Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 8

And we are back again with another chapter of Galatea’s bachelorette! Last chapter, the guys took part in a painting challenge and in this chapter the contestant whose painting was worth the most will get a solo date while the two runners up will get a group date.

You are surrounded by five hot guys, three of which are shirtless. So, why are you looking so glum, Galatea?

Galatea: I miss my baby. I haven’t seen her in such a long time.

I would say you’ll see her soon but that would be a lie. You’ll have to wait until the end of the bachelorette.

And here we are on the group date, which took place at the Perfect Balance Spa.

Galatea: This sauna is amazing. I can feel all my stress just melting away.

Rodrigo: It reminds me of how hot and humid the jungles of Selvadorada can get. Maybe you’d like it there – I could take you some time.

Will: Please, why would she want to go into a bug infested forest with you when I could buy her her very own private sauna to use in the comfort of her own home?

After the sauna, they all got a massage.

Galatea farted while having her massage and poor Brent almost choked.

Galatea: So, Rodrigo, you talk about the jungles of Selvadorada a lot. What is it that draws you there?

Rodrigo: I suppose the drive to explore is in my blood – my father was an adventurer like me. And family history tells of treasures of inestimable value that have disappeared into the jungle. I would love to be the one to find them.

Galatea: I think you’re very brave to venture into the jungle despite all of the dangers that lurk there. That kind of daring attitude is really hot – you remind me of Simdiana Jones except better looking.

Rodrigo: I wouldn’t want to be Simdiana Jones. He never met a woman half as stunning as yourself or found a treasure anywhere near as valuable.

Galatea: Hello there, Will. I have to say I’m glad to see that you haven’t put your shirt back on.

Will: Well, thank you. And I’m not surprised to see that even a towel dress looks good on you.

Galatea: So, if you make it through tonight’s rose ceremony you’ll meet my parents tomorrow and I have to say, they are a little crazy. What’s your family like?

Will: I’m sure your folks can’t be that bad! My family is pretty ordinary. I grew up in the suburbs with my mum, my dad and one older brother. Normal childhood, no major traumatizing events or anything.

On we go to the solo date with Gabriel which is roller skating in Del Sol Valley.

Galatea: I’m not sure I like this, I feel as though I’m going to lose my balance at any moment. Uh Gabriel, are you touching my butt?

Gabriel: No no I’m just er… Putting my arm behind you to catch you if you fall.

Galatea: Aww how sweet.

Check out Jesminder showing off in the background.

Galatea: Ooof!

Gabriel: Galatea, are you ok?

Galatea: I think I broke my back.

Gabriel: Hang on, give me your hand and I’ll help you get up.

Gabriel: Aaargh!

Galatea: Well I guess I’ll get up by myself then.

Galatea: These are my parents’ celebrity stars. My mother is a famous actress and my father is a famous painter. If you get a rose tonight, you’ll meet them tomorrow.

Gabriel: Great, two celebrities. That doesn’t make me feel nervous at all!

Galatea: This place brings up some painful memories. I met my ex-boyfriend on Starlight Boulevard, you see. I was so in love with him and when I found out that he was cheating on me it broke my heart.

Gabriel: I’m sorry. I know how painful it can be when someone you love betrays you. When my mother walked out of my life I thought I’d never be happy again. But, for what it’s worth, I don’t think that any heart is ever so broken that it can’t be mended. Sometimes you just have to find the right person to do the fixing, that’s all.

Galatea: It’s ok, I think I’m over him now. This whole bachelorette thing has been a very healing experience. I can see now that my ex wasn’t anything special, there are much nicer guys out there.

Hang on just one moment who is that walking by in the background?

Circe? You’re stalking Galatea now too?

Circe: Galatea is an idiot. Just look what happened with Dana, I need to keep an eye on her to stop her from making any future mistakes.

Aw that’s actually kind of sweet.

Anyway, back to the date.

Gabriel: I’m glad you realise that you’re better off without your ex now because he didn’t deserve you. Anyone who could throw away the love of such an amazing, beautiful woman must be a fool.

Galatea: Stop it, you’re making me blush.

As evening drew in, it was time for the rose ceremony.

Galatea: Gabriel, this rose is for you. You are so gentle and kind and what you said on our date today about broken hearts was very touching.

Galatea: You always put a smile on my face with your compliments, Rodrigo. I might even trust you to take me into the jungles of Selvadorada some day, despite all the bugs. Do you take this rose?

Galatea: Michael, I missed you today and that made me realise that I can’t possibly send you home this evening. So, this rose is for you.

Galatea: Will, we have been on three group dates together. Adonis, I have been on two group dates and one solo date with you. In this time, I have got to know both of you very well and I think of you both as friends. But, I can only see myself being more than friends with one of you.

Galatea: With that said, I would like to give this rose to…

Galatea: … Adonis. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about you that draws me in. I think we connect in a special way.

Galatea: I’m sorry, Will. I’ve really enjoyed our time together but I don’t think we would be a good match. Your true love is money and I want my husband’s heart to be utterly devoted to me.

Will: It’s alright, I get it. At least I got to stay in this amazing mansion for a while. It’s given me ideas about how to decorate my own place.

From best to worst, here are the results of the painting challenge from last chapter.

In first place there is Gabriel whose painting was worth 160 simoleons.

In second place is Will whose painting was worth 158 simoleons.

In third place Rodrigo with a painting worth 149 simoleons.

In fourth place, Michael’s painting had a value of 138 simoleons.

And in fifth place is Adonis whose painting was valued at 118 simoleons.

I’m sorry that Will had to go, Queenarella. He did well with winning dates so I was surprised that he came in last with the relationship points but I guess he just didn’t click with Galatea. Thank you for submitting him, I’ve had a great time with him!

8 thoughts on “Bachelorette Challenge: Gen 2, Day 8

  1. That happened in my challenge with Annabeth. She got most of the time with Zolnax but she was always on the bottom on points. She was too “good” I think. He got rid of the really “good” sims first. He’d always fight with them about good vs evil in game.

    Omg…I’m so happy Adonis made it through. I’m rooting for him (second, of course). I think two mermaids would be special.

    Glad Gabriel got first because otherwise, his goose would have been cooked! Seems they got along fairly well, too. 😀

    That group date looked STEAMY so I’m really shocked at how well Will didn’t do. But then it wasn’t a match!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I suppose some sims just don’t hit it off together! I can understand why Annabeth and Zolanx didn’t get on so well since Zolanx is into the bad girls 😉 actually I’m surprised Tonya hung in so long as she was definitely too ‘good’ for him! Still can’t wait to see who wins Zolanx’s heart in the end…

      Two mermaids would be cool. Then again a mermaid and a vampire again like with Vlad and Caly would be nice too… We might finally get a vampire heir!

      They had a good date! I had fun watching them roller skate (and fall of course 😉 ).

      Poor Will 😦 I was surprised that he was the one to go too but I guess you’re right, it just wasn’t a match!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well Adonis has already proved himself to be good at football, egg hunts and fishing so there was bound to be something he wasn’t so good at! I think his painting was one of the better ones visually even though it was valued as being worth the least by the game.

      Liked by 1 person

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