Chapter 2.3

And we are back again with the third chapter of generation 3! Last time, Caly got naked (a lot), Vlad got hit by lightning then crashed a rocketship, Caly completed the angling ace aspiration and begun the curator aspiration but continued to work on the fishing collection, Galatea and Adonis went on a date, I completed the decorative egg collection and the feather collection, Clementine became a toddler, baby Acacia was born and Galatea got pregnant again. Phew that was a lot, let’s get into the new chapter now!

Vlad: … Suddenly, a vicious vampire bat swooped down and drained the helpless bunny dry, leaving only a lifeless corpse.

Hang on a minute, Vlad. You’re not really reading your granddaughter the same story that you terrified Galatea with when she was a toddler?

Vlad: The Grisly Demise of Fluffy Bunnykins is a children’s classic! My parents read it to me many times in my own youth.

Clemmie: Grandpa, can I hear the bit where Fluffy Bunnykins dies again? That’s the best part!

Vlad: You see, she loves it!

Oh dear what kind of monster have you created, Vlad?

Adonis: Isn’t she adorable?

Eh I don’t know about that. But you do look pretty adorable with her.

By the way, I moved Acacia’s crib into the play room because she kept waking Clemmie up with her crying.

Vlad: Who’s the bestest cat in the world then?

Mayor: Well, least dull-witted slave, I suppose that would have to be myself.

Gabriel called to congratulate Galatea on the birth of Acacia. Why is he such a nice guy? This makes my heart bleed.

Galatea started writing a book for her aspiration/career.

Galatea: Now that I have kids of my own, I think I’m qualified to get into writing children’s books.

Neither of them are actually children yet but that is probably a good idea. Maybe you can write some picture books to replace the horrible tales that Vlad has been reading to Clemmie.

Galatea: What?

Orchids sell for a lot so I’ve been making Vlad plant plenty of them.

The dragon fruit plants reverted to newly planted when the family moved house when Galatea was still a child and as you can see they haven’t grown since 😦

What a momentous occasion: this is the first time I have ever seen Patchy do some actual gardening work.

Galatea: How do you like your new onesie, Acacia? Your grandad knitted it for you!

Acacia: Waaaaaaa!

Galatea: I think she likes it!

Clementine: Mummy, when is the stork going to come and take Acacia away again?

Galatea: Clemmie, your sister is here to stay. She’s not going anywhere. In fact the stork is going to bring you a new brother or sister soon.

Clementine: No no no! I hope the vampire bat kills the stork before it gets here just like it killed Fluffy Bunnykins!

Galatea: Vampire bat? Fluffy Bunnykins? Don’t tell me grandad’s been reading you that story.

Clemmie: Mister Scarecrow, do you also scare away storks or is it just crows?

Patchy: I don’t know. I’ve never seen a stork so maybe I do keep those away too.

Clemmie: Well, if you see one around here, try to be extra scary. Mummy says that a stork is going to deliver me a brother or sister and I don’t want it to come.

Patchy: I’ll do my best.

Galatea and Adonis went on a date (at home because it means I can still control the other members of the household) for Galatea’s aspiration.

Galatea: Do you want to hear what my new book is about?

Adonis: Yes, of course!

Galatea: Well, the main character is a merman Prince… Sound familiar?

Adonis: You’re writing about me?

Well don’t get too excited, it’s only a children’s book.

Galatea: You’re my muse.

Adonis: You inspire me too, my mermaid princess.

Galatea: Oh! I suppose I am a princess now that I’m married to you, aren’t I?

Adonis: You were always a princess.

They’re so cute.

Vlad: You know what, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of this grandparenting thing.

Caly: Of course we are! We’re good at everything. We’re the best!

Vlad: Maybe we should take a break for a while… Together? If you know what I mean.

Caly: I’ll race you to the bed.

Vlad: You know I’ll win, I always win.

Caly: Only because you cheat.

Vlad: Using my vampiric run power is not cheating! I’m a vampire!

Clemmie: Look, I made the blocks all stand in a line!

Galatea: Yes you did, what a clever girl! Don’t we have the most amazing daughters, Adonis?

Adonis: Yes we do. Oh god how do I make her stop crying?

Bryon: Hi Mr Straud, I just came by to see if Galatea was bored of her husband yet…

Vlad: That’s Count Straud to you, boy. And my daughter is very happy in her marriage. But, since you’re here I suppose you could be of some use to myself…

Spotted in the wild: a rare event of a toddler from the legacy family actually being bathed

Clemmie: I’m a nymph just like you, Granny!

Caly: Yes you are. A naughty little nymph! Now hold still so I can wash your face.

There are some fish that you can only catch in Forgotten Grotto and to get in there you need a sim with maxed handiness skill. So, Vlad has been working on his handiness skill.

I killed two birds with one stone by buying the most expensive stove and fridge and making Vlad fully upgrade them. That gives us a bonus point on the scoring.

Vlad maxed the handiness skill!

Mayor: Hissss! I don’t like that one. It’s too loud. If it were my kitten I’d give it a few swipes to the face and it’d soon learn to be quiet.

Yes well it’s probably a good thing you never became a father.

Since he had level 10 handiness, Vlad was able to break into forgotten grotto.

I sent Vlad, Caly and Adonis into Forgotten Grotto to fish. It’s useful having mermaids because they can do the ‘aquatic lure’ thing which brings more fish to you.

Right guys, we are looking for a batfish, a wolf eel and an angler fish. Got it?

Adonis: Wow, what kind of fish is this? Looks like a rare one to me.

