Chapter 2.2

What happened last time? Galatea and Adonis got married, Atlas and Epimetheus became YAs and moved out and Galatea got pregnant.

Caly: Do you remember when we were newlyweds, Vlad? Wasn’t it a magical time?

Vlad: Of course I remember, darling. And I fall more and more in love with you everyday.

Galatea: Mum, Dad, please can you go and do all that mushy stuff elsewhere. I’m trying to write a book here. And it’d be great if you’d put on some clothes, Mum.

Caly: Oh what your father and I are about to do doesn’t require clothes.

Galatea: Ugh no Mum you didn’t just say that!

Why was Caly naked? Um because she’s Caly, that’s why.

Vlad and Caly woohooed. In Galatea and Adonis’ bed.


Adonis: Aren’t you a cute little kitty cat?

Mayor: Don’t patronise me, boy. I will allow you to remain under my roof but only so long as you accord me the appropriate degree of respect.

I made Vlad drink from Patchy because I couldn’t be bothered to make him go out and find some proper prey.

Vlad: Ugh, tastes of straw! I don’t understand why you won’t let me drink from that husband of Galatea’s. What else is he good for?

Your son-in-law is not a plasma pack!

I’ve been making Vlad explore space in the rocket ship in the hope of finding the last space rock we need to complete the space rock collection.

Vlad managed to get hit by lightning just before boarding the rocket ship. It’s lucky that lightning strike missed the rocket!

Vlad: Lucky? It hit me!

Well yes but I didn’t need to pay to replace you.

Vlad then managed to crash the rocket ship on landing.

Vlad: I am having a VERY. BAD. DAY!

Adonis: What happened to you?

Vlad: Struck by lightning followed by a rocket ship crash landing.

Adonis: Wow are you ok?

Vlad: Do I look ok?

Adonis: Um I think you might have forgotten something.

Caly: Forgotten something? I don’t think so. What sort of something?

Adonis: Your clothes perhaps?

Caly: No no I haven’t forgotten anything. I’m not wearing any clothes because I’m about to go fishing.

Adonis: I’m not sure I understand. Why does fishing preclude clothes?

Caly: Clothes obstruct the nymph magic which I use to draw the fish to me.

Adonis: Oh… Right.

That is a trash plant growing out of the floor behind them. No idea how to get rid of it.

Caly: Here fishy fishy fishies! Feel the pull of my nymphal powers!

Caly completed the angling ace aspiration. I’m still having her work on completing the fish collection, though. I’ve given her the curator aspiration next but I don’t know if I will actually have her complete that.

Galatea had to go on two silver dates with Adonis for her aspiration. The first one was kind of boring since it took place at home. For the second one, they went to the park in Oasis Springs (mostly because I wanted Caly to fish there).

Galatea: I wish this pregnancy would be over already, my back hurts so much!

Adonis: Here, let me give you a massage.

Galatea: You’re the best husband.

He did this autonomously, so cute!

Adonis and Galatea shared a passionate kiss while Vlad knitted in the background, pretending not to see them (that’s one of his fans passed out at his feet).

Adonis: Are you sure leaning back like that is ok for the baby?

Galatea: Forget about the baby and kiss me!

Vlad: What a disgusting spectacle. Young love is sickening.

I’m sorry, have you seen yourself and Caly?

Caly: I might catch more fish if you’d let me take my clothes off.

Or you might get arrested for indecent exposure near a children’s play area…

Egg day arrived for the first time (I hadn’t put it on the calendar before) and I made everyone look for decorative eggs.

Vlad: Why would there be an egg in this flowerpot? I may not be an expert in biology but eggs don’t come from plants, I know that much…

It’s an egg hunt! There are eggs hidden in unexpected places.

Vlad: These silly human customs never fail to amaze me.

We found all the eggs so that’s another collection completed!

Adonis: Have you considered vegetarianism? It’s the best dietary choice that you can make for your own health and for the health of the planet.

Flower Bunny: Actually, I’m already a vegetarian. Carrots are my favourite!

Adonis: I love carrots too, such an underrated vegetable. They’re an amazing source of vitamin A!

And look, we completed the feather collection too! Mayor found the final missing feather. That’s two collections completed in one chapter 🙂

I forgot about Clementine’s birthday and she aged up on her own – oops. Her toddler trait is angelic.

Caly: I can’t believe Clemmie is a toddler already! It feels as though she was a baby only seconds ago.

That’s because she was.

I can’t decide whether I love or hate this glitch where the baby and toddler stage are simultaneously present.

Here are some close up shots of Clemmie in CAS:

She’s so cute!

Of course I had to make Clemmie play on the rocking chair.

Clemmie: Wheeeeee!

This animation is adorable. I may have preferred Happy Haunts but I do love Nifty Knitting!

