Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 11

Last time, the winners of the ‘meet the parents’ challenge went on dates with Galatea (a group date for Michael and Gabriel, a solo date for Adonis) and Rodrigo went home. Since there’s only three guys left, I’ve decided to be nice and instead of making them compete in a challenge for time with Galatea all of them will get a one hour solo conversation with her today. But I’m also a little mean because there will be another elimination tonight 😉

And we start off the day with Adonis burning to death.

Not really, I wouldn’t let that happen 😛

Adonis: Aarrrrghhh I’m on fire!

Galatea: Haha very funny. I’m not falling for that one, though.

Adonis: No no I really am on fire! HELP!!!!

Galatea: Hold still, I’ll save you! Tsk tsk men never know how to cook.

Ok one: stop with the misandry, Galatea. Men can cook just as well as women. And two: you have no reason to act superior, you caught yourself on fire using the grill outside when you were a teen, remember?

Michael: It’s alright dude, we’ll have this out in no time. What are you waiting for, Gabriel? Get over here and lend a hand

Gabriel: Er actually I’d better stay back. Vampires are highly flammable!

Firefighter: Don’t worry guys, I’m here to save the day!

You’re too late. The fire is already out, no thanks to you…

Galatea: What are you doing? The fire was in the kitchen.

Firefighter: Well since I’m here, I may as well safety test your slide. It looks like it could do with a thorough hazard assessment.

Firefighter: Wheeee! Er I mean, it looks pretty safe to me but I’d better have another few goes just to make sure.

Galatea: Today I thought I’d spend some time getting to know each of you. Who’d like to go first, then?

Each of the guys got a one hour solo conversation with Galatea. Because I wanted to raise their romance levels with her, I started each conversation with one flirt, then one compliment appearance, then one blow kiss. After that, I left the interactions up to the sims.

Gabriel: So, do you still want to know what kissing a vampire feels like? Because I’ve been wondering what it’s like to kiss a mermaid.

Galatea: Here, you can have this mermaid’s kiss for now.

Galatea: I know I’ve said this before but you have beautiful eyes. They’re like amethysts.

Adonis: And your eyes are the colour of forget-me-nots, which is very fitting since I never will forget them.

I had to include this screenshot because I love how confident Michael looks in it!

Galatea: You looked really hot putting out that fire this morning without your shirt on. That kind of bravery is a real turn on.

Michael: Thank you, but I think you made the better looking firefighter this morning. I agree that bravery is a turn on and you showed buckets of it.

That evening, I decided Galatea should take everyone out to The Diving Pelican restaurant. I should note that I left autonomy on and did not make Galatea talk to anyone so the conversations that she had and the guys she talked to were all left up to her.

Galatea: Table for four, please.

Galatea: I decided we should eat out tonight so that nobody accidentally lights themselves on fire trying to cook. Mentioning no names…

Michael: When I’m a spellcaster I hope to learn the delicioso spell which will enable me to summon food out of thin air. That will cut out the need for cooking altogether!

Galatea: Oh, that sounds handy! Anyway, I hope everyone likes fish because that seems to be just about all this place serves.

Adonis: Actually, as a vegetarian I can’t eat fish. There weren’t any vegetarian main course options, but it’s ok, I got a salad from the starter menu instead.

Galatea: Oops I’m so sorry, I forgot!

Gabriel: They don’t have any vampire options either but I’m used to that so I brought my own plasma pack.

Galatea: That’s so nice of you. My Dad would probably have just gone and drained the chef or something.

Way to go Galatea, you chose a restaurant that does not cater for the dietary requirements of two of your three dates…

Galatea: As we come to the end of another day, it is time for the penultimate rose ceremony. I had a great time with all of you today but unfortunately I can only take two of you on dream dates tomorrow.

Galatea: My first rose is for you, Gabriel. I really really like you and I want us to spend more time together to see where things go.

