Chapter 2.4

In the previous chapter, Clementine plotted to prevent the birth of her unborn sibling, Vlad read her a totally unsuitable story, Vlad maxed the handiness skill and broke into Forgotten Grotto, a lot of fishing took place as I worked on the fish collection and Mayor Whiskers sadly passed away (possibly from drinking Clemmie’s dirty potty water).

Adonis: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Clementine!

Clemmie: Look at me fly! I’m a vampire bat! Rawr rawr!

I don’t think vampire bats roar…

Acacia became a toddler. She got the independent trait. Jackpot!

Here are some CAS shots of her:

Yes yes yes she got Adonis’ purple eyes! Isn’t she pretty? I gave her the JTB ‘Rey’ hair because I really wanted to use it.

Gal got into bed, then got out again so that she could pass out on the floor. Sims Logic.

Clemmie: Now she’s a toddler, she’s going to steal all of my toys isn’t she? I wish she’d go away.

Side note: I love Acacia’s outfit so much!

Acacia: Love you, big sister!

Clemmie: Oh… Maybe she’s not so bad after all. Ok, let’s keep her. But, I still don’t want another one.

Yeah, about that…

Galatea went into labour!

She gave birth to a baby boy who I called Oleander (to go with plants theme). I might end up calling him Oly for short though.

Clemmie: No no no not again! I said I didn’t want another one! Who let the stork in?

Look at that death glare.

Yup, Clemmie is definitely not pleased.

Vlad: My first grandson! What do you think of your new onesie then? I knitted it just for you!

Oleander: *Crying noises*

Vlad: I knew you’d love it!

Again, I moved Oleander’s crib into the playroom so that he wouldn’t wake Clemmie and Acacia.

Clemmie: Blarffy, this is my sister, Acacia. She is going to be playing with us from now on. She’s nice, we like her. But, we might have to think of a way to get rid of baby Oly.

Acacia: Why do we want to get rid of Oly, Clemmie?

Clemmie: Because we don’t like him.

Acacia: Oh. Why don’t we like him?

Clemmie: Because we just don’t.

Acacia: Oh.

More orchid planting for Vlad. This garden is going to make us rich!

Vlad: It’s going to make me rich, not you.

Acacia: Something smells bad.

Clemmie: It’s the baby. I think he’s gone rotten.

Acacia: Yucky!

As you can see, Acacia and Clemmie are both wearing toddler onesies which were knitted by Vlad. These are their sleepwear but to be honest they will probably be wearing them a lot in the upcoming screenshots because sim toddlers sleep so much and I am lazy therefore I often can’t be bothered to change them out of their sleepwear.

I sent Caly and Vlad to Forgotten Grotto to look for an angler fish again.

Caly: Hey look a weird skeleton fish, that’s pretty cool, right?

Not an angler fish.

Vlad: what about this?

Not an angler fish.

Caly: I’m getting very bored of fishing.

Vlad: Me too.

In that case you’d better COMPLETE THE FISHING COLLECTION, hadn’t you?

Another home date for Adonis and Galatea.

Galatea: I’m sorry we keep having to go on dates at home rather than at a fancy restaurant or something. There’s just so much to do what with Acacia and Clemmie and now Oleander too, and I’m meant to be writing this book and…

Adonis: Shhhh. I don’t care where I am, so long as I’m with you. And besides, there’s things we can do at home that we couldn’t do at a fancy restaurant.

Galatea: Oh yeah? What are you thinking?

Adonis: Well for a start, we can do this…

Galatea: I just hope we didn’t make another baby…

Yikes I only realised afterwards that I have risky woohoo on at 5% and I didn’t make them use contraception. That’s the same shower that Clemmie was conceived in (via risky woohoo), I hope it’s not cursed.

Vlad: Well aren’t you growing fast? You’re taller than your old grandad now!

Acacia: When I grow up I’m going to be as tall as – as – as an acacia tree!

So, this happened.

Vlad: AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH! I’m burning!!!!

You may remember that, due to a glitch, Vlad had to take 10 vampire weaknesses instead of the usual 5 required of a grand master vampire. Due to this, I use a mod to make him immune to the sun, cancelling out that weakness.

Anyway, I forgot Vlad’s sun immunity power moodlet runs out after 28 days and he burned to death.

Caly: Not my husband, you bony bastard!

Caly: Last time we met you said you were a fan of mine. So, let’s make a deal: if you let Vlad live you can have this death flower.

Grim: Well I don’t know, I’m not meant to make trades like that.

Caly: Listen, my father is the god Atlas. At a word from me, he can send a message down to Hades in the Underworld and get your ass fired.

Grim: That sounds unlikely but your acting skills there were phenomenal – it almost seemed as though you believed what you were saying – so, I guess I’ll bring him back.

After Vlad was resurrected, I made him immune to the sun again.

Vlad and Caly were reunited whilst Grim creepily looked on.

Vlad: You saved my life by threatening Death himself. You really are the most remarkable woman – I mean, nymph.

Caly: Oh Vlad, I was so afraid that I was going to lose you.

Random guy: Woah that was awesome!

Grim: So, can I have that autograph now, Calypso?

