duel with those toy lightsabres I’ve always wanted…

Clemmie: Don’t push your luck.

Oly: Hey, let’s take a picture together.

Clemmie: Ok! But hold the camera back a bit so that great grandad Atlas can be in the picture too.

Oly: Hey Clemmie, will you be my best friend?

Clemmie: Sure, why not? Give me a hug, little bro.

Oly needed to make a BFF for his social butterfly aspiration and that ended up being clemmie as you can see.

Rodrigo: Aw, Gal’s kids are so sweet.

Yup, Rodrigo came by for a visit. It was so great to see him again!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.10

  1. Oh Oly is a good looking kid too! Even with the eyes!

    Adonis is such a good dad! And Patchy’s idea to help protect endangered fish is top notch lol

    Okay Acacia’s jokes are as bad as mine, and I still love her for it! Is it weird to say that I’m looking forward to seeing (well, reading) what jokes she’ll make in future chapters?

    Omg yes Galatea and Adonis finally agreed to have another baby! Yay!

    I love those PJ’s from Tiny Living that Gal and Adonis have. So many of my sims have them as one of their sleepwear outfits (most of my sims get two sets of clothing for each outfit category now). They just look so comfortable!

    Yeah, in saying that Adonis, you can do all the work with the baby now lol

    Lol yes “always,” Caly, always

    Love how Oly just starts geeking out! I may or may not have a couple of geek sims that would work for him… but they are male (so Oly would have to be bi or gay) and it’s not even certain who will be heir!

    I love seeing how Acacia and Clemmie’s relationship evolved over time from hatred to a lovely sibling bond ❀

    Thanks Gal for the reproduction lesson! Very scientific πŸ˜‰

    Seriously, Galatea??? Love how glitchy TS4 can be sometimes, but that explanation was awesome and very creative!

    Ah Starwars Battlefront. Oly needs to go to Batuu at some point in his life πŸ˜‰
    (and if he doesn't win the heir poll, maybe he could marry Rey (cough cough))
    Now that I've thought about it, I am definitely not eagerly waiting for that to happen, nope


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