Circe visited and decided to join Adonis playing chess (he was building his logic skill for his career).

Circe: So, you’re the one my sister chose, are you?

Adonis: That’s right, I’m you’re new brother-in-law!

Circe: Hmmm well I’ll be keeping an eye on you. I won’t let any guy break my baby sister’s heart again. Capiche?

Adonis: Of course! Galatea’s heart is completely safe with me, don’t you worry. She means everything to me and I would never do anything to hurt her.

Vlad: Really? First you make me drink scarecrow plasma and now rabbit plasma? You’re the worst.

Flower Bunny: Please sir, I just came to spread Egg Day cheer and…

Vlad: Shut up, Bugs Bunny.

For his aspiration, Vlad had to gift three knitted items. I made him give Clemmie a knitted toddler onesie but unfortunately it didn’t count 😦 I guess only items gifted to adults will count for the aspiration.

Vlad: Here you are Clemmie, Grandad made you some new pyjamas.

Clemmie: Jammies! I get to wear this box?

No, the pyjamas are inside the box! Stupid toddler.

Galatea read Clementine to sleep.

Galatea: And when the little girl woke up, she found that a stork had left a baby at the end of her bed. She was now a big sister! Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Clemmie: Don’t let the stork come here. Clemmie doesn’t want a baby.

Galatea: But don’t you want to be a big sister?

Clemmie: NO! No big sister!

Vlad is still working on his knitting aspiration, so I thought I should include a screenshot of him knitting.

Vlad: When will this aspiration be over? It’s not very vampirey, you know.

You’re taking forever to do this one so it might be a while…

Galatea went into labour and I made her have the baby in hospital.

Adonis: The baby’s coming! What do I do? What do I do?!

Galatea: Deep breaths, you’re going to be fine.

Isn’t Adonis the one who’s meant to be comforting you?

A baby girl was born! Keeping to the plants naming theme, she’s called Acacia.

Galatea: Isn’t she beautiful? I think she looks just like her daddy!

Adonis: She has your smile.

You guys, all babies look the same!

Galatea: Clemmie, come and say hello to your new baby sister.

Clemmie: Oh no, the story came true!

Clemmie was less than pleased about the new addition.

Galatea: Let’s have some fun while the baby’s sleeping.

Adonis: I like the way you think!

Come on you guys, I want another nuuboo.

Pregnancy confirmed!

This will be Galatea’s last child since I only want three kids this generation.

Galatea: I’m pregnant again!

Adonis: But but… You only just gave birth!

Galatea: I know, isn’t it great?!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2

  1. So many happy experiences. So many collections were completed. Congratulations! 😃
    Vlad will probably not approve of this summary as he had a hard day and did not even get a proper meal of blood as comfort.
    Caly is still crazy and Vlad loves her more the more insane she behaves. They are the perfect couple ❤

    Congratulations to Clementine on her birthday. She looks so cute. Unfortunately she was not happy with her new sister and now there is another sibling on the way. So sad … for Clementine 😥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I have the collecting ‘bug’ now – I’m totally addicted to it!

      Every day is a hard day for Vlad now. I make him work pretty much all the time.

      Vlad and Caly have definitely become one of my favourite sim couples after playing them for all this time. They do work really well together 🙂

      Clementine will just have to get used to not being an only child! I am so unsympathetic 😛


  2. Sooo remember how Vlad and Caly woohooed in the shower that Clementine was conceived in after Galatea and Dana did it? And here they woohoo in Galatea and Adonis’ bed after Acacia was conceived… This is a pattern that I don’t think I like LOL

    Poor Vlad, getting struck by lightning! Would have been so cool if he’d ended up supercharged!

    Sheesh Adonis, I think you of all people should understand about the nude fishing thing, you’re a nymph too! Or at least, according to Caly anyway 😉

    Aww he autonomously gave Galatea a massage? They really are perfect for each other!

    Love his conversation with the flower bunny! Also carrots are the best vegetable

    Clemmie on the rocking chair is so adorable ❤

    I'm so happy that you're using my name for Galatea and Adonis' daughter, it's so perfect for her ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When Vlad and Caly woohooed in Gal and Adonis’ bed, I also thought back to when they woohooed in that shower! I’m impressed that you remember that little detail also!

      Vlad and Caly are so very weird…

      If he’d been struck a second time he might have ended up supercharged – of course, he might also have died haha.

      Poor Adonis has the worst mother in law!

      They are ❤ I thought it was really cute, especially as Gal was pregnant.

      I made Adonis 'evangelise about vegetarian benefits' to the flower bunny and I thought it was so funny how his speech bubble thing had him talking about carrots to a rabbit.

      I agree and I love that NK did include that for toddlers in the pack.

      After you suggested Acacia for a plants naming theme of course I had to use it! It's a really nice name too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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