That would be a clump of seaweed…

Caly: is this what you want?

That’s a box.

Vlad: What about this?

Does that look like an angler fish, a batfish or a wolf eel?

Vlad: I don’t know, what do they look like?

Er I don’t know but I know that that fish is not one of them.

I’m pretty sure that Caly’s outerwear isn’t usually green. I think it’s this way because of a club meeting… Or maybe it is usually green and I just forgot.

Mayor: Yum, this water tastes good.

I don’t think that’s water…

Oopsie I think the potty ‘water’ killed him. Clemmie, you’re a murderer!

Just kidding. He died of old age. But still, the timing was… Suggestive.

Clemmie: Grandma, why won’t the kitty get up?

Caly: Oh no, I think he’s dead! That means an extra household slot – what if Galatea has twins?!

Clemmie: Why are you taking away my kitty cat?

Grim: According to my records the cause of death was consumption of potty ‘water’. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?

Clemmie: No, not me. I had nothing to do with it. I don’t even have a potty…

Liar liar diaper on fire!

Grim: Excuse me Calypso, I know I’m here strictly on business but I’m a huge fan of yours. Could I have an autograph? It would be the perfect addition to my Calypso Straud shrine – I mean collection.

Caly: You just killed my cat and now you’re asking for my autograph? No way!

Grim: Well strictly speaking I didn’t kill him, I think that was your granddaughter.

Clemmie: Grandad, this place is dark and creepy. Do you think there are any vampire bats here?

Vlad: I expect there are many.

Clemmie: Cool, I want to see one!

Vlad: If you want to see a vampire bat, then you’ll have to sit here and be very still and quiet so as not to scare them away. And do not under any circumstances wander off into the water – vampire bats hate water. Ok?

Clemmie: Ok. And if I catch one, can I keep it as a pet?

Vlad: Yes yes if you catch one you can keep it as a pet.

Clemmie: And I can feed the stork to it?

Vlad: You can feed the stork to it. Wait a moment, what stork? Oh never mind.

Vlad and Caly took Clementine with them to Forgotten Grotto and left her playing with her blocks by the entrance while they went and fished. What responsible grandparents they are, leaving their toddler granddaughter unattended in a dark and probably dangerous abandoned mineshaft.

Vlad: Hey, I think I found the wolf eel. It has teeth and everything!

Yes, that’s the wolf eel! Well done, Vlad!

Caly: Well, I found a rainbow fish. It’s much prettier than that ugly slimy eel.

Another rainbow fish? Well, I suppose we can use it as bait…

Caly: You don’t appreciate me enough.

Vlad: Don’t worry dear, I know it was your aquatic lure that drew the wolf eel here in the first place.

They also caught several batfish, but no angler fish yet 😦

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3

  1. Oh no, Acacia is channeling her namesake (i.e. me… girl I feel you since I cry all the time too lol)
    I approve of her new onesie too, it’s so cute (and purple is one of my many favourite colours so thank you πŸ˜‰ )

    On Galatea’s book… I swear I found this random teen book in a clearance bin earlier this year and the male love interest was a merman prince with purple eyes… But I’m pretty sure his hair was black. I just can’t for the life of me remember what it was called and it was probably dumb anyway haha

    Yeah Caly’s outfit should have changed to green if a Garden Gnomes club meeting was active since their colour is green. Unless my eyes deceive me, Adonis’ jacket changed colour too

    Rest in peace Mayor Whiskers 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry, Acacia will cry less as a toddler! I love that onesie too, it’s so cute. Purple is my second favourite colour, after pink πŸ™‚

        Never heard of that series – it sounds like ‘Merman-Twilight’ lol!

        Yeah I was surprised to find that their outfits change colour during a garden gnomes meeting. At this point, Vlad wasn’t a member of the garden gnomes (I added him as a member later). I wanted to have a club meeting fishing in Forgotten Grotto but you couldn’t start a club meeting in FG so I had Adonis start one in OS then travel to FG but that seemed to end the club meeting – or maybe it was just that the other members didn’t come with him, I don’t remember. So that’s why his and Caly’s outfits are green.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Vlad and Caly way too much, they have such a good dynamic! Mermaids get 35 bonus days so even after Caly becomes an elder she will still have 45 days left of life. She’s not going anywhere soon πŸ˜‰

      Watching my sim babies grow up is the best part of a legacy imo!


    1. Poor Mayor 😦 but he had a very long life. When they got him, he was almost about to turn into an elder but Caly gave him an age down treat which sent him back to the beginning of kittenhood!

      I agree, I’m loving Clemmie so much! And after seeing what her childhood trait is I love her even more πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how spunky and sneaky Clem is. I hope she wins as the heir! Or is she not allowed.

    Sorry about the kitty! That’s sad toddler pee killed him! πŸ€ͺ

    And Gabriel doesn’t hold grudges! Yay! He’s not like his mom!

    Acacia looks like her father already. I wonder if she’ll have blonde hair! Hmmm…🧐

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clem is definitely allowed to be heir! Only requirement is that the heir must be the child of the previous heir. Doesn’t matter that Adonis isn’t her biological father. She would make such a fun heir, especially considering what her childhood trait is πŸ˜‰

      I found it so funny that he keeled over and died almost straight after drinking the toddler pee. Coincidence? I think not!

      Gabriel is so sweet. First he congratulated Galatea on the wedding, then on the birth of Acacia. I love him!

      Hard to tell what a baby is going to grow up like in the sims but you’re right she did get his skin tone. She’ll be a toddler soon πŸ™‚


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