Galatea: I wish that I could take you both to Sulani but as you know I only have one rose left tonight…

Galatea: … And that rose goes to…

Galatea: … Adonis. I thought for a moment this morning that you were going to burn to death and how I felt then made me realise how important you’ve become to me.

Galatea: Michael, you’re an amazing guy and I’m sure you will make some girl very happy but I’ve come to realise that that girl isn’t me. I just don’t see a romantic future with you, I suppose the chemistry isn’t there.

Michael: That’s alright, I’ll recover. I hope we can stay friends.

I am sorry Karababy52! Michael made it all this way but in the end his relationship with Galatea wasn’t strong enough. Thank you for submitting Michael, you know I think he is a very handsome sim with a lovely character! It’s been great playing with him 🙂

9 thoughts on “Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 11

  1. …holy shit I was not expecting that (Adonis setting himself on fire for one thing, but also eliminations 2 days in a row???!)
    Anyways I cannot wait for the dream dates (also it’s half past 12 in the morning here and I’m trying not to lose my mind over my boy making it to the finals lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha sorry for the ‘surprise’ elimination! I should have mentioned that there was an elimination coming up in the previous chapter.

      Adonis did great to get to the dream dates. And, you already know what happened in the final episode now!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, well, WELL! It’s surprising what can happen when you put down the recyclables and pay attention to the girl in front of you, Gabe. Well done! 😉

    Now…it’s onto the dream dates in Sulani! This should be fun! At least Gabriel made it this far. That’s a win in my book.

    SO…it’s between the handsome fish and the handsome bat. Who will win Gal’s heart?

    Eek! I hate it when you call the fire department and your house basically plumes in flames for HOURS in sims time, all the while you’re hoping no one dies. 🙄 Thankfully, Adonis is all right. But GABRIEL! You’re a vampire. Not a strawman!

    So funny that fireman decided to use the waterslide! 😜 I tell you, there must be code in the waterslide that attracts EVERYONE!

    So sorry to see Michael go. I have him in my game and he’s such a hunky spellcaster. MCCC put him as one of the sages. 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gabriel did so well to get to the dream dates! You already know what happened now of course but I wish that Galatea could have married both of them. Ohhh polygamy, now that’s an idea for a future generation…

      I didn’t actually make anyone call the fire department so maybe the fire alarm made them come. Or maybe someone called them on free will. I wish they had come in time to actually put out the fire!

      I think you are right about the slide. Every sim is drawn to it like a magnet!

      I was sorry to see Michael go too 😦 but at least he gets to stay in my game. It’s awesome that he’s a sage in your game!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Of course, it was not funny that Adonis was burning … but his facial expression … I burst out laughing 🤣
    Luckily he also escaped with his life thanks to Galatea and Michael … firefighters were not much help and … Gabriel?
    I hate when the Sims freeze in fear like him, but it’s probably pretty human for some to react like that … even to a vampire 🤗

    Then the day was otherwise well underway.
    Galatea seemed to enjoy all her little tete a tete with the guys … and it seemed to be reciprocated.
    Thanks for sharing the picture of confident Michael. I love it 💖

    It was almost a waste of money to invite a vegetarian and a vampire to a fish restaurant.
    Luckily, it looked like Michael enjoyed the evening to the fullest.
    Sadly, it became his last meal 😥
    … In this context. I assume he was not decapitated when it was over 🤔

    Now the last two contestants can get ready for their solo dates.
    I wish them both good luck 💘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t blame you for laughing, Adonis’ facial expression was pretty funny!

      Michael actually helped to put out the fire autonomously, but like you said Gabriel wasn’t much help lol.

      I loved that picture of Michael so much I had to include it, he looked like he was acting really smooth!

      I really should’ve picked a better restaurant. Oops!

      Poor Michael, it was sad to have to send him home so close to the dream dates 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is definitely a tough competition to see one hopeful suitor after another go out…
        When I see the numbers after the dream dates, I think that it got the outcome we have been able to read in the pictures along the way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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