Bachelorette: Gen 2, Day 7

In the previous chapter, Galatea took Michael on a solo date whilst Rodrigo and Adonis went on the group date. Today, there will be another challenge to determine the winners of the day 8 dates.

Galatea: I’m sure you will all be very excited to learn that the challenge for today is painting – but not just any old painting, oh no. You get to paint me! Extra points will be given for the painting which makes me look the most beautiful.

What? No, don’t listen to her, there are no extra points for making Galatea look good!

I had to use MCCC to make each of the guys have level 3 in painting so that the ‘paint from reference’ option was available to them. Whoever paints the painting with the highest value gets the solo date, the two runners up will go on a group date.

Let the painting commence!

Galatea: I’m disappointed. I thought they’d spend this challenge looking at me but instead they’ve all got their backs to me.

Yeah well painting in TS4 is weird that way.

Galatea: Five larger-than-life copies of my own face… Beautiful.

Did you inherit Caly’s vanity along with her looks?

And here are the finished paintings! I wonder if you can guess whose was worth the most…. All will be revealed next time!

After the painting challenge was over, I decided that they should have a ‘flirty house party’, which is a fancy way of saying that I made everyone change into their party wear and drink the ‘passionfruit juice’ which makes them flirty. I also covered the ground floor with the red plumbob lamps which give a flirty moodlet.

Oh look, Gabriel decided to do a keg stand. And Michael is helping him, how nice!

Gabriel: You won’t drop me will you, bro?

Michael: Of course not!

Oops, Gabriel fell.

Gabriel: Why the hell did you let go?

Michael: I’m so sorry. Definitely a total accident, I swear…

Hmm you sure about that, Michael?

Gabriel: Galatea didn’t see, did she?

Galatea: Hehehe that was too funny!

Galatea, don’t laugh at the man – I mean the vampire.

Gabriel, are you alright? Do you need some paracetamol or something for the pain?

Gabriel: It’s ok, hugging a bag of recyclables is all the medicine I need. It always makes me feel better, no matter what.


He literally hugged a bag of trash after falling.

With everyone in a flirty mood, it was time for Galatea to spend one hour chatting with each of the guys. I started every conversation with one ‘flirt’ interaction from Galatea but after that it was up to the sims to decide what social interactions they performed.

Galatea: I like your suspenders. Very sexy. I don’t think that shirt goes with them though, maybe you should take it off.

Will: You don’t like this shirt? But it’s Dolce & Gabbana! Oh wait a minute, I see what you meant… Well, I think this shirt would look a lot better on you than it does on me – this shirt and nothing else.

Woah bit forward there, Will!

Galatea: Are you sure you haven’t put a spell on me? Because I can’t take my eyes off you.

Michael: If anyone’s under a spell it’s me. Are you sure that you didn’t spike my drink with love potion?

By the way, I did tell them to sit on that sofa together but Galatea decided to be annoying and sit on the chair instead. That is why they’re not next to one another.

Gabriel: Are you alright, Rodrigo? You don’t look so good.

Rodrigo: I think I’m hallucinating. There’s stars in front of my eyes and you look like you’re covered in orange stripes.

Actually the orange stripes are really there. Gabriel is sick too.

Rodrigo: Sorry I look so awful with this rash all over me. I think I’m ill.

(if you can’t tell, Rodrigo has red swirls covering his skin).

Galatea: You never look anything but drop dead gorgeous. I would offer to kiss it better but uh I don’t want to get sick.

What a lovely bedside manner you have there, Galatea.

Galatea: You’re way prettier than any guy has a right to be, Adonis. You’re like a fairytale Prince.

Adonis: I’m afraid that my fairytale won’t get its happily ever after unless I win the heart of the beautiful Princess.

Gabriel: *uncontrollable hissing*

Gabriel: I’m so sorry, sometimes I can’t help hissing when I’m nervous and you make me nervous.

Galatea: No need to apologize. I think hissing is sexy, especially when you do it.

After everyone went to bed for the night, I noticed this little gathering outside the front door. That’s Shannon Kahananui (son of Keoni and Candy) on the right, by the way.

What are you guys doing here?

Yuki: I’ve come to thank Galatea for saving my life.

You can thank her by clearing off! She’s asleep.

Atlas: I’ve like come to see my sister.

See above. She’s asleep.

Shannon: And I’m here to meet my half-brother.

One second, I may actually be able to help you with that one.

Gabriel, I have a surprise for you!

Gabriel: Let me guess: you have even more food for me to clean up? Perhaps a few toilets to scrub clean? You exploit me.

Nope, it’s even better than that! And as for the exploiting: since you don’t sleep, what else are you going to do all night besides cleaning up the house?

(also wow does he look hot in this screenshot).

Shannon: Are you Gabriel Silver?

Gabriel: Yes, that’s me. And who are you?

Shannon: My name’s Shannon and I’m your half-brother. We have the same mother.

Gabriel: You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for my mother! But it never occurred to me that I might have a half sibling. Wow this is kind of disorienting.

Shannon: She would have come herself but she wasn’t sure if you’d want to see her. She thought you might be mad at her for leaving you as a child.

Gabriel: I think I’ve got past being angry. I just really miss her.

Yuki: Aww man this is so sad.

Yes and you’re intruding on what could be a tender family moment.

I know that Gabriel got more screenshots than the others in this chapter. I promise that that isn’t because of favouritism. He just did a few funny things that I wanted to include (falling with the keg stand, hugging the trash and then his half brother turned up and I couldn’t leave that out).

3 thoughts on “Bachelorette: Gen 2, Day 7

  1. I won’t complain about Gabriel’s grabbing the spotlight. 😜

    Because who knows how long he has.

    Yay! He meets his long lost bro! It’s funny, both boys look like their dads so they look nothing alike. 😜

    Gabriel’s angry face. 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

    Who knows which painting is best. They all look great! What a good idea!!!


  2. From an artistic standpoint I’d say that Adonis and Gabriel’s portraits of Galatea are the best based solely on her pose. I’m not biased at all, nope :p
    But of course value is assigned randomly I guess and so it’ll be random who gets what. Fingers crossed for Adonis still!
    Omg hahaha I am dying at Gabriel hugging the trash bag. I think it may be because he’s a recycle disciple


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