As you may remember (or not, it’s been a while). Adonis joined the Garden Gnomes club a few chapters back. Lucas Munch is the club leader. I also added Vlad, Caly, and Atlas as members.

Adonis hosted a club gathering in the Oasis Springs park since one of the club activities is fishing and I figured they could try to catch the piranha and red-tailed black shark (which can be found in a certain pool of water in that park).

Everyone’s clothes changed to green automatically when the club meeting began. Mostly, their existing clothes just changed to a green version but look at what Vlad ended up dressed in (I guess because his normal outfit doesn’t come in a green swatch)!

Vlad: I think my outfit is very modish. Fashion is all about making bold statements these days.

You’re probably better off sticking to the fashions of the Victorian era like you usually do.

Caly: My, don’t you look dashing, Vlad!

Vlad: I knew you’d like it! Come here.

Vlad and Caly autonomously shared a ‘passionate kiss’ which was cute.

Lucas: You two do know that this is not a woohoo club. Right?

Atlas: Mum, Dad, stop! Why’d you have to embarrass me like this in front of my bro Lucas?

Vlad: Oh, hello son. Didn’t see you there! How’ve you been?

I’m awful, I never make them see their moved out kids anymore.

Caly merged with Adonis is terrifying.

Everyone went to the pool in Oasis Springs where you’re meant to be able to catch piranhas and red-tailed black sharks. Unfortunately not everyone could fish at once, though.

Paprazzi: Over here, Vladislaus! I must get a picture of your new ensemble. What do you call it?

Vlad: Er I don’t know. Clothes?

Paparazzi: Clothes! Wonderful! Innovative!

Vlad: is this what you want?

That is a bass, not a piranha or a red-tailed black shark

Vlad: What if I painted its body black and the tail red? Would you want it then?

Not even then.

Adonis: Oh look, a pufferfish! Pufferfish are amazing creatures. When afraid like this one is now, they inflate themselves with air or water so as to puff up by up to two or three times their normal size. That scares predators and makes them harder to eat. Don’t be afraid little guy, I won’t hurt you.

Ugh that’s only the millionth puffer fish we’ve caught. Oh well, maybe we can use it to poison somebody one day.

Adonis: So, Lucas, have you ever thought of maybe stepping down from the leadership role in this club? It’s just that I have some great ideas for taking the Garden Gnomes in a new direction and…

Lucas: Are you crazy, Adonis? This is MY club!

Yep that is word for word what Lucas said. It’s so frustrating, I don’t know how I’m meant to get Lucas to step down.

I made Vlad, Caly and Adonis keep fishing into the night.

Caly: Look, this fish has red on its tail. Could this be the fish you’re looking for?

For the last time Caly, I don’t need another rainbow fish!

Vlad: This one is black with a red tail.

At last, the red-tailed black shark! Thank you, Vlad! I must say it’s kinda small for a shark though, I was expecting something bigger (no ‘that’s what she said’ jokes please!)

Now we just need the piranha, the angler fish and the tree fish in order to finish the fish collection.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4

  1. Aww, love Adonis playing with Clemmie!

    Ahh, the eyes! That’s how excited I get when Elle’s kids in my 100 baby challenge get the purple vampire eyes. She’s such an adorable toddler ā¤

    Oly is a cute shortening of Oleander. I keep meaning to name a sim Olly/Ollie (for Oliver) but keep forgetting

    "She's nice, we like her" Ahh Clementine warming up to her sister makes me happy haha

    Fun fact about acacia trees: the ones in Africa (that giraffes eat) aren't classified as being part of the Acacia genus anymore. It's very sad. All trees in the Acacia genus are found in Australia (and Indonesia & Papua New Guinea) now (very upsetting since I'm a New Zealander lol). The African ones are still called umbrella thorn acacias, but they're actually classified as Vachellia now in their scientific names

    Vlad, that outfit… I- no. The helmet really doesn't need to be there…

    I LOVE Adonis' spiel about pufferfish!

    Oh gosh I'm so sorry I didn't realise how hard it might be to overthrow leaders of clubs… I think you might have to ask the other club members what they think of Lucas' leadership and then turn them against him or something… I've never done it so I wouldn't know.
    Adonis could always leave and start a club to rival Garden Gnomes… Or, you know, invite Lucas over for some poorly cooked pufferfish nigiri. Just a thought šŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Me too, he’s such a great stepdad šŸ™‚

      I was so excited because I had worried that maybe all of Adonis and Gal’s kids would end up with Gal’s blue eyes which would have been such a missed opportunity for purple eyes in the family!

      Oleander will end up being referred to as Oly quite a bit since I am lazy so I’m glad you like it lol.

      Clemmie and Acacia make a cute double act.

      Did not know that about acacia trees! Have to admit that I didn’t know much about acacia trees (or any trees) in the first place though haha. Poor African acacia trees!

      I have no idea why the game decided that what that outfit needed was a helmet. So weird.

      Glad you like it, I thought he’d be knowledgeable about animals, especially fish, since he is into nature and conservation and everything.

      Nah it’s ok, I have played ahead (quite far ahead actually!) and I figured out how to overthrow Lucas so it’s all good. Adonis just had to have a high enough relationship with Lucas for him to agree to step down, and with a bit of picture taking that wasn’t hard to achieve šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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